Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 03 May 2015 18:31:12 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Jetfire101 First of all, what an excellent debate! There are many facets to this debate. Bhangra is indeed in a state of serious decline. We the listeners are in part responsible for this and so are the artists. I think there is a fine line between a SIGNATURE sound and a REPETITIVE sound. You cant just pass off a repetitive sound as a signature, thats just shameful.I listen to Punjabi By Natures earlier albums and I listen to his recent stuff and its all the same old production & beats. It feels like a quick money making trick. Artists are comfortable doing this because listeners lap it up because of some sense of misplaced loyalty. On top of this artists know there isnt much else out so again listeners lap it up. Rishi Rich has his flute samples. Aman Hayer has his same lazy beat and so on.It is us the listeners that have bought this onto ourselves, if we had not followed Bhangra we such a content nature in the first place we would not be in such a mess. When a new album comes out it should not matter what artists reputation is. Listen to it like its their debut album. It does not matter if the artist is Punjabi MC or Gurdas Mann. Expect more and expect better. There is a lack of inventiveness from most artists (I see Swami as probably one of the few artists who seems to vary his sound and introduces new instruments). They have a formula and they stick to it. There is no innovation. And then they wonder why we download, which brings me to my next point You really expect us to buy an album after hearing one track from it (in most cases)? At least give us our moneys worth. The simple fact is they release albums with the same old lyrics, same old production, that one track that they hope will shift albums.There was that a new way of selling music Rishi Rich introduced to Bhangra. It began with Juggy D, by no means is he a special singer by any stretch of the imagination nor were his songs. He did well because the girls went a bit crazy. On the internet I would read comments like this: OMG HE IS SO BUFFFFF!And that was it. It is the same thing I am beginning to see about Rana Sahota, H Dhami and Jaz Dhami. Shut your eyes ladies, open your ears and then listen to the songs. It really isnt all that. Get a grip. Bhangra will have to evolve. People want traditional Bhangra back. But I doubt that will solve the problem. Because Bhangra has to branch out, you will not solve this problem of receptiveness by going back. You have to solve it by going forward and experimenting. Otherwise bhangra will be like the thumbi. Limited. And correct me if I am wrong but isnt that the problem with bhangra in the present too? Fri 24 Jul 2009 01:27:45 GMT+1