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Live - Tuesday football

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A cup semi-final more delicately balanced than a ballerina, the first top-flight meeting between Blackpool and Man Utd in 36 years, a potential Premier League relegation six-pointer AND a feast of lower league ties...

...basically, it doesn't get much better on a dark midweek in January. Welcome, one and all, to Tuesday Night Football.

Here's your line-up for this evening:
Carling Cup S/F: Arsenal v Ipswich (1945)
Premier League: Blackpool v Man Utd (1930)
Premier League: Wigan v Aston Villa (1945)

And Football League Danny is in the house to bring you all your Championship, League One and League Two needs.

Fancy getting involved peeps?

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comment by Dave (U14673507)

posted Jan 25, 2011


"I actually fancy West Ham to go to the final, something positive they can remember the horrid season by."

Am I right in thinking that if they do, that would make three finals in three seasons, with three different teams, for Avram Grant?

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posted Jan 25, 2011

Blackpool as good as they play at times are a joke and will probably go down in the end if they sell their best player. After the penalty incident, the final outcome was evident from the way they were trying to hang on instead of killing of the game. Play like that against any team and you get punished.

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posted Jan 25, 2011

Hopefully that will be Darron Gibson's last game for United. I've nothing against the chap, but he isn't close to being good enough.

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posted Jan 25, 2011

New evidence released!

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posted Jan 25, 2011

comment by Its_Not_Lupus_Its_Never_Lupus (U14124420)
posted 4 Minutes Ago

comment by scobiedog-SOSOS (U2760542)

posted 45 Years Ago

how the hell did banks get to that one? pele was already celebrating a goal!

(ps, how long 'til my comments get posted straight away?)



Anyway - good win for United. Yes we were rubbish but we looked a different team with Rooney and Gibson off.

I hope Hernandez gets a run. Maybe Rooney would realise he has to fight for his place. It's annoying how a player so poor on form is an automatic pick

totally agree.

defence is starting to have a worrying look again. hope it's nothing serious with rafael & rio is back very soon, don't want to end up with neville at right back, he's definitely past his use-by date!

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posted Jan 25, 2011

Once upon a time, Wenger decided that an English club can't win both premiership and champions league at the same season. SAF showed him how, and, since, Wenger tries to emulate the golden United generation of kids that won the premiership.

In this process, he always belittled Carling Cup. SAF never said why he liked every trophy United won but, if Arsenal win it, they will find out, rather accidentally, that Carling Cup is still a Cup and gives confidence.

One day, the so-called-manager-of-the-decade, by the magazine that places Arsenal 37th(?) or 39th(?), one position below Fulham, might learn from the old master his trade.

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comment by Dan (U1900095)

posted Jan 25, 2011

however poor utd may have been this season in the league and still getting results. its nice to know that such performances in the European cup will result in them getting eliminated hopefully in the same fashion as when Barca treated them like school team in the final not to long ago.


Yep, 7-1, 5-0, unbeaten in 23 games.

Leading goal scorers, 51 goals scored.

Have the leading goal scorer in the league.

Have dropped a grand total of 2 points at home having scored 34 goals. Best record against the top 4.

Went through their CL league group unbeaten as group leaders.

Yes, poor, poor, poor.

Just imagine what happens when they start playing well?

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posted Jan 25, 2011

Just a few final points before I get to bed

-United are the team that all others love to hate..which is why there are so many jokers out there.

-Blackpool I'd say deserved a point, but hats off to United

-Why people call United cheats when poor decisions come from refs is beyond me

-Some say Blackpool should have led 3-0. Some others will say in the end it could have been 5 or 6-2 to United

-Someone else here said Fergie and Wenger should learn from Holloway. Come on now, lol. Look at it this way, Blackpool have heart, but are somewhere down there in the league. Hopefully they survive, they deserve to.

-Arsenal should grab their first title after 5 years now, and the trophy will now be known as 'The Carling Cup', not 'The Mickey Mouse Cup'.

-United will win the league.


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posted Jan 25, 2011

the final top 4 this season will come from the current top 5 (not too much thought had to go into that one!) but one of the biggest games will be chelsea-spurs which could see spurs catch up & be a serious contender for the top 4, greatly looking forward to that one!

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posted Jan 25, 2011

Great comeback. Now we are more in the driving seat, in the title race than few hours ago. I think now Chelsea will probably focus on CL, as PL seems out of their reach, and Arsenal will eventually stumble. And oh yes The night belongs to ian holloway!!!!!!!!

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