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Scrum V's rugby jokes page

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posted Aug 9, 2007

The US Eagles have a new web-site.
Its called the trophy cabinet.

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posted Aug 11, 2007

Ex England rugby player Brian Moore decided to take part in a charity walk along Offas Dyke starting near the old Severn Bridge near Chepstow. Brian set off on the walk heading north but almost immediately started limping to his right side. Now ,being a gritty sort of chap he kept going but the discomfort got worse and worse with every step.He was forced to visit the medical tent and was seen by an old Welsh doctor. Brian told the doctor about the problem and the old man gave Brian a thorough examination . At the end of this, uncharacteristically Brian asked " Come on doc, what the hell's wrong . I was alright before I started." The wily old Welshman replied- " 'Lead' is the answer. LEAD. You need at least the same amount of lead as your bodyweight , perhaps a little more and then carry that on your left shoulder.That , I am sure , will sort out your problem ." Brian snorted out a reply " 'LEAD !!! LEAD !!! You must be mad ! How will that work ! " He replied with contempt. The wise old doctor with a twinkle in his eye responded swiftly. " Its the only way I can see that you can fix a very unnatural bias towards England."

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comment by Gareth (U3143669)

posted Aug 31, 2007

I've got a rugby joke for you, the English defence of the World Cup!
-god I hope that's not too premature!!

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posted Sep 11, 2007

A rural welsh farmer was anxious to warn the youth he found drinking from the pond where his sheep and cattle did likewise (amongst other things?!) and began shouting in is naitive tongue to stop it.

The youth turned round and remarked "Apologies dear boy, I do not speak Welsh, I am here from Surrey on a camping holiday"

to which the farmer responded "Im sorry, I was saying to use two hands - you'll get more in".

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comment by fitzmo (U10035437)

posted Oct 16, 2007

I suggest, that if you do not want to watch England successfully defend the World Cup on Saturday - watch "Free Willy" - it's the last time whales got out of a pool !!

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posted Nov 13, 2007

Boy says to social worker ' I don't want to live wit my parents anymore, they beat me.'
'who do you want to live with then?'
'the welsh rugby team they don't beat anyone.'

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posted Dec 21, 2007

A Welsh rugby legend is living in his house with his three childre.
One of the childre ask "Daddy, why is my name Try?"
"Because when you were born I scored a Try!"
The second child said "Daddy, why is my name Tackle?"
The Legend replied "because when you were born I made a great tackle!"
The third child came along, "Daddy?"
"Yes Punching-Referee?"

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posted Jan 8, 2008

an english rugby legend ops! sorry ill start that again.

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posted Feb 3, 2008

I had a division 5 game lastnite, i walked in to the changing rooms and there was a big lump of plastercine on the floor

I didnt know what to make of it

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posted Feb 7, 2008

Standing at the Pearly Gates, 3 great fly halves stood in front of God, who, sat in his throne would decide whether they were worthy of entry to heaven or not.
"Rugby is my favourite sport," he said, a slight hint of Morgannwg in his accent " I believe that the game should be played with Integrity and Sportsmanship, tell me your beliefs and we will see whether you may enter!"
Johnny Wilkinson, ever the eager beaver steps and, with a lovely smile on his face declares "I believe that the game should be played with a good Work Ethic and Professionalism in every aspect." God sniggers but sees that the boy means well, the gate opens and he says "go on then bach, in you go!" God turns to his next subject, Thomas Castangiede, who having ignored the goings on gets caught with his hand on an angels arse! "Hmm," grumbles God, "Well Thomas, what do you have to say for yourself." To this the now red faced Frenchman replies " I believe that the game should be played with passion and flair," God grunts, the gates swing open and Thomas skips through followed by a shout of "Keep your hands off my girls!"
The last in line for judgement is Barry John, having asked for an autograph for his kid God asks for Barry's beliefs and in a collected measured tone and looking the Arglwydd straight in the eye he says "Well i dont mean to be rude, but i believe that you are sitting in my seat!"

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posted Mar 6, 2008

The Australian rugby coach discovers a white substance and calls practice of immediatly.2 hours later he finds out that the white substance was the try line.He called practice back on knowing that the team would never see the white substance again

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posted Jan 10, 2009

An updated 'oldie'.
Wales v England at Cardiff,a small group of Wales supporters,unable to get tickets,are outside the stadium shouting up at the England supporters for updates on the state of play.There is a massive roar from the sellout crowd,the Welsh supporters outside shout up,"Whats happening,whats happening?".The English shout back,"All the welsh team have been carried off injured,the only man they have left on the field is Shane Williams".Ten minutes pass,then there is another massive roar from the crowd,the Welsh boys shout up"Whats happening?,Shane scored has he?" biggrin

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posted Feb 14, 2009

Englands ability to be a disciplined that was a joke today.

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posted Feb 23, 2009

Q) What do you call an Englishman with the Triple Crown in his Hnads ?

A) The Engraver !

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posted Jan 16, 2011

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