Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 07 May 2015 05:11:41 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Matt Slater Doh! Apologies bowsider5, I see it's fixed now (cheers sub) but I'll take your word for it. I promise I did actually know that one but these things happen. Never again, though. I promise. I'm up there again tomorrow and fully expect to hear my first God Save the Queen. Twice would be nice, three times even better. Sat 16 Aug 2008 16:56:27 GMT+1 D R Daykin Only 3 medals? From the look of the heats and semi's I think we're on for a lot more! Pretty much every boat we've got in the A-Finals has a chance at getting a medal. I think we're going to see a few golds for team GB here, and along with sailing and cycling this is going to be one of our most successful sports at these games.I'm tipping the men's fours, the men's eights, the men's lightweight double-sculls and the women's quad sculls to come good and grab us gold!Maybe I'm being optimistic, but we've looked good out on the water this week! Thu 14 Aug 2008 23:23:16 GMT+1 JMH Please to be taking note Matt, in rowing the oars are referred to as sculls rather than skulls. Though the latter would make for some amusment, especially if we could have a choice on who was to be decapitated for the privilege. Rowers are generally a nice bunch - it's having crewmates that does it. Anyone who sets himself up as being a bit better than the rest swiftly gets brought back into the pack and reminded that that there's no I in team. Wed 13 Aug 2008 13:28:27 GMT+1 Remenhamroar Garry and Dan have all that information in the biogs in the GB Rowing presspack should they choose to use it. I agree that they probably should.I still think it's better than it was a few years ago. It used to be that the only clubs every mentioned were:1) Leander (Garry: "That's my old club")2) Oxford University (Dan: "I used to coach there")Now at least the likes of Molesey, London, Thames, Marlow, Wallingford etc are now getting an occasional credit.These clubs and others put money and effort into trying to help promising athletes make the jump to the national squad. I think it's right that they get a namecheck.They've been doing it for years on the athletics and swimming commentary: Birchfield Harriers, Loughborough Uni etc often get mentions. Tue 12 Aug 2008 21:32:53 GMT+1 carogooch regarding clubs, I've found the numerous mentions of the clubs by Gary Herbert a little annoying,....not when they are local clubs like Wallingford etc, but when the eight is named with Leander as the club for 6 of the crew, it tells the audience nothing. Leander rowers rarely actually come from Henley. What would be nice and informative is information about where the competitors actually grew up, and where they learned to row. This would give people more of an idea of the geographical spread of competitors, hailing from all parts of Britain, and an idea of where one can go to learn to row, should you be inspired by the fantastic performances our team are putting in. As for us getting only 3 rowing medals (!), we have so many boats through to the A finals, I'm sure it's more than we had in Athens and Sydney. 3 golds might be nearer the mark, with maybe a sprinkling of other colours too? Tue 12 Aug 2008 19:54:48 GMT+1 Remenhamroar I must confess that I have been (along with others I am sure) lobbying for a long time to ensure that the commentators do try to mention the clubs every now and again. I am very pleased that they have now got into this habit. It's good to give credit where it's due and also to help viewers realise that there is rowing life beyong Oxford and Cambridge.London RC is perhaps the other one that is not obvious - like Thames RC, LRC is in Putney. Tue 12 Aug 2008 13:32:34 GMT+1 icheyne @PhilipNew - Leander is in Henley, Thames RC is in Putney. Most of the rest are self-explanatory. Tue 12 Aug 2008 09:57:10 GMT+1 PhilipNew I wish the BBC commentators would do two things:1. Stop commenting on the former medical problems of our team. These are begining to sound like excuses for loosing. The athletes themselves are bad enough.2. As well as giving the rowing club that the individuals belong to could they also tell us where these people are from please. Most of the general public do not know the location of the clubs. Mon 11 Aug 2008 08:56:37 GMT+1 armchairnut I certainly don't think we have lost it in rowing. Some of the heats may have been a bit hairy to watch this morning, and some of the boats may still be relatively unfamiliar with one another surely class and pedigree never really go away? Sat 09 Aug 2008 13:03:19 GMT+1