Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 10 Jul 2014 14:21:10 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at dgc1948 This is more of a question regarding a response from my DTV's manufacturer following a question to them on an issue I have with my TV and the Interactive News pages - brought about, partly, by the fact that there is no indication of dates of any changes appearing in the above article.The problem is that when viewing the Interactive News pages and I attempt to go to full-screen by the "0" key, the TV freezes and then resets (only occurs on the BBC's pages, ITV is fine when going to full-screen).Toshiba's quote on this is:" a result of the broadcasters change from MHEG version 1.05 to 1.06."and that my TV:"...was designed to V1.05 specification, when operating on V1.06 the particular issue reported cannot be simply remedied by a FW upgrade."The problem started around the time near the start of the Olympic Games (late July/early Aug 08).Are you able to confirm whether any changes were made to the MHEG profile in use at/around this time that might cause such an issue? (I'm not aware of any other problems).And is it likely that a firmware upgrade, as Toshiba indicates, would NOT cure the problem?Tx: Belmont.Many thanksDave Wed 22 Oct 2008 12:42:33 GMT+1 Andrew Bowden Hello there Robert.The BBC is charged with making its services available to as many people as possible so in BBCi we do our best to support as many set top boxes and iDTVs as possible. Where there are issues with a specific set top box, we try to work with manufacturers to sort those problems. We have good relationships with many manufacturers and middleware providers, and pass on as much information as we can about those issues, when they arise, regardless of the age of the set top box.In certain circumstances we do block certain set top boxes from accessing areas of the service if the boxes cannot handle them, and therefore creates an undesirable user experience (e.g. crashing the set top box).Blocking a box is not a decision which we take lightly because behind every blocked box is a licence fee payer who can't use the services they've paid for. In general, we prefer to not to block particular boxes - older set top boxes may struggle with some areas of our services, however we'd rather give our users the choice of whether to proceed or not, if we can. Thankfully such situations are rare - the vast majority of set top boxes and iDTVs on the market do actually handle our services very well.On the specifics of MHEG versions, there's a large number of older set top boxes in homes which run MHEG 5 v1.05 rather than the latest version, 1.06. As time goes by, those 1.05 boxes will reduce, however it's likely to take years before they are gone completely. What we can do is detect whether a set top box is MHEG 5 v1.06 compliant, and if it is, use the extra functionality that 1.06 offers. A good example of this is the CBBC Studio Runners game, which was on air in 2007 - the game had several visual enhancements which were only viewable on a newer set top box. Older boxes saw a slightly different version of the game. The game play was the same on both.However for many of our services, MHEG 5 v1.06 wouldn't offer us any particular major benefits to the user experience, hence we have stuck with 1.05.Hope that helpsAndrew BowdenSenior Development Producer, BBCi Fri 18 Jul 2008 13:41:52 GMT+1 R S With many non digital tick boxes now failing to work, isn't it time the BBC stopped supporting them given they have not been approved by BERR/DTG as guaranteed to work after switch over.All the digital tick boxes contain MHEG 5 v1.06 and if the BBC used this it would improve the interactivity provided on freeview which is a must given the bandwidth restrictions.The BBC must not be held to ransom by manufacturers who in the past have produced boxes with standards not approved by the DTG. It is not your fault if retailers have sold equipment to customers which is not fit for purpose and it's not fair on those who have taken the advice of buying boxes with the "tick" only to be told that the improved interactive features that the box can support will not be offered by the BBC.If these boxes struggle after you use the new MHEG code then surely it's down to the retailers to explain why they sold these boxes in the first place, not the BBC to explain why they are using MHEG code which since 2006 has had the full support of the DTG in being used on freeview. Further to this the DTG offered manufacturers the chance to provide over the air downloads to their boxes to make their non-compliant boxes compliant, how many manufacturers took up this offer - ZERO.Part of the problem I feel is that the broadcasters seem to be too scared to highlight the fact that not every box being sold as freeview compatable really is and unless this is given widespread publicity, we will continue to find people making the switch to digital using non-compliant boxes and giving you guys who make the applications the dillema of choosing to support them or not because as you must realise they are a big chunk of your users.I hope you take this issue seriously and use this opportunity to share this issue with your colleagues at Watchdog as issues like this one will become more and more common. Wed 16 Jul 2008 14:02:49 GMT+1