Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 19 Apr 2015 01:59:59 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Quair A small minority? GBC should take at look that the online petition ( on February 1 which a few moments ago boasted 6999 signatures. As janjansatnav's message illustates, it is not only music students who benefit from their specialist education. Sun 06 Feb 2011 11:03:24 GMT+1 janjansatnav As a former pupil of the "mainstream" school where the music school pupils also attended, I witnessed first hand the drive and dedication of these stalwarts of traditional music, some of whom had relocated from all corners of Scotland to pursue their passion for music and celebrate their heritage. I find it insulting that GBC would support the closure of such a valuable resource and dismiss it as an insignificance, stating it benefits only a "small minority". As Jaynieboy rightly mentioned, on the Celtic Connections programme you will find countless ex-pupils of the music school heading up sold-out shows, so that statement was really a juxtaposition it itself. And one thing I can guarantee - if there to be any expiration, it won't be quiet. Thu 03 Feb 2011 00:02:47 GMT+1 Jaynie boy GBC wrote"Also, I find the juxtaposition with Celtic Connections a bit disingenuous as most of it's output seems quite contemporary."If you had looked at the programme or indeed been to any of the gigs You would find that lots of the acts performing at Celtic connections are in fact past pupils and tutors from the school.It always suprises me how people have little idea or indeed understanding of the richness and heritage of their own culture and how they really don't care if it is allowed quietly expire. Wed 02 Feb 2011 21:06:46 GMT+1 HeadHigh I suspect this completely unacceptable cut has been included as a lightening rod to attract criticism and deflect this away from other proposals to cut the budget for classroom assistants, etc, across the Highlands.I'm sure we will see nationwide dissent over this proposal, allowing the council's Lib Dem leadership to "save" the facility while the remainder of the cuts are quietly passed.See those cuddly and inoffensive Lib Dems who would never have said boo to a goose in the past, looks like they have been away on a political savvy course or two. Wed 02 Feb 2011 17:12:25 GMT+1 GBC I suppose that in these straightened times, it must be the greatest good for the greatest number and personally I would support the closure of anything like this, catering as it does for a very small minority. If any such niche organisation cannot finance itself from its' supporters, it should be allowed to quietly expire.Also, I find the juxtaposition with Celtic Connections a bit disingenuous as most of it's output seems quite contemporary. Wed 02 Feb 2011 16:04:24 GMT+1