Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 19 Apr 2015 00:20:52 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Runteh Some have stated that they do not understand the relevance of the clip, and I am shocked at the ignorance.For one, it is nice to see the beep being impartial in its decision to celebrate the culture and relevance of animals to china. I though is was a brilliant piece of animation, and I looked forward to seeing it every time the olympics came on, with some catchy music to match.Oh, and if you can not see all the olympic events taking place in the race to the birds nest stadium then I am shocked.As far as I can see there is:Hammer ThrowHurdles Pole VoltJavlinAcrobaticsRelayTaekwondoDivingSwimmingRunningstunning work... Sun 24 Aug 2008 19:24:26 GMT+1 TygerJan Excellent animation! It stands alone as a great title sequence, but if viewers don't know about the cultural background they should make some effort to learn more! The translation of the amusing and profound classic written by Wu Ch'eng En has long been in print as a Penguin paperback. See their website:,,9780140441116,00.html?strSrchSql=wu/Monkey_Wu_Ch'%EAng-%EAn Sat 23 Aug 2008 10:42:09 GMT+1 thefterian To Mineheadbythesea (no 403):Since when should the BBC's sole aim be to attract youngsters when it is the national broadcaster, broadcasting to the whole nation from 0 - 111 years old. What is it with the fascination with youth when trying to convey a message in the broadcast media.Further, I have taken two weeks off to watch the olympic games - it means so much to me (it is part of my greek heritage) - and this event is the biggest sporting event on earth. I am not asking for in your face union flag waving, but just for some mature broadcasting which reflects the importance of this event in the global sporting psyche. Would it be appropriate for the BBC to have Scooby Doo for the next series of Doctor Who, or Road Runner for the London Marathon next year? This cartoon is suited to CBBC and not to this event. Surely the BBC could have commissioned this as a cultural and artistic piece that could have been shown on BBC 2 during the games, but not as the credits. Please please please, what has happened to the BBC in the last 15 years. People say that the British Tv is the best in the world. People are blinkered. It is nowhere near as good as TV that I have seen in Europe.BBC stands for Brash, Boring Crap it seems at the moment Fri 22 Aug 2008 21:55:43 GMT+1 shoes ferocto That is a very good and adventurous animation. The monkey is awsome and it is well related to the olympics. The BBC have done very well with the olymics and need to make these sort of cool animations for 2012.Well done to those involved! Fri 22 Aug 2008 16:16:05 GMT+1 Ashemail I was quite skeptical when I saw the animations in advance of the Olympics. But when the monkey is taken with all the other "members of the cast", the effect is delightful, something between mythic and mischievous. Fri 22 Aug 2008 15:51:51 GMT+1 Mineheadbythesea The BBC should be congratulated on producing such an innovative way to introduce the 2008 Olympics. They pay tribute to the host nation, the annimation makes it attractive to a younger audience, the music is appropriate and catchy, whether watching the full version or shorter sections of the whole. I am of an age to have been a big fan of Monkey Magic and the annimation makes me smile every time I see it.The sports theat are cleverly interwoven into the clip are representative of a wide variety of Olympic sports and the "journey" idea is one that will be thoroughly understood by those athletes that attend this; the culmination of their sporting journeys - the training, the dedication, the heartaches and the successes.Anyone so narrow minded to believe that the BBC should only show a Union flag and a few of our past glories are not doing enough of a service to those athletes attending their first games - British sport has come a long way since the games were awarded to London for 2012 - these games are the start of something big for UK sport - by representing them in this highly innovative and modern way, the BBC are showing their reccognition of new age. A Fantastic effort BBC - Well done! Fri 22 Aug 2008 14:21:14 GMT+1 roddypeepa How much did this animation cost? Good to see that the BBC is being careful with our licence fee..... Fri 22 Aug 2008 12:17:02 GMT+1 War Baby ...What a load of absolute tosh... Fri 22 Aug 2008 10:51:41 GMT+1 therickster1 Sorry I meant to say "I like it" above in post 399, anyone got the lyrics for the song ? Thu 21 Aug 2008 21:19:21 GMT+1 therickster1 I Thu 21 Aug 2008 21:17:54 GMT+1 liveforfivelive Our family absolutely loves this - it's daring and original - and the children enjoy identifying the sports included. Another thing for London 2012 to match up to!! Thu 21 Aug 2008 12:33:18 GMT+1 drdjday I think the 'Journey to the West' reference is fine but I find the style of the cartoon rather childish and at odds both with the culture of China and the event itself. I feel this could have been done so much better but feels to me that a dumb it down approach was taken to 'draw the kids in' which seems to me rather patronising. Thu 21 Aug 2008 12:06:18 GMT+1 risebrow i think it is awesome!everyone who dont think so is a mug and grow up about complaining about it allno1 cares what you all thinkand BBC is Legend!! Thu 21 Aug 2008 11:44:09 GMT+1 Max Waterman I think you should be very careful about basing this so obviously on the Japanese depiction of the Monkey king. The problem is somewhat akin to the rivalry between France and England, as one poster mentioned, but it's *much* more severe - the insult would be *very* extreme. I don't think the English has any equivalent insult.The animation displays to points of ignorance :1) the audience likely don't know that the Monkey King is a Chinese story rather than a Japanese one (ie from the TV show), or alternatively they don't know the TV show is Japanese at all; and,2) the animators don't realise the degree to which the Chinese and Japanese hate each other and the problems a mistake on this level can cause.Max. Thu 21 Aug 2008 08:29:23 GMT+1 thefterian As I said at post no. 363, this is a fine piece of animation. But what has it got to do with the olympic games and how does it demonstrate and 'big up' the greatest sporting show on earth? Wed 20 Aug 2008 22:11:09 GMT+1 Diz I never enjoyed the original series, but I think this ident is fab! Spotting the events carefully woven into the story has kept me entertained whilst waiting to watch the next installment of the Olympics. All the 'where's the Britishness?' posts sadden me, as has been commented on by others, the games are in China. Wed 20 Aug 2008 21:48:10 GMT+1 GraemePuskas Hated it at first (and I'm a fan of most of Hewlett's and Albarn's work) but love it now. Wed 20 Aug 2008 19:27:59 GMT+1 digimoriarty well, first off it;s shame it's a shameless plug for jamie hewlett and damon albarn's latest 'monkey opera' and album which 'coincidentally' was released this week. couldn;'t they thin of somethgin new? still, it feels fresher than the aevrage 'idents' and fits the chinese theme. however overall it's a massive wasted opportunity. let's face it, what the British public really care about is team GB's fortunes first and foremost, not China. As a national public service, one of the last great bastions of Britishness it is incumbent on the BBC to have something that captures the idea of GB triumphing at the Olympics. it;s a big shame that in their desperation to look cool, they forgot what they are there for. Wed 20 Aug 2008 16:52:48 GMT+1 w11ammies Monkey Animation and title musicI was`nt too sure at first but it has grown on me and I really like it and great fun.How can I get title music on my phone for a ring tone???????Can someone please help????? Wed 20 Aug 2008 11:18:39 GMT+1 garry08 Absolutely brilliant and very imaginative of the BBC to come up with the trailer for this years Olympics which has become one of the best Olympic Games for decades especially for Team GB Well done to all at the BBC. I can remember the original series of Money Magic and I know that the dubbing of the language wasn't the best but it was good entertainment. Wed 20 Aug 2008 00:17:07 GMT+1 lorraine18 Brilliant. It gets better everytime I see it Tue 19 Aug 2008 20:06:03 GMT+1 kin-el annagain - post 382trevnut has a valid point - £2.50 is a considerable amount of money per week if you didn't vote for the BBC. Surely, no taxation without representation. I didn't vote to be taxed so that Joanathan Ross could be paid eight zillion roubles an hour - who did? And now to add insult to injury they have spent my hard earned cash on some eastern primate cartoon that scares the life out of my 39 year-old son who is young enough to remember when HIS hero, Monkeey, was actually a real person with dodgy sideburns and a pig for a best mate. I will only be surpised is Mr Ross actually created the cartoon - in his psare time - and gave some value back for the considerable £2.50 investment I have unwillingly made in him. Tue 19 Aug 2008 19:50:02 GMT+1 kin-el They said it couldn't possibly happen but it has - the BBC has once again surpassed even itself with this self-indulgent homage to Chinese folklore. It does nothing but represent China in a less favorable light than it already manages to cast itself in. Monkeys are not simply primates to the Chinese, they are revered as demigods. To use such blatant iconography in such a trivial manner demeans the subject matter. If China were not officially Chinese they would be offended. What if THEY made a cartoon featuring the Virgin Mary doing the 120 metre long jump? Oh yes there would be uproar from the C of GB. I also found it a bit scary before bed time. Tue 19 Aug 2008 19:31:26 GMT+1 chaobreeder16 I do like the monkey/son goku is it in the original novel? but i think that people should maybe have been informed of the original story more. I think its fair to say that any anime fan would really apreciate it because parodies of the story are created in dragon ball and love hina. But the monkey dosent have a magic wand its a staff and in the anime parodies its extend able. Also its not being stereotypical about the monkey being skinny or racist, the main character of the original story was a monkey king mountain dweller, not a big bruiser of a gorilla. I think the pig was an evil demon also who stole little girls and ate them or something also so it makes sense for the pig to eat meat, or so it has been portrayed in versions of it i have seen, but monkey convinces him to turn good and he joins him on his trip for knowledge.sandy is gruesome because he is also a demon or soul stealer of some type, in dragon ball he was portrayed as picalo the dark side of the gaurdian of the earth who tried to take over the world instead of protect it, but in order to over come a greater danger to the world they forget their differences for the greater good and become allies.I am just speaking from generally knowledge i am only 19 but you can correct me if i am wrong tho which i may well be but i think most of what i said is accurate. I was also really shocked to find a German dubbed version of the play of the initial story a few years a go when i was on holiday but i did recognise it. I never saw the really old monkey cartoons people are talking about but they sound interesting, i have only seen the most recent adaption which is probably dragon ball by akira toriyama. Which was created in the late 80s i think. Tue 19 Aug 2008 18:47:41 GMT+1 bluebraeburn Well they're suppose to be buddhist (if you're using that famous Monkey story from Chinese literature) and hence are vegetarians. The Pigsy was eating a chicken thigh?! Someone obviously was not thinking when they drew this.Music isn't great and lyric is silly. Animation is good though, despite the mistake. Tue 19 Aug 2008 17:50:01 GMT+1 gibsons18 All i can say about the intro "Monkey trailer" to the Olympics is that come 2012 the 5 yr olds that thought of it are kept in their nursery and let the grown ups design the London Olympics! The intro looks like something from the CBBC channel. Tue 19 Aug 2008 11:21:04 GMT+1 Annagain trevrut - I get really fed up of people calling the license fee an "unfair tax" £2.50 a week is excellent value - the website (which is giving YOU the opportunity to have your say, amongst other things) alone is well worth that. You probably pay more for ITV and Channel 4 in premiums on products to pay for advertising than you do for the BBC. Tue 19 Aug 2008 10:49:30 GMT+1 Darkest_Fox I don't often feel the need to comment on something, but this is something I need to add my comments to.A lot of people are moaning that this is a waste of money and has no relevance to the games at all. I just can not agree with that. I find the animation for the short interesting and very captivating. It was fun to watch and the music that went with it was brilliant, but then I have always loved the Gorillaz and that kind of animation style. The short combines both Chinese and British cultures showing what the games are about. Bringing different countries together in a friendly way. Yes it twists the journey to the west story for our culture but so did the TV show (which was Japanese for those who didn't know) to some extent. I don't think by using this story that the BBC have aimed the short at a particular age group. I'm only 21 and I was obviously to young to remember it being screened on TV and yet I still know the story and found the short amazing.I think the BBC should fund more things like this, rather than bring us the same thing over and over again. Mon 18 Aug 2008 21:30:11 GMT+1 smartpaddington Its well cool. This is license money well spent. Mon 18 Aug 2008 19:40:56 GMT+1 Michael_king_355 i love it from the animation to sound. every little bit. good job boys. Mon 18 Aug 2008 18:48:38 GMT+1 trevrut What a waste of OUR 'unfair tax' to blow it on this crap!! Isn't it about time you started putting OUR money into proper programming!!!!! Mon 18 Aug 2008 18:36:48 GMT+1 rossmorgan2k6 I love the animation and the theme tune i wish i could have it because i like it so much since i first saw it on the tv great job. Mon 18 Aug 2008 18:29:37 GMT+1 catbutton I love watching the monkey animation, its very captivating and extremely well produced. I love that cheeky face at the end!!! Well done BBC Mon 18 Aug 2008 15:48:37 GMT+1 NatstrikeG This is video MAGNIFI-CENT!!, it's such a change from the traditional Chariots of fire stuff!. The animation is terrific I loved Monkey the TV series when I was growing up so the animation is pure nostalgia!!I think BBC are really "stepping to the plate" in they way the corporation presents major events. I like they way the there is a "zoom in to the bird's nest when the athletic events are being presented"Keep up the great work!!much RESPECT!!! :-) Mon 18 Aug 2008 14:20:29 GMT+1 amdc101 I've loved Jamie Hewlett's cartoons ever since "Hewligan's Haircut" in 2000Ad years ago and Tank Girl was genius, pity I can't be bothered with the Olympics really, its such a good idea, loved the TV show too Mon 18 Aug 2008 13:49:05 GMT+1 Londonforager Until I looked at this site I had no idea of the connection with an ancient folk story, so the illusion was lost on me.I find the animation irritating and somewhat menacing. I only hope the BBC comes up with something more pleasing for 2012. Mon 18 Aug 2008 12:04:59 GMT+1 QWERDAD This post has been Removed Sun 17 Aug 2008 21:48:10 GMT+1 outlawcomedancing Fantastic. Sun Wukong would be proud. Sun 17 Aug 2008 19:53:18 GMT+1 London Trev it's a waste of time effort and licence payers money Sun 17 Aug 2008 13:31:00 GMT+1 Darkgnat I thought it was pretty much the best thing I've ever seen. Sun 17 Aug 2008 13:08:36 GMT+1 Joe_c_90 To be honest, I think the characters are pretty grotesque, especially the green one (Sandy), and I don't really see what some ancient myth about a monkey god has to do with the world's biggest sporting event.Having said that, I do like the animated style, I've always been a fan of the Gorillaz artwork. So mixed feelings really. Sun 17 Aug 2008 10:07:10 GMT+1 BarryOakley Monkey is a great piece of animation. Unfortunately, as per usual, the BBC decided to flood us with it over and over again for two weeks before the Olympics even started. Personally, I was heartily sick of it and the tune by the time the games actually got under way! Sun 17 Aug 2008 09:41:20 GMT+1 Tams81 I prefer intros such as this. I don't like pompus flag waving and as other people have said the BBC is there to show the Olympics, including team GB, but not just team GB.As for comparing it to the 2012 Olympics logo, pah!That logo cost millions and for that much it is utter junk. This animation most probably cost a lot less and in my opinion not only is better, but most probably more was got for less money and the animation also more clearly shows the host country's heritage and the Olympics than the 2012 logo.Admittidly the amination is childish to a degree, which I think adds to its charm, unlike the 2012 logo which just looks like it was designed by a child. Sat 16 Aug 2008 14:07:44 GMT+1 jaychinchillaman i love the monkey video and the music. will we be abel to buy the theme tune, as it would be a shame if we couldn`t. the proceeds could help the 2012 games. Fri 15 Aug 2008 23:39:16 GMT+1 abujablue First time seeing it I was immediately sceptical, but that was because I was so used to the 'typical' opening sequences to sports events that have been common for years.But this song had the weirdest effect on me. One moment I was nearly detesting it, but then suddenly it clicked. I did a bit of research into the story and watched it a couple more times it has really got a grip on me - it's a fantastic video, highly original in nature, and now I never get bored by it.Fantastic creation BBC! Fri 15 Aug 2008 22:22:24 GMT+1 thefterian As a stand alone cartoon, its not bad. However, it is out of place with the stature and significance of the Olympic Games. This is the greatest sporting event on earth and this cartoon undermines it, it is puerile in comparison with the games and has no visible connections to an event that has its roots from as long ago as 776BC. Where are the references to the physical endeavour, the triumphs, (British or Global), the sport, the host. Yes it may be boring and outdated, but it is relevant and underlines the actual significance of the games which has been lost.By contrast, the European Broadcasting Union ident and tv package for the games is mature, deep in gravitas and contains an explicit respect of the elevated position of the games as the demonstration of the best and worst of human physical endeavour.By all means, have this cartoon, but it should be an expression of the games' influence and act as a supplement to the games not the means by which the state broadcaster should identify its blanket coverage.Licence payers range from the age of 18 to 108 (90 years) why does our state broadcaster continuously think that the only people watching are aged between 25 to 35, took a degree in media studies and frequent the gastro pubs and organic delis of north london. Please, please, please consider the whole of the demographic. TV production these days has become more about ratings rather than quality. IE, the numbers of people watching (rubbish). If ratings are so important, by targeting one tenth of the population, you are never going to succeed. Substance should come before style more often than not and that should have been the first thought here. Fri 15 Aug 2008 19:16:41 GMT+1 nnyrad Scrolling through the vast number of posts made in response to this video, one thing in particular caught my eye:Chairmandog said 'Monkey's a great way of bridging out understanding of the East'. Though the animation may be based on a Chinese fable it seems to say more about Western (or - to be more fair - Albarn's and Hewlett's) perceptions of the Orient than it does about Chinese culture. The piece fails to demonstrate China's unique identity and only serves to conflate Eastern culture. This opinion has been stated earlier in different forms, an example of which:It's based on a Japanese series 'that has nothing to do with the spirit of the Book: the Journey to the west' (Xabirules)Though I do appreciate that many people have enjoyed the clip, I am disappointed that the BBC would commission a video that is outdated in its thinking during an Olympics that reveled in being innovative. Fri 15 Aug 2008 10:56:44 GMT+1 rexlombardo I like the animation and am old enough to appreciate the reference but I wonder if it sensible to use a Japanese television show as the source. The Beijing Olympics are after all a Chinese event! I mean, what would the French think if the Chinese referenced 'Allo 'Allo in their opening coverage of a major French event?Actually that would be really funny Fri 15 Aug 2008 06:31:28 GMT+1 Donald Donaldson very oriental, lovely Thu 14 Aug 2008 16:45:37 GMT+1 burtfamily Wanted to add that it brought an excitement to the lead up for the olympics in my girly non sporty family that I didn't think possible. Hurray for Monkey! Thu 14 Aug 2008 16:27:56 GMT+1 burtfamily Fantastic monkey - our whole family love it, the music, the song, the animation, the nostalgia for the 70's monkey. We love to name all the sports that monkey, pigsy and Sandy perform. What is a sand monk? Thu 14 Aug 2008 16:25:54 GMT+1 mawalb I believe that Monkey and friends are an outstanding contribution to the BBC’s coverage of Beijing - great work JH and DA. This household loves both the animation and the music. Hopefully before too long we will be treated to a Gorillaz feature film? Monkey is clear and shining example of Jamie’s stunning creative talents. Worth every penny. Thu 14 Aug 2008 14:31:02 GMT+1 ggolden Who ever thought that this animation sequence was a good idea? How does this show the prestige and glory of the Olympics? This just looks like a childs TV programme which does not appeal to myself, family or friends. Would have been a much better opening sequence if it had shown clips of some of the truly great Olympic hero’s – Steve Redgrave, 5 time gold medallist for starters! At lease that shows a preview of what we all hope for Team GB to achieve from the Olympics this year. Thu 14 Aug 2008 13:16:52 GMT+1 amphibiousgorin Superb! Excellent piece, refreshing and totally relevant!Such a pleasant change to some of the BBC "filler". ( I travel a lot overseas and the repetitive "thump thump" of the BBC World theme tune and graphics drive me crazy and detract from the programming they separate - especially in countries like Japan where the Beeb can raise with insufficient ad revenue to replace the filler.... ) Thu 14 Aug 2008 04:23:53 GMT+1 Aquarius62 I had posted a comment on POV asking if the animation referred to the Monkey series of years ago and whether the animators were the same as for Gorrilaz. All along the info. was here!!I love the animation and the music and had only seen bits at a time. I have now seen the whole thing above and think it is great.I remember the series and this animation captures it very well. I am surprised the Chinese did not make more of martial arts in their opening ceremony. I loved most of it but got bored with the Earth/one love bit. A massive martial arts display like the drums and Confuscious bit would have been fantastic.More Monkey please. Wed 13 Aug 2008 19:51:16 GMT+1 71 Blade Just read my comment again, should have written London 2012. It must be because I'm just so excited about the Olympics I want the games to come to the UK now. Wed 13 Aug 2008 10:40:12 GMT+1 71 Blade Excellent! Love the Chinese style animation e.g. the overlapping 2D waves to create a 3D effect. I like it when title sequences really capture the mood and culture of the venue and this one does. It's modern and funky yet not bland and globalised. I think it will really grab children's attention too which will build up momentum for London 2008. Nice one. Wed 13 Aug 2008 10:35:43 GMT+1 Fleurg I love the music and keep singing along to it all day. When I hear it in the future it will bring memories of the games, the summer and everything surrounding the two. Wed 13 Aug 2008 09:47:56 GMT+1 jdm2104 Great animation, well done.... Tue 12 Aug 2008 23:27:09 GMT+1 jezmonkeyman I have been a fan of Monkey Pigsy etc for years watching it way back in the 80s and find that the animation does not really stick to the Japanese tv programme or the original chinese story...but then who watching the BBC coverage really knows the story and where it comes from? Tue 12 Aug 2008 20:30:01 GMT+1 hahawhat i love it!!!! i grew up with the story and has always been a big fan. but this takes it to another new level. the graphics and the music are amazing!!! i wanna see more! Tue 12 Aug 2008 17:45:41 GMT+1 carl201167 Fabulous. All credit to the beeb for having the gumption to commision something so imaginative. Could you ever see ITV doing this?? Tue 12 Aug 2008 13:10:30 GMT+1 Su_H_J Isn't it inevitable that not everyone will like it? Whatever the BBC had done someone would be unhappy.I enjoyed it, my friend didn't. It's called an opinion. Some people are far too distressed by a simple thing Mon 11 Aug 2008 14:26:58 GMT+1 EdinburghEm Just plain irritating and way too long. Mon 11 Aug 2008 11:22:11 GMT+1 qiancanghai It's exciting to see you use Chinese fiction chacters to make up this vedio.However, I am afraid that not everyone will enjoy the music especially the song in Chinese, as me. Mon 11 Aug 2008 09:37:30 GMT+1 cls2006 i think the monkey is great, the animation and music is soo good, damon albarn and jamie hewlett are so talented , nice 1 bbc 4 having the monkey as ur olympic mascot x Sun 10 Aug 2008 23:48:11 GMT+1 nogg_bad_the_nogg entertaining,uplifting,with wide ranging appeal (my three year old loves it) i'm 45 years old, remember monkey as half an hour of sheer escapism. i hope Jamie Hewlett and D.A. can be involved with 2012 opening ceremony we need all the creative influence as possible to beat Beijing. thank you B.B.C it's what I pay a licence for. Sun 10 Aug 2008 21:14:30 GMT+1 Ms__Chief Col_muso, I'm all for promoting different non-Western forms of music and I agree that Nessun Dorma was great, but the bit that spoils everything, which I really detest, is when it turns into a pub fruit-machine. It's unfortunate that this is the part which is played all the time when showing Olympic footage as I think the rest of it isn't too bad.I think it's supposed to represent the era where we got introduced to Monkey here in Britain. It's trying too hard to bastardise Chinese music to make it cool, but it just doesn't work for me. They could have done a much better job of showcasing Chinese music.There's nothing Chinese about the sound of the fruit machines and the result is like a cat on heat screeching all the way through what would otherwise be a decent track. Sun 10 Aug 2008 17:24:11 GMT+1 RingOnWood I think the license payers will be disgusted when they find out how much money was spent on this two minute sequence. The soundtrack alone involved 45 people. £100.000 is alot of money. Sun 10 Aug 2008 16:12:32 GMT+1 Col_muso Sorry, Ms_Chief, I totally disagree. It is so rare to hear any examples of music these days that are not based on a Western (and sadly, that usually means American) dynamic. In the same way that the music chosen for the World Cup a while back (Nessun Dorma) popularised opera, I hope that in its small way this music will open our closed ears to the beauty of Chinese music, or at least music based on a Chinese aesthetic.What is it, by the way, and is it available commercially?The animation is outstanding. Love it. Sun 10 Aug 2008 06:31:01 GMT+1 Ms__Chief The music is annoying. REALLY annoying, especially as the clip is played too often. I have to turn the channel every time it comes on.In terms of the characters, they were just ripped-off, cartoonised versions from the TV series Monkey, which was a Japanese interpretation of Journey to the West. This is just lazy and obviously shows little appreciation of the classic from any other viewpoint. Sat 09 Aug 2008 23:57:45 GMT+1 jamesxnova Sun Wukong portrayer Liu Xiao Ling Tong expressed his concern over recent Sun Wukong portrayals. He said while he was happy to see that "Journey to the West", as well as other Chinese classical novels, received such attention from foreign directors, he emphasized "...such adaptation has to be based on adequate knowledge of Chinese culture." and "Monkey King is not King Kong." Sat 09 Aug 2008 20:14:18 GMT+1 jamesxnova The 1986 Chinese live action " Journey to the West " TV series (produced by CCTV and rebroadcast in the U.S. on public television in the early 1990's) is still being praised as the best and the most authentic interpretation of the original novel. It starred the noted actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong in the role of Sun Wukong. Additional chapters of the series were completed in the 1990's and aired in China in 2000. The series is availalbe on VHS through Chinese distributors. Sat 09 Aug 2008 20:12:54 GMT+1 concorde4ever How can you not like monkey ? i was captivated by it the first time i saw it.The video and music compliment each other well i thought. Sat 09 Aug 2008 19:35:26 GMT+1 CraigavonAtheist this piece is fabulous! Monkey needs his own series!i was a fan of the 1968 Monkey series but this animation brings it smack bang up to date!Long Live King Monkey!!"Ah Tripitaka! not the sutra!" "Ahtatatatatatatatatatatata! Sat 09 Aug 2008 17:41:16 GMT+1 HazelOsborne The monkey video is brilliant. Please show more of it on televison. It is so clever, because it appeals at all levels to different audiences, kids or adults, who may not speak Mandarin. I see it's useful in bits as fillers or background sound during BBC coverage of the Olympics. As I said, please show it more often. Sat 09 Aug 2008 16:10:05 GMT+1 ukexpat It's a stupid idea but if the desktop version is the only way I can get some BBC Olympics coverage in the US, I'll take it! Sat 09 Aug 2008 15:38:47 GMT+1 creativesurder The monkey's rod is magical. As a British born Chinese person, I loved the animation. It's very cool and the traditional Chinese music with the funky beats is great!Sure, we could of had pictures of our team etc... but you know what, we got the 2012 to do that. I loved the ideas of the gymnastics in the video. Classic! Sat 09 Aug 2008 15:18:52 GMT+1 altaina Just watched this. I found it irritating. Can anyone hum the theme tune? I feel no empathy trowards the characters, only hatred? Jar Jar Binks anyone? This is what happens when you give a celebrity lots of money to create an opening or theme for a product. Didn't Blur also use one of their songs for the FIFA Soccer video game franchise a few years back? I prefered the Athens and Barcalona openings. Sat 09 Aug 2008 14:35:00 GMT+1 peegeeweegee I think this animatoin is absolutely dreadful,testeless, tacky, insulting and cliched Sat 09 Aug 2008 11:43:38 GMT+1 marjohnshow this has grown on my despite the monkey looking like Robbie Williams. It shows quite a few sports; javelin, pole vault, hurdles, diving - you just have to look carefully. Wish I knew more about the real story to pick up further references and that the real Chinese olympic torch was not so different from the animation. Still they could not have known about this. I love the music and the feel it has of China. I love the cheeky character of Monkey. A really innovative move by the Beeb! Sat 09 Aug 2008 08:54:11 GMT+1 sandra8569 We thought Monkey was great, we loved the singing "very Chinese". My young daughter thought the monkey and friends were based on three elements and the flame at the end was the fourth. I thought that was very inventive of her! Fri 08 Aug 2008 19:28:13 GMT+1 jrtanker I think that if my wife or myself , hear this jingle many more times , We shall miss the Olympic coverage completely . Why ? . Beacause I shall have destroyed the television !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Also while I'm here , why does Hazel Irvine have to be on everything to do with sport . Please give us a break from this most irritating of presenters ! . Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fri 08 Aug 2008 18:18:23 GMT+1 macfly74 The "monkey" trbute is great for the over 30's but is a little scary for the younger viewers. Our 5 year old doesn't like him! Fri 08 Aug 2008 15:03:56 GMT+1 canon yau As a 25 year old BBC (British Born Chinese), who has not seen the monkey show everyone reminisces about, I enjoyed the video and recognised the references to the monkey king and to the olympics immediately. I'm a big fan of Damon Albarn, loved the music/ animation, and applaud the BBC for commissioning it.To please those who want it to be cuter, more British and have a clearer message, perhaps the next video should star paddington bear and the cast of the wombles running around a 400m track in union jack shorts. Thu 07 Aug 2008 22:26:22 GMT+1 kentishkopite1 The animation is good, but the characters are slightly scary-looking! Thu 07 Aug 2008 13:52:48 GMT+1 teresaspost Took me back to the 70's/80's watching this - thought I was imagining things and it couldn't possibly be a cartoon version of the wonderfully cheesy Monkey - but and low and behold it is.... BBC should show a rerun of classics like that and such things as Kung Fu and other programmes from that era.Video is very nice though... bright, colourful and very pretty. Thu 07 Aug 2008 12:34:43 GMT+1 mouthshut great stuff, this clip is really entertaining and amusing! i suggest add some more sport elements into the video, such as animation of fencing and wrestling will make this video perfect. Thu 07 Aug 2008 11:19:29 GMT+1 GREATMIGHTYSMEW If this does not lead to an animated remake of the sixties series then there is no justice in this world!A quick trawl through the other comments left me aghast this is absolutely stunning! As someone who does not enjoy sports particularly I found the advert really captured my attention and made me enthusiastic about the games (especially if we get to see more monkey!)The style of animation is perfectly suited to the olympic's eastern setting and the characters display an immense amount of emotion and intensity in their design - which is no mean feat given the relatively short length of the film. Thu 07 Aug 2008 10:33:08 GMT+1 Ranbir I want to download the mp3 of the song!! Wed 06 Aug 2008 14:41:08 GMT+1 And God said"Let there be light,and there was Eric" The BBC has really lost the plot.We are about to send a team to the Olympics , so the Beeb celebrates this by running an advert that has nothing to do with our team or medal hopes , just some silly animation put together by some over paid student who will probably argue it is a cultural thing and we poor plebs don't understand it.If the Beeb wanted to put something cultural about China on , why not have an animation showing troops murdering Tibets men,women and children on it.PATHETIC BBC ,SHAME ON YOU. Wed 06 Aug 2008 11:35:08 GMT+1 eirczhao Jesus! What are you doing? Are you really the BBC staff? the Chinese original image of the monkey is Sunwukong, and it is quite lovely. But what about yours? You are defaming the Chinese image. You are supposed to apologize to Chinese people. Wed 06 Aug 2008 08:01:30 GMT+1 Cheesymunky Also might i add, have you even seen any of the gorilaz music videos or any of there live gigs?You will see there the style of animation they use and this is true to there style. Wed 06 Aug 2008 00:15:39 GMT+1 Cheesymunky Quote:"a creature representing the most obvious, embarassing and dreadful of stereotypes - monkey as 'small-build asian' with devil-like eyes, spiked hair, pointed teeth and ears - aggressive expression even.."So with that you are saying that indeed that is the stereotype for all asians. You are reading way too far into this.Some people just love to moan at something just for the sake of it. Get a grip and something more interesting to do rather than finding impossible critism. Wed 06 Aug 2008 00:12:55 GMT+1 marthas phonebox Wouldnt the BBC Theme tune from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics have done another turn?I dont know what it was called but I can still remember how it went and I think it was a hit at the time.Calling Brian Matthew with Sounds of the 60s ...Ooops ... I just realised I used the word "Olympics" without permission or paying a license fee! "My name weel be first on ze leest". Tue 05 Aug 2008 19:17:30 GMT+1 Kriss60 I have not seen anything more annoying for a long time, in fact I tend to mute the sound each time it comes on. Tue 05 Aug 2008 18:37:20 GMT+1 kyza2008 As per usual the blog writing masses on the BBC don't dissappoint with their ignorance and bigotry over someone elses culture, and their unwillingness to be challenged by somerthing a little bit different.I've been fortunate enough to see the opera, and am a huge fan of the original tales of Monkey, so big up the BBC and everyone concerned for taking a risk with this, and injecting some actual fun into proceedings as well. Tue 05 Aug 2008 11:32:34 GMT+1 Nomadic Terrier I just don't get it. With all the passion, issues and emotion involved in sport, and with the Olympics being the pinnacle of sport what is this?A post modern rehash of an ancient tale fused with characters from a cult martial arts programme, it's a joke!Albarn should stick to music and the BBC to covering sport as it should be done. Tue 05 Aug 2008 00:45:38 GMT+1 scudattack this reminds me of monkey magic is that were you got the idea from i am very much looking foward to the olympics i hope it will go smoothly for all the athletes and will be a shining example of china Mon 04 Aug 2008 21:41:34 GMT+1 SmalleyD Can't say I like the animation. It's too long, the colours are dreary and it bears next to no relevance for the majority of the sports competitions that make up the event - there's so much more to the Olympics than just athletics.But worst of all, the three main characters are all male - what kind of message is that? Mon 04 Aug 2008 09:22:31 GMT+1