Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 20 Sep 2014 06:39:00 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Knight85-2 "Companies can postpone expensive projects during a credit crunch but London Games officials have a fixed deadline"On the plus side this should lower labour costs as more jobs are put off. Thu 02 Oct 2008 21:42:23 GMT+1 clovisguy Time to abandon London 2012 completely. We just cannot afford all the money wasted on these games every 4 years. Time a permanent site for the Games was built in Greece. This would stop all the controversy such as blackened the recent Beijing games, and would save other countries the expense too. If sportsmen want an Olympic games, then let them pay for it. It should not be paid for by tax payers' money. I managed to get through the recent games without watching any of it. Also, if we must stage the Games, then they should be restricted to one terrestrial channel - not everyone is interested in sport. Wed 01 Oct 2008 18:34:50 GMT+1 AndyPlowright Hopefully finances will be drained and the Cultural Olympiad will consist of nothing more than Morris dancing. I freely admit to being an Olympics sceptic and consider the Beijing games to be nothing more than a giant PR exercise on behalf of China as well as a great reason for several nations to slap each other on the back and say how wonderfully humane they are. Wed 01 Oct 2008 15:22:21 GMT+1 Andrew Davies With respect to this, we should all bear in mind, and especially politicians, who often give predictions about the future (thinking that by doing so they can still people's various fears) - and if there is anyone in the Treasury reading this comment - this particularly applies to you guys - a line from a John Lennon song in which he is effectively offering adivce to his young son Sean"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans". Wed 01 Oct 2008 11:23:53 GMT+1 ivanbaruch With the building trade grinding to a halt and work increasingly hard to come by how about some hard negotiating to get costs down! Wed 01 Oct 2008 08:52:33 GMT+1 levdavidovich Why not get Harry and Paul to build it with some 4by2? They seem to do an excellent job. Tue 30 Sep 2008 18:55:13 GMT+1 BillyPitcher Sponsorship is not the only way!There is a scheme in place for business to redirect EXISTING expenditure into the fund. Tue 30 Sep 2008 18:29:25 GMT+1 MarktheHorn So it could be a bit embarrassing come 2012?I hope not though and everything is ready on time and people are not having to pay for debts over many years!Our Athletes were great in China and they deserve the chance to have more success in London. Tue 30 Sep 2008 16:24:14 GMT+1