Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 26 Jan 2015 23:40:00 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at sweeppicker This post has been Removed Wed 10 Jun 2009 16:04:29 GMT+1 qwilpen2 Hello Simon/Andrew, the work done on freesat so far has been great , (here it comes) however when is it going to be fully set up so that red button items appear here as well as freeview and sky, as this is a BBC joint venture shouldn't this be the flagship of the BBC digital output?thanks steve Wed 07 Jan 2009 21:40:39 GMT+1 Doge HiI have a point of view which may be others have not thought about...We have been hoodwinked for so long by the awful Sky remote controls with nerly a hundred buttons and many more VCRs and digital equipment similar. And it looks like the makers of STB for Freesat are going the same way. Abetted by the BBC offering one button push actions? Red Button, blue button, green button what next?Lets stop this nonsnese now, and get some simplicity into remote controls, I think that 5-6 buttons max should be enough to allow us to use the system with preperly designed on screen menus and fast response.Ok, so I am advocate of the Apple Remote control, as it works on their compputers for media browsing, but after all it is simplicity itself and acheives all you need with 6 buttons.How about it? Tue 28 Oct 2008 20:00:37 GMT+1 DeanoLaad Hello Simon..I curently studying a digital media course at college, but would like to be able to make MHEG-5 app's, but i dont have the know-how. Is it possable, that you point me to where i could learn the MHEG-5 language?Regards, Dean. Wed 22 Oct 2008 21:16:30 GMT+1 EagleAngle Hello Simon/Andrew. I've been messing around with MHEG-5 apps for a while. I've used mhegenc to compile my apps but this is written for the Freeview MHEG 1.06 profile. Can you give me any more details about MHEGPlus which you describe in the article... more importantly when will I be able to start using it? Tue 21 Oct 2008 15:54:06 GMT+1 airdrien just a question, why can't i get red button on every channel on vista media center? for example, i have red button on BBC One, two and alba but not on BBC News, parliament, three, four... and i can't get it on sports multiscreen as well! This is quite annoying do you have a solution or an explanation please? Sat 11 Oct 2008 13:43:42 GMT+1 Andrew Bowden With Freeview it is usually dependent on your set top box. Generally, the newer the set top box, the faster it runs.Most boxes made within the last four years or so will perform pretty well.How old is your set top box? Thu 02 Oct 2008 13:59:41 GMT+1 zag2me Very interesting stuff, but can anyone tell me why BBCi is so slow to respond on set top freeview boxes? It just doesn't have a zippy feel to me like the old teletext service.Maybe my expectations are too high but even browsing the menus takes seconds to respond to input from the remote.Is this the fault of the hardware boxes? Are some better than others? Is it the use of Java? Or simply the way its meant to be? Wed 01 Oct 2008 14:13:07 GMT+1