Comments for en-gb 30 Wed 04 Mar 2015 13:01:55 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Fabio the YES man EVERTON ARE JUST A SMALL CLUB IN ANFIELD......... seriously why are their fans getting carried away? Iam a Man City fan but EFC will always live in the shadow of the MIGHTY LIVERPOOL FC a club with great tradition, five times EUROPEAN Champions and whilst they have just encountered a poor season by their standards EFC have won nothing for years and are never liely to for some time yet,along with CITY they have missed the boat and will have to settle for being an ALSO RAN team!!!! Sun 22 Jun 2008 17:23:28 GMT+1 ajamu4everton I think this piece by Phil says more about the BBC's attitude to those outside of the "Sky 4" than to anything else. You could only call Everton less illustrious, if you believed that football was invented in 1992 with the Premier League. Other than that you would recognise that Everton are the 5th most successful team in British football, more so than Chelsea and Newcastle for that matter. Its a shame that Phil is still stuck in the sky 4 ideology.As someone has already said, Everton not getting Arshavin maybe more to do with the fact that he is on good wages, and playing in a team already in the champions league. Thu 19 Jun 2008 21:34:47 GMT+1 Stevie357 Arshavin would be phenomenal at Arsenal, possibly in the Bergkamp role - however, he may be a bit too old at 27, and would only have one major contract before Wenger starts offering him one year deals. Thu 19 Jun 2008 17:40:20 GMT+1 pignwistle mr mc nulty is probably right but like most writers he did,nt convey this properly to the readers then again did he was he just fishing for a response still boring comment just likelineker and cronies paid to state the obviousdont ever give up your day job boys its hardout there but you knew that any way Thu 19 Jun 2008 17:34:57 GMT+1 clichedhack ill thought out nonsense from someone described as a "chief" football writer...perpetuates the same old mythsabout the "bigfour" and completely ignores moyes' transfer record. straight out of the alan green school of journalism i'd have thought Thu 19 Jun 2008 15:46:20 GMT+1 mikelmadar Agree on the whole - he'd be mad not to choose Arsenal over Everton.Not sure why you're lumping Newcastle in anywhere near the same bracket as Everton though. You do remember the league table from last season, yeah? Thu 19 Jun 2008 15:32:01 GMT+1 Leachy_No9 This post has been Removed Thu 19 Jun 2008 14:25:27 GMT+1 ItwasChelseafans What an absolute whopper of the highest order you are.As an avid football fan of a non premier league club.May i say i find your comment is disgraceful regarding Everton.Everton and such clubs of their stature ,whom there a very few.Continually amaze me how they compete year on year with likes of Chelsea,Liverpool,Man uTd and Arsenal.Clubs who spend tens of millions of pound more than Everton year on year and achieve what ? Well 1 team can only win the league ,so the other 3 fail ,having spent more on players than Halifax spend on tv adverts,and the Champions?league ,what a joke that is ,teams who finish 20 points behind there own league champions can become champions of Europe ,your avin a laugh. If every club took a few pointers of David Moyes ,with his astute buys and talent brought through year on year ,along with their fans loyalty and behaviour ,we might get the working man watching football again.Instead we have kids in Bournemouth wearing Liverpool tops ,and half of Oslo in lime street every other weekend.No wonder Everton are the peoples club ,the rest are just shadows of there former clubs and fans. Thu 19 Jun 2008 13:12:07 GMT+1 King_Mikel I assume by "illustrious clubs" you mean the top four? as the article says he would "grace the Premier League". If not than sorry but other than Spurs maybe I cant see any other club outside of the top four that are more "illustrious" than Everton. Thu 19 Jun 2008 13:11:10 GMT+1 Leachy_No9 This post has been Removed Thu 19 Jun 2008 12:51:52 GMT+1 sensahuma That was a nice read!!The display by Russians yesterday was amazing. The biggest factor being the speed and one-touch display. Haven't seen many teams/clubs playing this brand of football.As for Arshavin and other promising Russian players, a club that plays that brand of football would be the best option. ManU should seriously consider getting this guy. Hope he doesnt go to Chelsea or Arsenal. Chelsea is one of the most boring sides to watch and Arsenal is just a promising side as they never have and never will deliver what they are capable of. :DCheers!! Thu 19 Jun 2008 12:24:28 GMT+1 therealeverton TheManFromACRONYM (U9065902) Thu 19 Jun 2008 12:16:31 GMT+1 DB Cooper I take exception to the underlying tone of this article.There are dozens of players in the Premier League that cannot control the ball properly, virtually no players can kick the ball with both feet. Passing the ball 10 yards is a struggle for some, yet you have the arrogance to declare that Arshavin is now "Premier League class" and is welcome in England after one game at the Euros.Unbelievable. This guy is world class. He is a genius and he has been for a long time. That game last night didnt prove anything on its own.Would his performances for Zenit and Russia previously not make him Premier League class?Surely, by eliminating England, all Russian internationals have proven that they are Premier League class? To deny that would be arrogance and stupidity of the highest order.Every one of the Russian players would stand out in the UK due to their technical ability. Is the Premier League good enough for Arshavin and his mates? That is the real question....Lets get 2 things straight here...1) Why cant you and the BBC in general discuss Arshavin without bringing England into it?2) The Premier League is the richest league in the world but it is not the best. The top 4 are the strongest top 4, but team for team, the Premier league lags behind other leagues in terms of quality.The lack of technique British players have is embarrassing. Thu 19 Jun 2008 12:16:08 GMT+1 citajohn Get a life sensitive Everton fans!The article simply said that if Arshavin were to move he would be looking for something equal to or probably better (shock horror!)than what he's already got at Zenit . Which is more than what at the moment teams likes Everton and Newcastle can offer. Is that really so offensive you Everton fans?Nearly everyone would agree that Everton are not the most illustrious club in the world.Therefore, nearly everyone would agree that there are 'more illustrious clubs' than Everton.It's not rocket science people. Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:54:08 GMT+1 Fabio the YES man Mr Mcnulty, why do you consider Eastlands to be so much of an unlikely place for Ronaldinho? MAN CITY have the best young manager in the Premierleague,their owner Thaksin Shinawatra is rumoured to be funding 'SPARKY' with a £50M transfer kitty and has great ambitions for his club on and off the pitch,furthermore they play their home games in a magnificent 48000 stadium which can be by the way extended to 60000 they have a Youth academy second to none,just recently won the FA Youth Cup therefore their future is very bright. Explain Mr Mcnulty to us all the foundations of your claim other than the fact that the BBC sport are ANTI MANCHESTER CITY ANYWAY!!!!! Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:54:04 GMT+1 gwladyssingstheblues Illustrious - notably or brilliantly outstanding because of dignity or achievements or actions.Surely Everton can be described as such, due to their history and achievements.When you said 'more illustrious' you meant 'play in Champions League cartel year in year out'.Perhaps the BBC could maybe, one day, have something positive to say about Everton FC. Just a thought. Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:51:18 GMT+1 IvanGolacIsMagic - Save 606 And the BBC's obsession with all things England and EPL continues...Can you not just cover the competition without forcing a link to England? Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:39:19 GMT+1 Bebe Face Is this a means to a Liverpool fan having a sly dig at their near neighbours? I for one, love everything about Everton. They share the same hatred for Liverpool as me, play better attacking football and have turned decent championship players into England hopefuls.As for Mr Arshavin, he'll be in no hurry to move. He's gonna be playing champions league football for a team thats going places. Sure he might wanna move in time but who's to say he won't try his hand in sunny Spain rather than bleak blighty!? Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:29:18 GMT+1 dave_monkfish Phil, as a villa fan, I'd just like to back up the comments on here about everton, and disagree with your rather blinkered and moronic comment about them as a potential transfer destination. They are one a small number of what I consider proper clubs, have a strong and improving squad and one of the best managers around. And the implied suggestion that citeh/barcodes would have a better chance of getting him?! Is that a joke? I like to think that there still exists a certain type of player who will choose to go to a club rather than just £80k in the bank every week and a few substitute appearances in the champs league. Like for example the immense satisfaction of helping their team make it to the next level. Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:26:10 GMT+1 pixturez sorry wanted to say Arshavin does NOT need higher wages really Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:13:25 GMT+1 Andy Lets have a touch of realism here. The Premiership has started the drip-drip loss of players to European leagues(next season could start without Ronaldo, Adebayor, Drogba, Lampard and many others). The Russian league is a rising star and the ever greedy players will follow the money. The Premiership is not the only show in town any more; these players are good but perhaps the prospect of an away game at Hull on a Tuesday night in February is not quite enough to tempt them from the land of their birth. Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:09:21 GMT+1 pixturez as an opinion from Zenit fan:1. Arshavin do need more money. he had enough already.2. the reason why he would like to move from Zenit is to try himself in a stronger league (not obligatiry stronger team)His friend Kerzhakov who played in Zenit untill 2006 moved to Sevilla for less wages just to test himself in Spain.3. Arshavin mentioned he dreamed to play in Barcelona, but EPL is his second target Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:08:47 GMT+1 39stilldead This post has been Removed Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:01:10 GMT+1 phil_toffeesfan Is this an article about Arshavin, or a dig at everton, newcastle and man city?I reckon Arshavin would have moved beofre now if he had wanted to. He seems pretty happy at Zenit so I can't see him moving Thu 19 Jun 2008 11:00:16 GMT+1 Deadlywind Personally I think he and the Russian left back, Jerkov or something, should come to Palace.They'd be far better off there than at a joke of a club like Chelsea.But seriously, both these lads looked brilliant yesterday. The whole Russian team played excellent football with admirable pace and movement. It's such a shame England can't reproduce such team displays.My Dad and I were saying last night that we appear to have developed rivalries within side in a similar way to the Spain teams of old. Terry and Ferdinand, partners they ain't!Sorry to change the subject...Deadlywind. Thu 19 Jun 2008 10:24:43 GMT+1 Things were better under Harold Wilson It's a shame that discussion of the merits of Arshavin get lost in a load 'how can you be so rude to us' mumblings from Everton fans.If Arshavin went there, it would be a major transfer coup and a huge surprise. Personally I agree with the posters who say that he is more likely to stay where he is or try Italy or Spain.However £50,000 a week - if that's what he's on - is peanuts to what he could get in England. Look at the figures being bandied around for Ronaldinho for going to Man City; look at what Ballack earns. It's that financial muscle that is making the Premier League so attractive for players and if three out of four Champions League semi-finalists two years running is not edging towards dominance, I don't know what is.Don't see him at Spurs. Would we play Modric first half and him second? Thu 19 Jun 2008 10:18:50 GMT+1 OranjeRotterdam On Arshavin's move to the Premiership, I think just playing for a team in the EPL is not good enough for Arshavin. He's got Champions League ahead of him and that will mean more glory than playing for a cash abundant English team playing the FA Cup etc. Man City, Everton, Tottenham, Newcastle, they sound like big clubs in the UK, but in Europe people are not impressed. Well - they are by their cheque books, not by their footballing successes.My guess is he will only be lured away by a top 4 EPL team, or otherwise stay in Russia.As for the Russia - Sweden match: although the Russians did play to their full potential last night, played very good football and deservedly won their match, they did beat a very average Swedish team. Based on this victory I wouldn't call them champions yet. And although Holland will be up against a difficult adversary, I won't bet on Russia winning.But I am getting ahead of myself. Having seen the best matches of the tournament so far in group C, this will be the quarterfinal you don't want to miss. I expect some very entertaining football. Thu 19 Jun 2008 10:17:50 GMT+1 Leachy_No9 I don't understand why Man City would be a more attractive prospect than Everton?Maybe McNulty can explain. This is his usual ramblings. I don't really take anything he writes seriously. He's on a par with most of the pudits/sports journalists employed by the BBC. A waste of the licence fee. With all the promise Everton have showed in recent seasons surely they must be by far the more attractive proposition. Like it or lump it Phil that's a fact. Man City have money. What they do with it now will be interesting. In David Moyes Everton have a manager who seems destined to achieve something big. Look at how many of the players he has worked with have come on in recent seasons. Look at where Everton are now compared to when Moyes took over at Goodison park. In his first full season he was putting together 6 game winning runs and ending the unbeaten records of teams like Arsenal. Then finishing 4th and breaking into the all conquering 'Big 4' beating the likes of Manchester United along the way. Then there is the 3-0 win against Liverpool, the 7-1 drubbing of Sunderland. The 6-1 milling of SK Brann. Some of the posts this guy writes don't half bash Everton. Being Liverpool born I'm not sure where his alliegances lie but he wants to lay off and stop spouting so much drivel. If you choose to believe anything written by this guy you have a very weak mind.Maybe Everton wont sign Arshavin. But it wont be for any of the reasons given in this 'piece' other than the fact the wont improve on his 50k a week wages. Not because Everton aren't an attractive enough proposition.Everton will be on a high after finishing 5th last season. Had Everton picked up more points against the 'Top 4' last season and avoided losses against Liverpool they could have finished 4th. Moyes will look at that and make picking up points against those teams a priority in the next season. There are also cups to consider and with the confidence Everton will have from new signings and their previous campaign I genuinely think there is a big year on the cards for Everton. Forget Spurs, Villa, City who the press seem to love because they have MONEY!!!!!!!!! Look at Everton. No-one can argue David Moyes is a class manager and has built a very good team. One that is constantly reminded that to become legends at the club they have to win silverware. They've come so far. It's time for them to go a step further. The players know that and Moyes knows that and I personally think 2008/2009 will be a big year for the blue half of Merseyside and I hope it is so people like Phil McNulty can eat their words for a week or two. That's until they go back to singing the praises of the 'fashionable' club like Spurs, Villa and City. What a joke! Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:53:21 GMT+1 venners77 Everyone seems to be getting so worked up. This is all about McClaren. With 10 players from the teams that reached the European Champions league final at his disposal plus Stephen Gerrard and a goalie he failed to guide England to Euro 08.Croatia ruled the group and Russia scraped into the competition because of McClaren's failure.Moyes liked Arshavin after Everton BEAT Zenit 2-0 in the UEFA cup last season. Moyes is perhaps only second to Wenger in spotting talent and had Zenit gone out of the tournament and McClaren put Russia out of Euro 08 then he may have quietly snapped him up for a couple of million.Zenit despite LOSING to Everton went on to win the UEFA cup and thanks to McClaren, Arshavin also has the Euros to showcase his talent that after last night is recognised universally. Moyes is no fool and I should imagine he has now ruled out Arshavin as a signing as he will now attract the attention of any football manager/chairman who had the skill to spot his talent last night but perhaps not the skill to spot his potential during Zenit's 2-0 defeat to Everton.QF Much as I loved their performance last night, Holland to beat the Russians by at least two clear goals. Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:53:20 GMT+1 baggioblue i would like to know what phil (being a paid football commentator and all) thinks everton and david moyes should do this summer.It seems that the rest of the premier league cannot win in the eyes of the bbc. We have people like alan green berating the quality of teams outside the final champion's league places and people like phil criticising when those teams try to improve their squads with players you experts hold in high regard.Teams such as everton, villa and blackburn have all had great successes not too far away chronologically from when liverpool last won a domestic championship (Blackburn in fact more recently than liverpool). I then think it is 'fair' (to use your word) for these teams to want to better themselves. Everton were only 11 points off that final champion's league place last season and pound for pound did exceptionally well.Maybe Arshavin and David Moyes reckons that the fantastically skillful Russian is worth about 11 points! but if it is not to be then I am sure the gap will close to less and less every season- teams cannot keep buying greats like torres each year as they simply don't exist.players like arshavin do however and others besides. there is enough to go round to make the competition more interesting! Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:40:43 GMT+1 za_zenit sorry - In previous comments Instead of signs "?" wrote "Arshavin" in russian Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:37:47 GMT+1 za_zenit hi guysit is interesting to read this note and commentsAs to the point of view from Petersburg, Russia - Zenit, in which plays ??????? has five millions fans - all city, has won in it to year a cup of UEFA and will play to League of Champions in the autumn. And Gazprom is sponsor of teamAt the same time the potential of other players of a command is not so high that really have chance now on a victory over league, and ??????? as the player which feels that to it is where to grow still wishes to try the forces in such club which can struggle for a cup of league of champions - and it is a little such clubs, you and know. So in Everton or Newcastle or ManCity it hardly will pass - hardly at these clubs of prospect better than at Zenit.But as now it is known to public Andrey dosn't have official proposals from top-clubs. Zenit agrees that Arshavin can leave, but as sports director of Zenith has told in interview, Andrey should be defined with own future till June, 20th))And if he will not pass in other club that earlest its match vs PL-club takes place in August, in a Supercup against MU Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:35:25 GMT+1 englandcomeon I was most amazed that Russia has not made more of an impact on the tournament.I tipped Arshavin to be top scorer, didn't know he had the two game ban though.Many of these Russian players could go far, but these days with money being no object there's no need for them to leave their native Russia, so we may not see them in European leagues as soon as we might like. Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:16:26 GMT+1 bigdirtyjames sirtoongospel; You still have an idiot managing you so your league position won't change too much.As for Newcastle being a force - do we not hear this every year? ...and we're still waiting for them to win something.If Arshavin goes to Newcastle, I hope he's willing to take a 50% paycut half-way through the year and buy his own club suits.Laughable. Thu 19 Jun 2008 09:05:24 GMT+1 theghost2 Everton do not have a realistic chance of signing Arshevin not only due to the fact that his value has increased after his performances in Euro 2008 and last seasons UEFA cup, but also, why would he trade a club, who have some of the richest owners in the world and who can invest massively to improve the club (and his contract), with guaranteed Champions league football next season, for a club who realistically will only achieve champions league football if one of the big four under-achieve massively and cannot offer him better personal terms than he already has.As for all of this talk of 'history', unfortunately the history and pedigree of clubs plays little part in the decisions of where most players wish to play, as its money that talks in todays game. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:48:07 GMT+1 SirHealy Big deal - Arshavin played well against Sweden. David Healy absolutely slaughtered the Swedes in Belfast.Whilst I accept that Arshavin did well and looks like a great player - the opposition was not up to much. This was a very poor Swedish team, by their standards. The real test will be how he does against Holland.If all of the England team are 'Premiership class' and they can't even qualify for this tournament then I think it should be a given that Arshavin is 'Premiership class' also. The truth of the matter is that outside the top 7-8 teams the quality of the Premiership is not that good. In terms of strength and depth La Liga is still light years ahead IMO. There is a massive gulf in talent between the top and bottom teams. If by 'Premiership class' you mean the ability to play for the likes of Stoke, Bolton or Hull then I'm afraid that isn't much of a stamp of quality - every single player at this tournament could get a game for one of these teams. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:40:19 GMT+1 JRWyke Does anyone really care what McNulty says ?Let's face it, he's hardly put his neck on the block has he ?"Arshavin looks good, and he might be good in the premier league, but he'd probably want to play for a top four side, or one who'd pay him loads, I'm not going to say who though, nor am I actually going to offer an opinion any more daring than he looks good."Yeah, nice one. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:32:12 GMT+1 Tangoray Could everyone stop calling the Premier League the best league in the world? The top 4 or even 5 or 6 clubs are clearly up there and competitive, as evidenced by strong Champions League performances in recent times and decent decent Uefa Cup runs. However, bar the meaningless group stages, these competitions are essentially cup matches and teams' abilities are normalised by specific tactics that could not be played in a proper league competition. Whilst Portsmouth and Cardiff city "dominated" the FA cup this year, I don't think either club would claim to be the best in England. Add that to the obvious lack of strength in the lower reaches of the Premier League, and the claims that the league is the best in the world is laughable.I loved the game last night. Russia were a joy to watch and Arshevin and the Russian wide men gave us all a lesson in attacking football. Most of their team, in fact, would slot well into any Premier League, Seria A or La Liga team if they chose to. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:25:22 GMT+1 reubster73 So touchy you Everton fans! I don't understand all this "we're a big club too nonsense". Big clubs apparently are owned by Americans and billions in debt. Stay small and stay real. Anyway, Arshavin would be a perfect Moyes player, versatile, technically gifted, committed.. He's just going to be too expensive. As a spurs fan, he's too big for Spurs now too, so no need to get upset. Completely disagree about Russia potentially causing Holland problems. Against Sweden I thought they were naive, completely lacking in shape, and faded badly in the last 20minutes. I think the Dutch will have too much power, class and intelligence. Expect roughly 3-1 win, with most of the goals coming in the last third of the match. Don't forget, they were lucky to beat England at home. They're also overly dependent on Pavlyuchenko. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:25:17 GMT+1 mdenloye This guy is just pure class, as an asernal fan i think this is the kind of player Wenger loves to buy.Reason is becos he's got very good movement ,great ball control can dictate pace of game like Fabregas,very hardworking and will complement Fabregas in the Midfield .Wenger pls sell Helb make good profit and bid for this young great player.He's only just started hopefully will do well at the later stages of the UEFA compettition. Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:24:06 GMT+1 SirToffeeshire Phil, I would have to agree with the comments of BigNevsTache on this one. Your view that Everton are not one of the 'illustrious' clubs in the premier league may have been true at the turn of the century when, it has to be said, our Premier League status was under threat. Now, however, we have secured the services of a top manager in David Moyes, we have an extremely loyal chairman (rare in this league) in Bill Kenwright, and we have begun to attract quality, flair players to Goodison, including the likes of Pienaar, Arteta and Yakubu in recent seasons. Like BNT says, we have been the only consistent challengers to the 'big four' (possibly along with the infuriating and perrenial under-achievers Spurs), and with European football now a certainty for a second consecutive season, I think Arshavin would relish playing for a massive club like Everton. To be perfectly honest Phil, your view that Newcastle and/or Man City are a bigger club than Everton is quite laughable. Newcastle may have a loyal fan-base, but they haven't a snowflake's chance in hell of qualifying for Europe, and Man City are only there because of a ridiculous fair play ruling.Anyway, that's enough ranting for today! If it's any consolation, your column is normally very good! But when you side with Benitez and effectively label Everton a 'small club', you must expect a backlash from us loyal Evertonians!! Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:22:38 GMT+1 GravyTrain This post has been Removed Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:20:02 GMT+1 Dave Hedgehog No doubt this will get moderated, but I (YES ME!!) made the Rebrov=Arshavin comparison ages ago! Thief, stop thief!I should have put copy right on that! Thu 19 Jun 2008 08:01:31 GMT+1 quickquip So Arshavin has a "pedigree" and Hiddink has a "pedigree" - but Everton don't have a "pedigree"? Where does one get these weighty digrees anyway? Even Greece looked "dangerous" against the likes of Sweden. And to say Russia "struggled" against Spain is putting it generously. Still they do have potential - even if they don't yet have one of those impressive digrees - and it will be intriguing to see Hiddink pitted against Holland. But Arshavin still has alot to prove. Recall, Milan Baros was the toast of Euro '04 - and golden boot winner - and he was last spotted on the bench at Portsmouth - without his "pedigree"! ' Thu 19 Jun 2008 07:41:34 GMT+1 Cosmo I totally agree with BigNevsTache, Everton are just outside the Top 4 and would be a good choice fos Arshavin. I'm sick of all this "no disrespect to Everton" crap. A player of his calibre could be the man to give Everton that extra push, to feed Yak and pick up 15-20 or so goals himself. Newcastle are going nowhere for afew years until KK steadies the ship, M.Hughes also at City needs time to settle in, so i too would like to see him in the Prem and i hope it's with Moyes.. Thu 19 Jun 2008 07:20:47 GMT+1 sirtoongospel says save 606 Arshavin wouldn't consider Newcastle eh?,19528,12874_2948442,00.htmlThis was at the turn of the year when we had an idiot managing us. After our finish to the season he would certainly be more interested now. And by the way, Blue Malcolm, had you faced NUFC's first team on the final day of the season you would have seen a very different game. There were several out for a variety of reasons so let's see next season who has the better team. Under KK, NUFC will be a force next season. Thu 19 Jun 2008 07:05:22 GMT+1 BlueMalcom It's sad but these days I can't bring myself to expect more from a BBC journalist than the base argument that money = an illustrious club. Comparisons between Newcastle and Everton are laughable as well- I was at the final match of last season where Everton made Newcastle look like a pub team. The only heart on show by anyone from Newcastle were the fans.Arsharvin will not come to Everton, but not for the standard cut and paste reasons you state Phil- he has all he wants where he is, success, fame and national hero status.Zenit are in the Champion's League next year - he'll want to stay and prove himself.Shame on you Phil- a poor piece, must do betterC- Thu 19 Jun 2008 06:50:01 GMT+1 markinlondon stating the obvious again McNulty Thu 19 Jun 2008 06:30:21 GMT+1 ben collins Great game to watch. Pity the two "beautiful" teams (R v N) play each other next to eliminate one! Thu 19 Jun 2008 06:15:53 GMT+1 Andrew Davies It would not surprise me atall if the Russians knock out the Dutch - we have seen in so many tournaments in the past teams who sparkle early then fade when it comes to the crucial knock-out stages while others - like Russia on this occasion - who start in mediocre fashion then gain a momentum. I tip Russia to beat the Dutch ! Thu 19 Jun 2008 06:15:08 GMT+1 therealeverton should be Don'tIn all honesty I agree that Everton are unlikely to be able to sign Arshavin, however my reasons are different.It was always a longshot, as Everton (despite a bizarre belief to the contrary) were not the only club to know how good he was before Euro 2008 or the UEFA cup, so his transfer fee was always likely to be at the top end of Eveton's (as yet unknown) budget. Added to that there's the Issue of his wages. Everton's current top wage being £45,000 (apparently) would have to be raised by £5,000 just to equal his current wage; let's not forget that he'll likely lose many Russia specific Endorsments as well, and may factor that into any increase. The 5 players currently on our highest wage are more than likely going to need to be raised to his wage level too, adding even more to Everton's wage bill. (Instead of jut adding say £55,000 to the wage bill you may find yourself adding £80,000 or more to achieve parity.) You may find that this is the reason that the "talked about" transfer hasn't come off. Moyes may get more money to spend each year, but he still has a small budget, relative to at least 10 oher premier league sides, and a wage bill that is surpassed by 8 other clubs.All that's changed after his demolition of Sweden is that the managers who knew his quality, but questioned his cost, now know he's probably worth the gamble. Everton's problem is that they still don't have enough chips to cash in at the big money game. Thu 19 Jun 2008 03:02:10 GMT+1 therealeverton In all honesty I agree that Everton are unlikely to be able to sign Arshavin, however my reasons are different.It was always a longshot, as Everton (despite a bizarre belief to the contrary) were not the only club to know how good he was before Euro 2008 or the UEFA cup, so his transfer fee was always likely to be at the top end of Eveton's (as yet unknown) budget. Added to that there's the Issue of his wages. Everton's current top wage being £45,000 (apparently) would have to be raised by £5,000 just to equal his current wage; let's not forget that he'll likely lose many Russia specific Endorsments as well, and may factor that into any increase. The 5 players currently on our highest wage are more than likely going to need to be raised to his wage level too, adding even more to Everton's wage bill. (Instead of jut adding say £55,000 to the wage bill you may find yourself adding £80,000 or more to achieve parity.) You may find that this is the reason that the "talked about" transfer hasn't come off. Moyes may get more money to spend each year, but he still has a small budget, relative to at least 10 oher premier league sides, and a wage bill that is surpassed by 8 other clubs.All that's changed after his demolition of Sweden is that the managers who knew his quality, but questioned his cost, now know he's probably worth the gamble. Everton's problem is that they still have enough chips to cash in at the big money game. Thu 19 Jun 2008 02:34:00 GMT+1 sperlz Phil, im slightly disgusted by your comments towards Everton. Harsh but fair..... I have no idea where the fairness comes into it. This player is not going to get in a top 4 team and below them the best team is Everton as proved in the previous two seasons, finished 6th then 5th compared with Tottenhams 5th then 11th. I dont know what in your eyes forms an 'illustrious' club, but you cant get too much more illustrious than the team ranked 5 in the best league in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of football teams in the world and 5th in the premiership is extremely illustrious. I think with no offence to Man City fans, they are temporary and have an awful chairman at present who wants instant success and In my experience Its a recipe for disaster. Whereas Everton have class, consistency and a ruddy good manager who is chomping at the bit to get the funds to make Everton a consistent top 4 placed team. Thu 19 Jun 2008 01:45:15 GMT+1 bigdirtyjames This post has been Removed Thu 19 Jun 2008 00:07:44 GMT+1 jrmcmish Why would he move from Zenit? The club have as much money as any other in the world, he's playing in one of Europe's greatest cities, in his home country, for a lot of money.He's playing under a very good coach and for a team that will be playing Champions League football next season.Not every player wants to move to England. If he does leave Russia I imagine Italy would be a more likely destination, as others have suggested.A team outside of England's top four would not offer the Champions League football he has with Zenit (and as Russia's co-efficient increases they will have more teams playing European football) and in one of the top English teams he risks being forgotten in squads full of superstars.Why be a small fish in a big pond that you've never been in before when you can be a big fish in a pretty sizeable pond that you're already accustomed to?Not a great article by Mr McNulty. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:51:12 GMT+1 Groundsey I take issue with McNulty's comments. I cannot help but feel he is portraying everton in a negative light. Arguing that 'everton's interest, as so often, has been talked about without materialising into fact' is rather disparaging towards a club who are quite clearly making inroads to challaging the so called 'top four'. Where is the substance in this comment anyway? Moyes' recent record in the transfer market has been as good if not better than any premiership manager's. Arteta=2mill, cahill=1.5mill, lescott=around 5mill are three such examples of a growing list of bargain buys. These players have helped to take the club onto another level and why should Everton not be linked with players of Arshavin's quality to challange for a champions league place? I assume if Everton are not good enough then you believe he should be looking to get a move to the curret top four. If that's the case, why don't we all just give up now and let the predictability of the premier league's entrants into the champions league continue. Clubs like Everton have a right to be linked with such esteemed players in order to close the gap and such efforts should not be ridiculed and classed out of hand. This is not another rant from a toffee bitter that past glories seem a distant memory. It is a reminder that David Moyes is doing a marvelous job at Goodison. Everton is a well respected name in the footballing world and the recent renaissance the club is experiencing should justify such links with Arshavin et al. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:48:52 GMT+1 goldenbales Englands failings at interenational level can only be down to bad management you cant doubt the class of the premier league or standard of players, how many english teams in the champions league qtrs, semis, finals, and how many english players in the finals? Cant be too bad if they are the most represented nationality by a long way in Europes premier club competition that is not limited to European players. Arashvin is a quality player, i dont think hiddink dishes out comments on a whim or without meaning and he is worthy of playing in possibly the world best league call it an arrogant statement but based on finance, success and recent player attraction its difficult to beat it at present. There have been plenty of supposed quality players that have come and flopped yet moved on and refound themselves in another league, Rebrov still played for Ukraine after leaving spurs, Veron who was awful at man u and chelsea is still playing for Argentina, and there are plenty of others. I think the point thats being made is Arashvin would not fall into that category if he came to the prem Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:42:57 GMT+1 haiocean This Euro is not good for my role as pronunciation teacher for my little daughter. After switching to the now fashionable 'Euro Two Thousands and Great', there is now a real likelihood that one might call it 'Euro Two Thousands and Russia' if it continues to play like this and beat Holland! Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:30:54 GMT+1 goldenbales Why would he choose newcastle over everton? I cant see Ashley offering big wages so its not gonna be the lure of that, no european football and bottom half of the table last season. I dont think he will move to England, If he goes which could be unlikely after their UEFA win I reckon it could be Italy, more suited to his technical style and seems to be the most likely destination of eastern europeans.On the Russia Dutch match its gonna be interesting to see, Hiddink loves to and does knock out the big guns so i really reckon their in with a shout, if they do win it could be a Russia Croatia final, wonder what the odds of that are, in fact i think ill put a couple of quid on Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:29:26 GMT+1 blueBradley02 Have to say I thoughthe was brilliant tonight and I really hope that he does come to Everton. Have to also say, chief sports writer Mr McNulty, shame on you for your comments about Everton. More illustrious than Everton? one of the founder members of the english game? with more history than 99% of english clubs? I would have thought that in your elevated position you would have acted with a degree of impartiality not say outright that everton are not good enough for one particular player. I would have expected that as a fan of the game you would want there to be more competition not more segregation for the 4 and the following 16. It seems to me that almost every time I read something you have written you can help but put down the other teams that make up the best league in the world. this is not the kind of bias writing that I would expect from someone in your position. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:27:28 GMT+1 gbegesec For me, he's a top top player if not a world class player. I'd love to see him at Chelsea even though we have too many midfield players already. I'd rather we get him instead of getting Deco should Lampard go to Inter. He will do well in the Premier League anyhow. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:26:43 GMT+1 NightRider Good one, Phil. I always like reading your column.He was good today against Sweden and they have produced a good game to get into the quarters. The quarters clash would be exciting, but I think the Dutch have enough quality to finish Russia off.I think there should be a little respect while reporting on the Euro. The title on the home page was "Arshavin is premier-league class". That looked quite rude and condescending to me, and smacks of bad journalism. Remember that England has not even qualified for the Euro, and you are talking about a player who fired his country into the quarter-finals with his brilliance. It is in very poor judgment to say that he is "good enough" for the premier league. If the league is so good, and your home grown players are the world's finest, ask yourself the question what are your footballers doing now when the best of Europe is at the party, and what have your footballers won since the last, what was it, half-a-decade since the World Cup in England? Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:24:48 GMT+1 Spitzoid Silly Magpie!Of course, I meant to say:Of course he would choose Newcastle over Everton.No brainer. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:18:09 GMT+1 Spitzoid This post has been Removed Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:16:57 GMT+1 BigNevsTache Agreed the guy looked good tonight and I've heard positive things about him in the past. Hiddink, I believe, commented on the football intelligence of the player before the tournament began and he's coached some pretty decent players in his time.I do take exception with your comments about him looking for a more illustrious club than Everton. Considering your piece is entitled 'Arshavin would grace Premier League', I can only presume you mean Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool (being the only clubs to finish above the blues last season). You don't mention any of these, but you do refer to Man City and Newcastle. He'd move to these over Everton would he? If that's your argument, it can only be because clubs of those calibre would be willing to pay utterly ridiculous wages. I imagine Everton could just match the £50k he's reportedly on at Zenit AND offer European football AND offer the chance to join the club most likely to break into the top 4 on last seasons performance. If, however, he wants a more 'illustrious club' (presumably this means those who will pay him £200k p/w, offer no stability and no prospect of achieving anything), then frankly, I don't particularly want him in the Premier league. I think Everton are about his level to be fair Phil. Wed 18 Jun 2008 23:10:29 GMT+1