Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 03 Aug 2015 09:03:59 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at 4starazzurri I have to say, I agree entirely with what Dafonk has to say. The trouble with the press is that you love to build your teams up and when it all invariablly goes horribly wrong you always make the manager the scapegoat. How long do you think it will be before the media, fans etc turn on Capello. As an Italian I can already see that as good as Capello is, I think even he has realised he has bitten off far more than he can chew. Let me explain. His credentials are second only to one man - Marcello Lippi, however, what Capello is trying to do is teach footbal culture to a group of players (like it or not) that don't have any culture! On the continent footballers are a far more intelligent breed than they are here - this makes them more adaptable to different systems, situations, coaches. The problem here is that once a position has been determined for a player, that's where he must play out his career. WHY???The left sided midfield problem, wouldn't be one if Cole and Bridge both played. Why can't either of them be midfielders? The 4-4-2 system is now so long in the tooth that even Alex Ferguson, (once the biggest exponent of this system) realises there is more to the game than fundamentals. No coincidence either that he names Lippi as one of his greatest friends in football - i'm sure Alex has learnt a thing or 2 from the master. Lest we forget that Fergie's number 2 is from Portugal - the brazil of Europe where football is played (technically) at a much higher standard. So yes while i'll be lapping up every moment of Euro 2008, i can't say i'll be shedding any tears over England's absence, or dare i say it bias, blinkered press coverage. As a final point - i would like to offer sincere condolences to the scots. They had a much tougher group than England and if memory serves me correctly secured more points too. I wish they'd have been at Euro 2008 instead of France. Sun 01 Jun 2008 21:11:58 GMT+1 Retired Scot So are their any other nations in the UK not in Euro 2008 or any we going to get the same old bollocks about Enger-land only? Sat 31 May 2008 18:47:56 GMT+1 blueneildee As this is the British broadcasting corp. can i please remind you that neither did Wales,N.Ireland and Scotland qualify. Sat 31 May 2008 16:36:09 GMT+1 dafonk There's worse to come than the tidal wave of 'Oh, why aren't England here/there?' articles. Wait, just wait, for the first of a deluge of bitter,ill-conceived pieces or scraps, all proclaiming 'England would have walked this, easy' . I'm thinking of offering a prize for the first person who actually reads or hears such nonsense. My bet is that by the end of the first 2 days,one idiot pundit or another will venture forth with the idea that'although it's early days yet,and we've not seen all the teams, I've not seen anything to suggest England would have had anything to fear here' So it begins.Equally, keep an ear or eye out for the first brave,or foolish 'expert' who dares to venture that England aren't here / there because they/we just aren't/weren't good enough. As I said,it'll take a bit of bottle to say that with no 'if's','ands' or 'but's' attached.Despite the coming onslaught from Pundit Hell, I'm looking forward to the tournament ,safe in the knowledge that without England in it, the country won't succumb to tabloid-inspired mass hysteria and idiocy for the duration. Sat 31 May 2008 10:27:45 GMT+1 FIA_sco I hope the media are not going to turn Euro 2008 into 'If only England were here fest'. England simply are not good enough at the moment.Sure they have the individual players in SOME positions and it would be hard to find a European side that was packed with stars in EVERY position but, the one thing that most of the sides have that have qualified that England do not have is that they play well together as a team - something an England side hasn't done consistently for a long time.If you want England to succeed, stop buying newspapers that heap pressure on the manager and that promote individual players. Football is a team game and England will never win if the manager keeps picking the best individuals - look at what Chelsea achieved with all that money before Morinho found a blend.Alf Ramsey never picked the best individuals, he picked the best blend, the best team, but, with our media, it's going to take someone of enormous courage to leave a "star" out of the squad.As for 2008, I haven't made up my mind who I'll support yet. Probably whoever Portugal are playing - they were by far the worst simulators at the last competition. It will be interesting to see if Cristiano Ronaldo reverts to type and he and all his compatriots start diving and rolling in agony again - makes me sick. FIFA, do something about this please. Sat 31 May 2008 09:28:52 GMT+1 Youlotliveinfantasia Why do you lot think its your god given right to be at every major football yous ever stop to think that maybe yous are just not good enough...cos unless everyone else in the qualifiers cheated that is blatantly the case..wait I here yous scream we won the world cup in 66...yeah and havent stopped braggin about it ever since...well yous are about as far away as I am from the moon of yous ever winning anything major again with the dismal display yous keep repeating time and time again..time yous stopped believing the one is scared of yous anymore..the team is overpaid whingers who mostly couldnt care less..cos lets face it theyre gettin paid millions anyway..and stop blaming the managers..they cant all be wrong...stand up..give yourselves a shake..admit yous are medocre at best, and start working on getting better...yous might get a bit more respect if yous stop this we deserve to be there...cos yous dont Fri 30 May 2008 16:27:39 GMT+1 The_Portugeezzer "Avram Grant as manager of England"The words avram grant don't go with England, it just doesn't sound right.Anyways, i'll be supporting portugal in the EURO bt i'll admit that i would've liked to see England in it, they just bring something extra (fans,atmosphere etc.). But England to be honest don't deserve to be in it, failing to beat Croatia, Russia and Israel (not even in Europe) was a disappointment, then how would they cope with the likes of Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Holland etc.But, i reckon that Fabs is the right man for the job as he's already changing England's mentality and style of play, by instead of playing long-balls they're now playing the 'man u-arsenal' way. And i actually do reckon in the next world cup England WILL actually have a good chance of winning with lot's of players matured by then (that's if though they even qualify). Fri 30 May 2008 13:43:55 GMT+1 Lord_Gihan_Fernando The main reason why England are not in Euro this summer is due to the fact that the FA and Coaching team have repeatedly selected players who are not good international players. Frank Lampard is awesome for Chelsea but he is too 1-dimensional for International matches, same with Beckham, he's just a spot kick taker. You got to have multi-dimensional high skill players in your starting lineup.England played a lot better in the 2nd half when they had Barry, Gerrard, Hargreaves and Bentley. All 4 mids have great skill in attack, work hard in defence and also can play numerous positions so they never get caught out of position. This same multi-dimensionalism is needed all over the field. England's current back four of Brown, Ferdinand, Terry and Ash Cole definitely have it and Wayne as striker is a well-rounded striker. But England are still missing a partner for Rooney, if they can't find they should seriously consider playing 4-2-3-1 with Joe Cole.Fabio Capello is a great coach and a real winner i'm sure he'll win something for England. And realises 1 dimensional players are useless in Internationals. Fri 30 May 2008 13:30:55 GMT+1 The_Master Oh come on Steve...Avram Who???? That was on everyone lips when he took charge of Chelsea. So don't come in here and say that The FA should have appointed him instead of Macca. Funnily enough, McClaren has been using the same players as Fabio, bar Beckham for the first few games (that was his biggest mistake, should have picked him for all the games) and the media and the fans are all cheering and optimist for the future. Is it just because you've got a big name as coach? They are still playing awfully boring football, eg vs France and USA. Don't blame the game, don't blame the coach, blame the players.... Fri 30 May 2008 13:20:57 GMT+1 BasementChris Isn't hindsight a great virtue. We all knew that Steve McClaren was the wrong decision at that particular time, for him and England. As earlier remarked he was reasonably successful at a middle-of-the-road club, ie Middlesbrough, but is that enough to actually manage England and more importantly our expectations, which of course are completely unreal.Several of us had a curry last night and debated this very issue. After too many lagers and popadums we reluctantly came to the conclusion that in reality there was only one genuine contender for the job at that point, and as a Spurs fan this is not easy to admit, it just had to be Arsene Wenger. He clearly had/has all the right credentials for the task, but for David Dein, I would be confident that the role would appeal to him. I just wonder in years to come whether he will regret not pursuing it.Only time will tell. Fri 30 May 2008 12:53:57 GMT+1 Ports4ever I can't help but laugh at people claiming England are the "best fans in the world".Are these the same fans who boo their own players?The same fans who even wreaked their own country when they lost out in Euro 96.As for the tournment going on without you. Of course it will!It gets on fine when teams like Holland, Scotland etc are not in it so I am sure it will get on just fine without you Fri 30 May 2008 12:49:34 GMT+1 villanash The FA shot themselves in the foot when they initially turned down Martin O'Neil. As a Villan I'm very grateful they did, but I am torn as an England fan that he didn't get the chance to motivate and cajole the England lads maybe to something special. Fri 30 May 2008 11:53:13 GMT+1 Steve Wilson - Match of the Day I was being tongue in cheek! I'm not actually advocating Grant for England, hope that's cleared up. Fri 30 May 2008 11:00:10 GMT+1 daveorbinson Poor article really, even if it is a bit tongue in cheek, nothing we haven't heard before except Avram Grant England manager??!! Are you joking? At the time of McClaren's appointment who had really heard of him? Yes he may be 'a safe pair of trousers' but a top class international manager he is not. He may of won titles in Israel but has never proved himself at the top level. He managed to make Mourinho's team runners up in the league and Champions League. How much imput he actually had in to the running of the first team was also questionable. It seems to me Henk Ten Cate and Steve Clarke had a lot more input than him. Everyone seems to have a lot of sympathy for him after losing the Champions League final and getting the sack. It was always going to happen anyway. When Mourinho left Abrambovich just gave his mate the job till the end of the season. Even if he had won the Prem and Champions League I think he still would n't be there. Fri 30 May 2008 09:58:09 GMT+1 glennptodd Get over it....England are not all that and given that BBC interactive and web is 36 million over budget, I would say you have more to worry about.For info by the way Mr. Wilson. It is not only Englan who missed out but so did Scotland (unluckiest of all given their group compared to England's), Wlaes and N.Ireland. Show some balance here huh? Fri 30 May 2008 09:49:04 GMT+1 Tramp Let's face it, if England had qualified we wouldn't have won it anyway - not with McClaren in charge. By failing to do so we've all saved ourselves the crushing disappointment we've all experienced so often when our over-elevated hopes have been crushed. Whenever England go out of a major tournament I always console myself with the thought that at least I can now sit back and just enjoy the football. That moment of epiphany has just been reached a lot earlier this year that's all. Fri 30 May 2008 09:34:02 GMT+1 caseytoo Well, tongue-in-cheek or not, a provocative piece that has stirred up the hornets' nest that is the England fan base. The frustration and resentment that failure to qualify has created should (but probably won't) give the FA pause for thought. They really have screwed things up once too often. I disagree, though, with the people who say that our team simply isn't good enough. We have some great players, some are certainly world class, but they haven't had a decent manager (and the FA for political reasons generally don't provide one). A real England manager has to have fire in his belly, a willingness to bench the super-stars, a cast-iron anti-press character, extensive and successful football experience, and, of course, time. We saw this week that Capello is beginning - just beginning - to get decent ball skills out of the team. We saw the difference in the spine when he played Barry, Gerard, Rooney together. Not much I admit but a start. Forget Euro 08 and get behind Capello for the next two years at least.Oh and will someone please sort that silly new BBC Sports Website out - it is much worse than the previous one - totally hopeless. Fri 30 May 2008 09:23:59 GMT+1 WayOutWestLondonWay "There must be limits to how much fame, money and power can cloud a woman's eyesight."Oh dear! So naive Steve!Do you really think that Peter Crouch would've pulled Abby Clancy if he wasn't a professional footballer? I'm guessing the only other way that would happen is because she hadn't gone to SpecSavers. Even then I'd say beer goggles would be a better option than bifocals! Fri 30 May 2008 08:41:02 GMT+1 Paul the Greatest " We have the players to compete with the likes of France/Italy/Germany/Portugal "That's true, but to a limited extent. Because in more times than not you end up second best to those teams. And on paper some of those team edge you slightly.And yes, while you can say England has rarely lost and were unlucky with penalties, I can put it the other way and say England has rarely won against top opposition. And no, England shouldn't have beat France in 2004. Because if they should, they would have beaten them. But they didn't. You can say they came very close though, but not enough."Only 8 years ago we were ranked among the top of europe despite having a weaker team than at present."8 years ago you've failed to qualify from the group stage. Now, I don't know the rankings, but England was not great and badly needed a change."Poland qualified before losing 3-0 to the USA""there are a whole host of teams there who are inferior to England."So Manchester City lost to Fulham after beating MUFC. Which mean MUFC are inferior to Fulham. Now sorry, you can't use that kind of logic. But I do agree, there are teams that on paper are maybe not as good, nevertheless,of the teams that battled England, Croatia(a much improved Croatia compare to the one in 2004) proved superior in every way possible. Russia, not quite, but still managed to sneak it." Every other country says the same thing - "they have very good players but they dont play as a team". Whose fault is that? The managers. "While this i true, I think you're missing one point. Every other country(Scotland, Wales and Ireland included) says, in addition to what you mentioned, that England's players are overrated, overhyped and not good enough to compete for the highest honours at International football. And this is true. To what extent, it's too difficult to answer. Fri 30 May 2008 06:36:34 GMT+1 barrybarryismydad Surely its time to wake up a little lads? Put simply, England do not deserve to be at the Euros! They were awful throughout the qualifiers. No matter who the manager is/was England should be winning competitions. Despite the hype all England have managed under Capello is a couple of very ordinary performances against very poor opposition. The only "home" nation who deserves to be at the Euros is Scotland, a team with very ordinary players, but they would run through a brick wall for the cause. Fri 30 May 2008 02:46:12 GMT+1 popefridge Now that we have Capello we can get back among the world elite. All of our tournament exits in recent years have been either penalties or losses to the eventual winners. This indicates a clear psychological problem within the team. A good manager like Capello will identify this losing mentality and correct it just like Woodward did with the rugby team. Fri 30 May 2008 01:07:16 GMT+1 popefridge All this talk about England not being good enough is nothing short of delusional. Poland qualified before losing 3-0 to the USA, there are a whole host of teams there who are inferior to England. When England players are actually trying, and not just thinking about the next prem match, they can match the top teams. Whether or not we win the penalties is another story. England under Steve McLaren were the worst I have ever seen England in 20 years of watching them. It was a blip. We have the players to compete with the likes of France/Italy/Germany/Portugal etc. We should have beaten France at euro 2004. It took penalties for Portugal to beat us. We beat Argentina (and played very well) in 2002. We dominated Croatia in euro2004. England ARE a good team. Only 8 years ago we were ranked among the top of europe despite having a weaker team than at present. Every other country says the same thing - "they have very good players but they dont play as a team". Whose fault is that? The managers. I think England fans are just a bit clueless when it comes to international football. They boo backpasses to retain possession which speaks volumes. Everyone struggles with qualifiers occassionally. I seem to remember Spain and Holland barely managing it recently in similar fashion to England. It was a combination of factors for us: Our worst manager since Taylor, difficult group and some very bad luck. Fri 30 May 2008 01:01:01 GMT+1 Rob Honestly, I think you people should just get over this. England have failed to qualify for tournaments before and will again. Their points total would have been enough to qualify them from most groups and McLaren doesn't deserve the absolute hammering he has recieved in the press ever since the failure to qualify. Criticism is one thing, but what has actually transpired is something else.Furthermore, the players should take their share of the blame. Most of them put in thoroughly abject performances against Croatia, and when your players aren't doing well, there's pretty much nothing a manager can do about it.Yes, a better manager might have gotten England to the finals, but to blame everything on McLaren (as most English fans and media seem to have done) is somewhat unfair, in my view.I also disagree that the FA made a blunder by failing to appoint Grant. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and Grant had very little by way of a reputation in the UK before he joined Chelsea. How could the FA possibly know he would have been a success in the England job? The only thing he had been doing in this country at the time of McLaren's appointment was (I believe) coaching Portsmouth. At least McLaren had actually managed a club before. Fri 30 May 2008 00:05:32 GMT+1 malletman1974 Lads,I have to agree with NoGB football,England failed to qualify from what, by far in a way, was the weakest qualifying group. Too many times your so-called "world-class players" have hidden behind failed managwement, tactics etc. Did it ever occur to these people that they aren't actually good enough.Fatuous arguments about the Premier League disguise the fact that it is an international league (who owns the top four clubs anybody?) with 30% english qualified players (ref. recent BBC study) and poor enough teams outside the top four or five.As long as this perpetual state of delusion continues, England will contunue to be a Third-Rate international side. People mightn't agree with me, but any team that can't qualify ahead of second rate teams such as Russia or Croatia are, by definition, Third-Rate.It's as clear as day... Thu 29 May 2008 23:20:33 GMT+1 Nandooooooo Well to be honest I think the manager has to be British if not English just to understand fully what football means to this country and its loyal fans.Avram Grant - although a fantastic manager in my eyes and god only knows why Chelsea would get rid of him - is not the man that is capable of turning this underachieving England team around.England need a manager that shows some of the same credentials that Jose Mourinho has, not because of his record at Chelsea am I saying this, but because of how he challenged and motivated his players.Sadly, there doesn't seem to be many English managers with that sort of management approach. In international football, although tactical astuteness is needed, passion, grit and determination is what is the biggest necessity. England needs a manager who is a big enough character to stand up to the over paid players and tell them straight - there are millions and millions of fans out there and you can either become heroes or nothings to them - the latter being the state at the moment.In my opinion, i believe the next England manager (suggesting that Capello isn't as successful as he should be with England) should be Paul Ince. A manager who is a mentor and a role model for this generation of players, and gains high respect amongst his colleagues.He in my eyes would be ideal, he just needs to gain his coaching badges and a bit more experience in between. Thu 29 May 2008 23:14:04 GMT+1 NoGBfootball Steve,With respect, you are delusional. England are not good enough; it's that simple. The best teams are there; England have no right to be at Euro 2008. Look at the rankings of the teams in England's group and compare them to the rankings of the teams in Scotland;'s group. McLaren was hired as coach, purely because there was a backlash against another foreign coach. Once again, England learn the hard way. England fans deserve better than menatlity and attitude shown by some of the Euro 2008 qualifying players. Thu 29 May 2008 22:22:09 GMT+1 Paul the Greatest "Scotland (my team) and England just missed out and we both just fell short. However, it's better to fall at the qualifying stage than to get to Austria/Switzerland and be frustrated (as England would be after QF elimination) or left embarressed (as Scotland would be)."That's not true. I bet most would rather have something to really look forward to. No doubt, Euro 2008 will still be a show, for all to watch, but from the experience gained by supporting Romania all these years, I assure you, I'm a lot happier to have my team in the competition, despite knowing that we'll almost certainly end up with very few points (if any, my unbiased prediction is one) in such a hard group. But those 3 games will still be... different and more special than the others. No doubt, as a football fan, I'm especially looking forward to some wonderfull football displays by the top nations, to seeing top class player battleing it out... but as a person of Romanian origin, It's always nicer to see my team in it. Thu 29 May 2008 22:10:26 GMT+1 AFC1903 Is it not a case that fans can sit at home during this tournament or go to Austria (as I am) and enjoy the fare that is on offer without having to fret about loyalties.Scotland (my team) and England just missed out and we both just fell short. However, it's better to fall at the qualifying stage than to get to Austria/Switzerland and be frustrated (as England would be after QF elimination) or left embarressed (as Scotland would be). Thu 29 May 2008 20:50:21 GMT+1 SFRover I think the article is talking more about someone in the character of Grant, not necessarily him. A guy who is unremarkable - no shady private life, not particularly outspoken, doesn't hog the headlines and isn't 'pally' with his players.If the media hadn't hounded him, then Scolari would likely have been in charge after Sven and we would probably be at the Euros.Capello will hopefully be the man to restore our pride in the England team. Let him get on with his job - the media and fans need to be behind him and the team, not trying to bring them down. Unless you want more empty summers like this one, looking on enviously. Thu 29 May 2008 19:44:06 GMT+1 Abs_manutd Quite comical article, must admit tho i myself i'm still suprised and angry that england aern't there!! Thu 29 May 2008 19:22:04 GMT+1 Toby I think this article was slightly tongue in cheek. I dont think Steve was claiming that he was fully behind Grant as a potential England manager when McC was appointed, i think he was just highlighting the contrast between the two men's demenours. To be honest, appointing Grant would have been less shocking than the appointment of McC, who as Steve points out was less qualified. However I must agree with those suggesting it should of been O'neil, he would have been my choice at the time. As it is we have Capello and have to give the guy (with a fantastic CV) enough time to stamp some authority on the team and evaluate his available players without being hounded by the over-enthusiastic UK media and fans. Now if we fail to qualify for 2010....... Thu 29 May 2008 18:46:05 GMT+1 Modernllama Sorry Steve but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Few knew who he and he certainly didn't have enough expierience in English football or the expectation that managing a huge footballing nation brings. If Avram didn't Ambramovich as a close personal friend then we still wouldn't know who he is. Also we were mainly targeting an English/British manager meaning Avram may have been ruled out. Thu 29 May 2008 18:26:52 GMT+1 Stokerambo Avram Grant? He's the last person we needed. England needed Martin O'Neill, he wanted the job, but the Fumbling Amateurs decided to employ one of their own kind - someone who would give off all the right soundbytes, be nice to people, nothing offensive, calling his senior players "Stevie G" and "JT". That kind of attitude doesn't command respect from anyone. However, in fairness to "Stevie Mac", he did play a pivotal role as assistant to Fergie at United and they lacked tactical direction when he left for Middlesbrough. That's where he turned a bunch of perennial relegation candidates into UEFA Cup finalists. Ok, via the League Cup, but he did achieve more than most at a very mediocre club. Thu 29 May 2008 17:24:31 GMT+1 the_Sluiceterer Martin O`neill was the only real choice. The fact that the FA did not pick him sealed England`s fate. Then they didn`t pick Brian clough - so clearly they have no idea about the game. What do they do? Disband them and get a supporters committee with maybe a few ex England players. Although I now live in Switz, I will be cheering on Spain. Thu 29 May 2008 16:53:31 GMT+1 cjlovejoy Steve,You're telling me that back when McClaren was appointed you were clambering for Avram Grant. I don't think so! No one in the press even mentioned his name, let alone thought he was a worthy candidate. Thu 29 May 2008 16:08:45 GMT+1 fair teh middlin You're opening a hornet's nest with this topic -- look at the threads on 606.Suffice to say, the friendlies are pointless.England aren't South bound. Although, judging by last nights performance, that's a good job.Let's look forward to seeing some exciting football in less than a fortnight! Thu 29 May 2008 15:28:36 GMT+1 Professor Techno Hello Steve,I share your anger, even with the Euros just around the corner i still cannot believe England are not going to be there!!This game against Trinidad and Tobago is utterly pointless it will be like watching paint dry for those who are going to watch it. Lets be honest England must have the greatest fans in the word 7 million watched the game on Wednesday with 70,000 in the stadium which is quite remarkble. Thu 29 May 2008 14:20:22 GMT+1