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Davies 7 games in

World Cup England
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has scored 1/4 of the runs Prior has scored in 55 odi's aswell as matching his top score, yet Prior is preferred?!?!?

Davies also scores these runs far far faster than Prior!

Can anyone explain the logical decision behind this?

No chance England will be number one unless we move on from choosing friends over better players!!

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comment by Silk (U1717598)

posted Jan 20, 2011

"Prior over Davies is a tough but yet again the right call."

It /might/ be the right call.

But since Prior is being asked to open (Flower confirmed this) it looks a very odd one, and could, easily, backfire.

If Prior averages less than 30 in the WC at a s/r of less than 100, it will look a very bad call indeed.

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posted Jan 20, 2011

I dont understand the backlash here. Clearly Flower thinks that Prior is the better all round player than Davies and I'd be inclined to agree.

Prior edges it on keeping and is obviously massively more experienced, he also has more expereince working with these bowlers. Comparing their batting and again they are very similar, sure the stats from their ODI careers look heavily an favour of Davies but averages are almost meaningless until you have at least 30 matches under your belt as far as I am concerned.

I would however question any idea of Prior opening, he doesn't have a good enough technique to score particularly quickly off the new ball. I would actually be tempted to put Pietersen up there to pinch hit, there's no one who is better at finding the gaps through the infield durign the first lot fo restrictions. Bell would sit in at #3 as someone who can play either role nicely if needs be and have Trott at #4 ready to steady the ship if we go 2 down quickly.

Follow that with Morgan (or even put him in at #4 if things are going well at that point or there are less than 15 overs left) and Prior at #6

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posted Jan 20, 2011

Luke Wright, can someone tell me how a player that isn't a good County Pro can end up at the World Cup?

Another question, has anyone seen any of the Somerset lads, thought there may have been someone good enough as they competed for all competitions.......

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posted Jan 20, 2011

I know selection wouldn't be based purely on one incident, but I think the missed run out in the first ODI, where he took the ball behind the stumps rather than in front may have contributed to the decision. It demonstrated a technical flaw which could have been the difference in that match and could again have been the difference in a big match at the world cup.

I think a combination of Prior's good form and a few doubts about Davies have led Flower to opt for tried and trusted. Which although harsh on Davies is understandable.

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posted Jan 20, 2011

After everything...this is the least important point. Prior over Davies is a tough call but hopefully the right one. Prior has been fantastic for a while now and is currently full of confidence. I don't know why there's such a backlash, he's a fine player, experienced and probably more suited to the pitches out there than Davies who generally likes more pace and bounce on the ball. I actually think it's Prior's all round game that gives him the nod. He could open but is a good hitter down the order where Davies tends to be poor down the order and better up top. We don't know what Flower sees in training either and the keeping could be part of it too.

I'm more annoyed we have picked Wright and Tredwell over Bopara and Rashid. Wright doesn't bowl enough and isn't anywhere near Bopara's talent with the bat and the conditions could have really suited Rashid as well.

Anyway, should we really be questioning a management team that have masterminded a home Ashes triumph, further Test victories, a World 20/20 win and a famous 3-1 Ashes win in Australia??? They obviously have their reasons for picking this squad so we should surely have faith in them. They haven't done much wrong at all for about 2 years now.

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comment by RyFish (U14482166)

posted Jan 20, 2011

What exactly does "Luke Wright is not even a good county pro" actually mean? Are you questioning his professionalism (ridiculous) or his ability? And all-rounder with a batting average almost identical to his bowling average is a quality player, whatever your personal biases against him.

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posted Jan 20, 2011

Prior vs Davies: most of what I've read in this thread is saying they're both good in different ways. Don't think I've read a single comment saying one of them isn't fit to wear an England shirt. (Maybe because Papa know-it-all has been barred ...)

Choosing between them: isn't this a nice problem to have? A far cry from 10-15 years ago when we were clutching at straws in all forms of the game.

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posted Jan 21, 2011

Prior dumbstruck?.....ENGLAND fans dumbstruck at Prior's performance !!

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posted Jan 21, 2011

Selectors must be happy.

A "friend" comes in and scores 40 less than the guy they dropped for no reason at all!

Well done. doh

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posted Jan 23, 2011

And again!

Well played Prior and well done selectors.

Davies must be laughing his arse off!

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