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Watson the difference.

One-day internationals Australia
by kingfisher192 (U7832579) 16 January 2011
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Well played Watson. Rode his luck against an England bowling attack that was indicisplined and missing Jimmy. It provides some satisfaction at last for Watson, from a town called Ipswich thats been so affected floods, to give his fellow countrymen something to finally cheer about, after a couple of months which has seen them so comprehensively outplayed by England.

England, as I said a couple of days ago, are playing in this series against a background of one of the most terrible natural disasters to strike the country on living memory. That in itself has taken some of the value and intensity from the series on England's part, and given Australia real motivation to perform well for their countryfolk.

I felt both teams were too indisciplined with line and lengths. Why Nathan Brackan isn't bowling for Australia is beyond me, he can bowl tightly at crucial points in the game, his height and different left-armer's angle is something he's always used well.
England needed Tremlett to be totally on song today to do a similar job, which he wasn't.

The biggest factors in the loss for England was the needless losses of Yardy and Bell's wickets, and wayward bowling at the start of Australia's innings. The drop of Watson by Trott was no doubt a critical moment too.

Australia are missing bowlers: The hapless Smith picked up two totally junk wickets that will no doubt justify his continuation in the side in the sselector's eyes, and Johnsson was beyond parody - a useless, embarrassment as a bowler.

England will always take being better than Australia at test cricket, the truest test and pinnicle of the sport, than success against them at ODI level. Now debate over the former has been well and truely left far behind after England's blistenering bettering of the Aussies in the Ashes, the One Day series is a chance for a different take on the England - Australia battle.

The bulk of England's crop of One Day specialists may not have been on Australian soil for long, and have arrived with the Ashes party ebbing away like the receding flood waters.

They now have to focus and apply themselves likes their fans have witnessed them do in the past two years.

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posted Jan 16, 2011

Those two wickets were as pure as junk as the two Doherty took at Brisbane. Is that the best Australia have got?


Irrelevant. It was good enough today.

Lame thread.

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comment by Anton (U14333790)

posted Jan 16, 2011

Lets give credit where credit is due. One of he best ODI innings for some time.

Don't know where he rode his luck apart from the very difficult dropped catch by Trott pretty early on in is innings.

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posted Jan 16, 2011


The numbers you cited on Watson reminds me of OJ Simpson, who wore number 32 for the Buffalo Bills.

He was accused of murder on 12 06 1994 (or June 12, 1994).

Interestingly, that also adds up to 32.

There are other interesting numerological facts on Simpson that add up to 32, but I cannot recall them at this time.

Nonetheless, as a science man, I do not attach any kind of metaphysical significance to it.


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posted Jan 16, 2011

Surely you are referring to the Moby Dick Code??? :-)

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posted Jan 16, 2011

Australia have a very good ODI and T20 side!

Full of multi-dimensional cricketers, who on their day can post blistering scores or take 4 or 5 wickets!

Simple fact is their Test side is a joke and will remain that way for some time!

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posted Jan 16, 2011

"regulation catch", "rode his luck"...??

Really? I know it must've been very early in the morning for you, but that would've been no "regulation catch". That would've been THE classic catch of the summer if Trott held that. As for riding his luck, that was the one & only slightly iffy moment. Watson dominated from the the start to the finish.

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posted Jan 16, 2011

Watson is an impressive batsman and England don't have a sound method for his dismissal yet, despite playing numerous Tests, ODIs and T20Is against him in the last 18 months!

He is the best driver in the game and doesn't struggle against the short ball, that makes him an incredibly difficult person to bowl to!

Only Onions seemed to cause him huge problems, bowling wicket to wicket and moving it off the seam!

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posted Jan 17, 2011

England scored nearly 300, thats 6 an over, enough to win most matches.

Let's give Australia (or rather Watson) the credit deserved.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

It was a superb innings by Watson but without it Australia would have probably been well beaten. That being the case I don't think that England should worry too much. It's England's bowling in the one day format which is of most concern. With Anderson and Broad back and with Shazad improving things still look pretty good.

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