Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 12 Jul 2014 07:02:00 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at ButterflyEdge @#5Where did you get these figures, if you don't mind me asking?Because as far as I'm aware, there was a week or two when sales of the PS3 were stronger than the 360, but nothing more than that, i'm fairly certain that's not the case in terms of overall sales. Mon 05 Jan 2009 14:16:36 GMT+1 The Realist Hi Rory, I am suprised you haven't retracted article's referring to Sony's apparent poor sales of PS3.In 2008 PS3 majorly outsold the Xbox 360 virtually all over the world but still everyone says PS3 is performing to poorest out of the 3 console's. I would have expected the BBC to have published an article saying how wrong it was the whole year! And that despite being the most expensive of the 3 console's it is in fact on course to beat the PS2 for like-the-like sales in the same starting period.So hoiw can PS2 be this mega success with 142 million console's sold and PS3 and Wii are the only ones to beat it in the forst 2 years of release... but the 360 and Wii are selling well and PS3 is struggling?Sorry, but I don't know anyone with a 350 or Wii... but I know a few with PS3 as a blu-ray player or games console. Perhaps people need some truth on this matter, I would expect the BBC to do that in very early 2009 before bad reporting distorts a commerical industry. Fri 02 Jan 2009 17:48:58 GMT+1 erostratus During 2008, there was a lot of good software released for the Mac. With Apple's marketshare steadily increasing and the iPhone released, it seems like there are many new developers on the platform. There's a good compilation of some of the best freeware and shareware from this year at Mac Guru Lounge. Fri 26 Dec 2008 01:32:24 GMT+1 martineyles Liked your summary. Merry Christmas to you Rory! and to your colleagues also! Thu 25 Dec 2008 22:06:59 GMT+1 Jon-Freeman Looking forward,I'm not sure about the price of tech next year. Is the pound vs the dollar going to have much effect?I hope AMD are OK. everything except my laptop I bought since the K6 has been AMD. I hope NVidia are OK too. Their (proprietary) graphics driver just seems to work for me on Linux. I've not had the same joy (at least for 3d acceleration) with others.I think tech wise next year for me, it won't (and never is) be a year for the latest and greatest new things but I'd like to think I'll get round to putting my Penguin (Foxboard LX832 - 66x72mm board which runs Linux fitted in a case shaped like a penguin) to better use. Currently he just takes a request from the tv server to be woken up in time for the next recording (I don't want the PC server running all day long) and obliges but I have some X10 home automation plans for him one day. I'd written most of the X10 I need in Java but need to move to something else for the Penguin.Maybe I do more with the solar panel and controller that does (switches it on /off at times of day and with certain light levels) the pond pump, get outside talking to a PC inside, try to get the garden watering (solar powers a marine fresh water pump and uses water from a series of butts) to use some sensor measuring rainfall (I'd need to research it) and act on that.I'm not short of ideas for hair brained schemes that use some tech! But most likely come 2010 I'll jut find my self wondering why so much of my computer time was spent just chatting away on PCs and why I got round to nothing else.Any, happy Chrstmas, etc. to all. Wed 24 Dec 2008 15:27:52 GMT+1 Stuart Reid It was also the year in which the price of technology became increasingly affordable, with average costs of powerful PCs and Hardware dropping across the board - but to be fair, it does that every year. We also saw the Wii cement it's now almost unassailable lead over it's rivals Xbox 360 and PS3 - even though it's often dismissed as a casual system, with casual games, and with a nintendo-dominated software chart.But there were also bad points to this supposedly recession-proof industry. Job losses at many major games studios, some going to the ground entirely. But then, gaming is now on par with the movie industry in many areas, which millions ploughed in to develop top games and top titles making record-breaking profits such as Grand Theft Auto.2009? It seems game studios are going for quality over quantity.And in the Mobile Phone market we saw a new OS - Android - and I guess we'll be hearing a lot more about that in the future, too, competing with Symbian (now in some kind of open-source offering) and Windows Mobile (which will have a facelift, and be much more touch-screen friendly).As for the big companies, expect more mergers and takeovers, but again - this happens every year. Will AMD survive against INTEL? Will Nvidia bounce back against ATI (another AMD brand)? Will Yahoo go? The best thing about Technology is no-one knows what is really around the corner. The most interesting technology is far-off, but existing but expensive technologies should drop in price, so more Oled, cheaper eBook Readers, cheaper SSD Disks, and the rest.I'm looking forward to it! Wed 24 Dec 2008 13:31:51 GMT+1