Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 01 Aug 2015 14:51:08 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at urban spirit Cheers for this great blog on getting noticed, if you could all have a listen to our band it would be appreciated Mon 28 May 2012 07:30:21 GMT+1 Scorpiane Was gonna write a comment but seems like everyone else just pluggin themselves so might as well jump on the 'Band' wagon ;)......ATTENTION!!!!!!! 'O'BESE' SCORPIANE'S new YOU Tube upload.... having fun recording her new Hip Hop track O'BESE....."This bass is not phatt it's O'BESE"... alongside the' looking cool dude' rapper Rodwreck Uk's answer to Busta and Mr 'crazy man' himself Joe-Joe.YOUR GONNA LUV IT Mon 07 May 2012 21:39:30 GMT+1 ElephantMusic Mon 30 Apr 2012 10:26:02 GMT+1 stevespunds I'm a fan of mighty boosh, snuff box, dr who spaced, motd, and the radio programs of HHG, and annie mac. any outlet is appreciated, considering the quality already evident on the network. Thanks for helping struggling Sat 28 Apr 2012 20:44:03 GMT+1 TheFrescaders We have just uploaded 3 songs to BBC Introducing and are hoping for them to be listened to as soon as! We are an alternative 4 piece rock band called 'The Frescaders' and are influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines.After reading the above comments, I agree that it is extremely important to have subscribers and fans. Please give us a listen. This is our EP and Facebook fan page. Tue 24 Apr 2012 14:01:58 GMT+1 Charlie Cooper We have found this site to be invaluable and full of fantastic advice and information.We are a 3 piece alternative band - our latest demo is here - See You Around Johnny. Tue 17 Apr 2012 17:42:55 GMT+1 Gloriamusique I enjoyed watching the videos thanks, BBC Mon 09 Apr 2012 14:35:30 GMT+1 Gloriamusique Hiyaa everyone lovely reading your comments,My name is Gloriamusique and I am a swedish born singer and songwriter from London.[Personal details removed by Moderator] Mon 09 Apr 2012 14:34:34 GMT+1 Chameleon Hi Our band Chameleon, check out the website to hear our latest songs Tue 27 Mar 2012 20:58:09 GMT+1 Damage Limitation of the New Dinosaurs are so far underground they are standing on magma on the link to hear the latest set .... if you can be bothered Tue 20 Mar 2012 18:52:02 GMT+1 The Mono Polys This post has been Removed Sun 18 Mar 2012 19:31:32 GMT+1 BB BlackDog This post has been Removed Thu 15 Mar 2012 11:39:40 GMT+1 ElephantMusic sounds that jesus christ our lord and saviour would aprove of Sun 11 Mar 2012 13:10:38 GMT+1 Rashid Ali hi guys my name is Rashd Ali.please check out my music! Wed 07 Mar 2012 17:03:23 GMT+1 Stephen Peters I have finally come to realise that if you're an instrumentalist and compose/produce purely instrumentals like myself, it would seem you don't stand a chance of getting aired anywhere. I've written some rubbish in the past but because music is like a language all of its own, ones vocabulary grows with experience. Now I'm writing instrumentals which are much more sophisticated, yet because I have no lyricist or lead singer, my music will remain tucked away in a corner somewhere.Some guy I've never heard of in one of these help videos, said that it doesn't matter how many followers and subscribers you have on Facebook or My Space etc. Well of course it does. It matters because people appreciate what you're trying to do and give you encouragement to continue striving to be as good as you can be. If it wasn't for my subscribers on YouTube for instance, I would never have dreamed of releasing an album - let alone 4, and I consider myself lucky as a guitarist and composer of guitar instrumentals, to have a vast number of subscribers on YT and FB. If someone says it doesn't matter, they have an obvious disregard for their fans, without whom, they would be nothing.Here's a top tip... If you don't have a YouTube account, get one. If you write original songs as I do, start off by covering someone else's songs. These days YT doesn't frown as much as they used to about infringements like this. Once you're getting hits on covers, slip in some of your own work. I started off with the Titanic Theme on guitar, which has had almost half a million hits. Now I have over 50 originals mixed in the bunch and getting good reviews. Yes it's a catch 22 situation, people won't buy your music if they can listen to if for free but it's giving you a name for yourself.Advice (hope it's good)...upload excerpts of your original work on YT with links to the MP3 hosting sites. My personal favourites are Vibenation and Bandcamp for hosting your work. Yes I have submitted albums to iTunes via Reverbnation, but that costs money up front and if you're a "bedroom producer" it will be a while before you recoup that.So to cap this off, if you think you're big enough that followers and subscribers don't matter, how the hell did you get where you are, because you don't deserve it. If you're pretty much still under the radar like me, fans, friends and subscribers really do matter... and should always matter no matter how big 'you think' you are. Sat 25 Feb 2012 10:33:08 GMT+1 BigB check out my music on Soundcloud at or Facebook (BigB) Sat 28 Jan 2012 18:15:13 GMT+1 Charlotte Vale am also taking part in a group/band we call ourselves 'the avenue' all of our songs are originally written. Thu 26 Jan 2012 18:07:15 GMT+1 Charlotte Vale what if you're not a band your a solo singer? Thu 26 Jan 2012 18:01:33 GMT+1 The McQues link to one of our live tracks on soundcloud. which is very catchy, very easy to listen to and lively. (listen through good headphones or speakers). and LIKE us on facebook and follow us on twitter @TheMcQues_ Wed 25 Jan 2012 18:06:03 GMT+1 Ross Hitchin This post has been Removed Mon 16 Jan 2012 17:02:41 GMT+1 pitbulljones Sun 08 Jan 2012 12:30:53 GMT+1 David Best Check out my space davidbestband Sun 18 Dec 2011 12:34:27 GMT+1 PKCilia Hello everyone, I' an electro / house producer, and im finding it hard to get noticed. I'm not sure of how else to promote myself other than the internet. But i want to get a loyal fan base and then start sending tracks out if that makes sense. Check out my soundcloud and let me know what you think.,PK Cilia Mon 12 Dec 2011 20:42:17 GMT+1 hyperc im hoping to achieve my goals! Mon 10 Oct 2011 23:03:23 GMT+1 Keith Fellows I understand and appreciate that you have a high input of songs to listen to here but was wondering how long is the longest time u have to wait.....have been loading stuff these past 10 mths and have had no notifications that any have been listened to..... just wondering if there's a cliche in the system. Sun 09 Oct 2011 14:40:47 GMT+1 doc breaknik my leg hurts Wed 31 Aug 2011 05:26:15 GMT+1 Pforte I have been writing songs for several years but I've never done anything with them. I found the videos very informative but there is little to help someone who just wants to write - not sing/play/perform. I have never felt that my ability to play and sing the songs is good enough to send demo's - or been sure of where to send them. Publishers are busy people receiving several songs each day and will form an opinion withing the first few seconds. How ever much you impress upon them that it's the song you are selling, not the singer/ production - or lack of, they do not have time. I would like to be able to fit the song to the voice but the voices are out of my reach !If anyone has any ideas or advice it would be welcome and appreciated. Wed 20 Jul 2011 15:01:36 GMT+1 thelastfakers on this subject, we (my band) have launched a facebook campaign to get the BBC to use one of our songs as the theme tune to their olympics coverage, we have a few famous musicians already backing it, hopefully someone from the bbc will get on board and we can make this happen.!/pages/Get-the-BBC-to-use-this-song-for-the-2012-olympics-coverage/104566389638574 Mon 11 Jul 2011 22:58:40 GMT+1 Screaming Martini Hi everyone, the only feedback we can give is that its we wish we received more feedback. Whilst its a great buz receiving an email saying your track has been listened to someone who works at the BBC. It would be great to receive a few words explaining why they may not choose to play your song...yet. Rather than having to assume it simply wasn't good enough. We'd love someone to have a listen to any of our tracks. Like with many unsigned bands it was recorded on a very tight budget but we've had so much great feedback from everyone else where. check out or and let us know what you think - thanks so much Fri 08 Jul 2011 10:48:50 GMT+1 HPane This post has been Removed Mon 06 Jun 2011 15:26:20 GMT+1 Iridescencemusic Oh the other thing I did want to say is I think unsigned artists need to very wary of the sites in the bbc's links section. It is noticeable how many of these are popping up and are asking for money for entry etc. I don't doubt that some of these are legitimate. However, it is easy to take advantage of people who are trying to make a living out of something that is notoriously difficult. I just hope the BBC can vouch for all of these sites and if not perhaps they need to put up a warning statement. Wed 11 May 2011 13:04:49 GMT+1 Iridescencemusic It is good to see the BBC trying to support unsigned musicians. I have just completed a dissertation about the Arts Councils of Wales and England and their lack of support of popular music (includes rock, hip hop, etc) and concluded the government needs to provide support particularly to more innovative and creative artists which the record companies are unable to support mainly because of risk and the hits they've taken by downloading. The record companies can no longer financially provide for these sort of artists and consequently good intelligent contemporary music rarely makes it onto the airwaves. The BBC needs to concentrate more on supporting this sort of music. I do have lots of evidence that backs up these statements. Perhaps I am incorrect but there seems to be alot of support for this sort of indie punk movement music which I don't understand at all - very middle of the road and was often done better in the past. We need more creatives on the radio waves and the tv stations - we want more Bjorks, PJ Harveys, Jeff Buckleys etc. BBC4 has shown some excellent documentarys over the years but what is needed now is some live showcases of unsigned artists on TV. Wed 11 May 2011 13:00:10 GMT+1 RanvirBassi BBC Introducing.. simply thanks.Alot of this is stating the simple though not completely obvious. I'm certainly a half zombie, half the time, so helped me alot. I first came across this, about 6 months ago. And can really say it helped me progress. The biggest revelation for me was about release dates. Simple though powerful. Replacing drips and drabs with wam bam thankyou mam.If I am the plug [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]then you (BBC Introducing) are the socket. Thankyou again,Ranvir Bassi Tue 23 Nov 2010 21:28:21 GMT+1 Richard BBC @MARSHALL Sorry you feel that way, but this site isn't trying to be a social network site; far from it. Perhaps you could suggest some other sites where musicians can find good advice?Good luck with your music.Richard (BBC) Mon 22 Nov 2010 10:32:09 GMT+1 MARSHALL I came to check out the BBC's new innovative site for new musicians and sadly I'm more than a little disappointed....if you really want to help new musicians then look at the competition and see how well they all do it and do it better!the BBC has been long admired for innovation and caring about the people it serves but this site is less than useless!for the rest of the people on here don't ever think that these social media network sites help you....they don't!unless you have already sorted your self out as a musician and yes its a catch 22 scenario or egg and chicken.being a musician can be a truly great and rewarding experience but mostly its not it takes hard work and money....talent does not enter into it!does this help me i hear you all say........well you can join me at one of my own sites. amigo's Tue 05 Oct 2010 18:17:29 GMT+1 martinholland hey im a singer/songwriter,and i know i could make it the music industry just need an oppurtunity to sing my music and the music of coldplay with a band...........can any1 help me go forward Sat 07 Aug 2010 08:45:33 GMT+1 martinholland This post has been Removed Sat 07 Aug 2010 08:39:24 GMT+1 Donny Utton look on my website see what you think Fri 09 Jul 2010 08:43:10 GMT+1 William Houston Houston Productions Music will make history like it was 1999 Fri 07 May 2010 14:48:24 GMT+1 ianedwardsdotnet not sure if I'm allowed to do this or not - but I am an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to make a name for myself in the industry, please feel free to take a listen to my tunes :-) Thu 22 Apr 2010 19:31:27 GMT+1 LewisRosa Well, I didn't get through, but well done to those that did. Thu 08 Oct 2009 08:59:03 GMT+1 BBC_intro_rich @ LewisRosa - it sounds like a great opportunity, for sure. There's no reason not to go for it, but always read the terms and conditions first before sending your music anywhere. You don't want your tune to be used in a way you weren't expecting or don't like. You make a good point about whether supporting an artist like VV Brown would be beneficial if she doesn't suit your style. All exposure is great, but if you play, say, death metal and she's an electro pop act, it might get a bit awkward on tour. At the end of the day, it's entirely your call. I suppose the judges might be looking to find an act who does suit VV, but (you could check this with them, maybe?).Richard (BBC Introducing) Wed 16 Sep 2009 09:19:42 GMT+1 LewisRosa There's an unsigned band competition in the Metro right now, it seems like a good idea to me but I'm not too sure. You get to support VV Brown on tour (who's good but not really my band's style) and record a track with Island Records, which all sounds great. I guess it's all exposure at the end of the day, but are there any points to bear in mind if you're entering something like this? Where you have to send them a song and stuff? I'd guess there's nothing to lose. Am I right? Thu 10 Sep 2009 15:56:14 GMT+1