Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 01 Mar 2015 03:58:13 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at evelyncalzadot Dear Bruce and all the team,My inglish is very bad, I`m from Dominican Republic and I just want to tell you, you are the best in the TV. I think you`re a good persom, I hope know you one day... thanks for help that people and me too Tue 10 Mar 2009 09:24:16 GMT+1 Amazonteam Message from the Amazon team:Thank you very much for your interest in the Amazon and the many issues which arose as a result of the programme. To find out more about the Amazon and some of the many organisations which are active in the Amazon, visit this page: youThe Amazon team Mon 03 Nov 2008 14:00:59 GMT+1 Fernrig I was facinated by your Amazon series. I was a UNAIS agricultural volunteer from 1966-68 based in Belem working for the NGO Catholic Relief Services. It was a long time ago but I visited many of the places you mention and a lot more. At that time the population of Brasil was 90 million. It has doubled since then. The Amazon forest was much more intact. Mauaus had just become a tax free zone and was beginning to be opened up. The trans Amazonica highway did not exist. The road from Belem to Brasilia was mostly a dirt track. I flew into Maraba and Altamira.I was impressed by the need to do somethinmg for the Kayapo people. What are you suggesting other than the usual routes of donations, fairtrade, letters to embassy etc??I would love to meet Bruce and discuss at first hand many of the issues and the rest that were not raised on the programmes. Any chance of you coming to Bristol? Its also good to see Brasilians living in this country writing in to the blogg. Sun 26 Oct 2008 15:48:32 GMT+1 SANDRO_FONTES hello Bruce, i m Braziliam and i live in oxford-uk, im so proud of you... you have no idea how much, see everythink from England make me very special, obrigado por tudo e pela forma como voce tratou o meu povo e mostrou a realidade do meu pais, ver essa reportagem como foi feita me fez torna se seu fan, e de pessoas como voce que esse mundo precissa, so de lhe enviar estar mensagem estou muito emocionado e ao mesmo tempo muito feliz de saber que ainda existem pessoas como voce, lhe desejo toda felicidade do mundo do fundo do meu coracao, obrigado abracos. sandro fontes ( THE BEST DOCUMENTARY FROM BRASIL, MY COUNTRY. THANK'S BRUCE YOU ARE SPECIAL) Thu 23 Oct 2008 07:31:46 GMT+1 Cunhantan My father spent his lifetime studying the Kaiapos. He lived by and amongst them, he learned their language. He had great admiration for their bravery, self sufficience and way of living. The programme gave me a unique opportunity to share what I learned from my father with my daughters here in the UK. It was a well researched and revealing programme - thank you BBC and the team for such an excellent project.As for the future of the Amazon and its people, I am not sure if and how we can help. Greed, ignorance and lack of awareness may very well win the day. All we can do is to continue raising awareness and help Brazil to improve social structure, education and opportunity for its people. By the way, what is Bruce's new Kaiapo name ? Not worth revealing ? Tue 21 Oct 2008 18:51:58 GMT+1 Tamsinish Surely most of us have been aware for sometime about the deforestation of the Amazon, but your programme has really brought it home to me, anyway, that WE need to do something about this... Your recent blog suggested we 'vote with our wallets' I'm very happy to do this - but what do you mean? buy Fairtrade? give up meat? what? Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20:53 GMT+1