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Live - Saturday's Premier League

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posted Apr 9, 2009

hi is josh there its lucy

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posted Apr 11, 2009

If Man Utd do lose ground today, the rot would have set in not thanks to the 4-1 defeat by Liverpool but by the way they have played all season, winning approximately 8 to 10 games 1-0. No team has attacked them and have sat back and let them attack. No team in the Premiership is invincible and be beaten if all 11 player focus till the last minute. Liverpool may have had good result in the past three weeks prior to Chelsea's defeat, but that defeat goes to show that the top 4 can beat each other on a given day. The defining moment for the champions this season will be the way they play Arsenal, Tottenham and those fighting for their live at the bottom of the league. Can Liverpool hold their nerves till the end of the season and the way Man Utd are playing the same will apply to them too. In the end anyone who wins the league will have deserved it as they would have accumulated the most point, albeit some with Lady Luck on their side, and some through hard work and grit. Come the end of May-09 we might see some change in the power at the top of the league and I hope it is for the best of the league.

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