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Live - Sunday's football

Premier League
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It's demolition derby day in the Premier League, with three absolute crackerjack local rivalries to be settled.

First up, at 1200 GMT, we've got Sunderland bidding for revenge against Newcastle after a 5-1 thumping earlier on in the season, and a relegation dogfight between Birmingham City and Aston Villa.

Then, at 1405 GMT, Kenny Dalglish makes his long-awaited return as a manager at Anfield as Liverpool take on Merseyside neighbours Everton.

As if that wasn't already enough, at 1610 GMT there's a game that could have a decisive impact on the destination of the Premier League title - Tottenham versus Manchester United.

Should be a thrill a minute.

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posted Jan 16, 2011

Well that was great comeback.


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posted Jan 16, 2011

As opposed to posting a random link that has nothing to do with a game that ended 0-0.

What a muppet.

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posted Jan 16, 2011

muppet? your powers are wasted here, get to the mensa forum.

The link goes with the entire thread,if you're brave enough to read it - which has "heaps" of "yanited get screwed by the refs" type of posts.

although my spelling of united suggest they are in fact from manchestermwhich we know,is highly unlikely.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

It was a poor game in all. Not many chances created.

I thought Modric was excellent as usual, he's the type of player we need in the United team. Worthy of his MOTM.

Vidic too was also excellent although the shirt pulling riles me a bit as he doesn't really need to do it. Rafael was also magnificent, going forward his dribbling is superb. He was unlucky with the second yellow, I'd say the first was definitely a yellow and not a red, you can't compare it to Gerrard's, they were nothing like the same! Like another poster said, it should be compared with Crouch's, which he wasn't even booked for! They ref actually had a decent'ish game with no real controversial issues (apart from the red card but at least the Spuds can't go on about us winning with 12 men again).

United's defence were awesome and Rafael made Bale look very average for the second time this season. How can Vidic outjump Crouch so much? Him and Zigic are the league's tallest players and both showed today that they cannot head the ball or outjump their opponents!

Spurs created very little today which was credit to our defence. We also created very little but Carrick, Fletcher, Giggs, Rooney, Nani and Berbatov all had very poor games by their standards. I was surprised not to see Anderson come on earlier for Fletcher or Carrick who were giving the ball away like they were Santa Claus!

However, another disappointing attacking display from United which has frustrated me a bit this season. However, I was biting my nails for much of the game so the excitement is still there, despite the poor quality of football overall.

However, back above Citeh with 2 games in hand and not losing with 10 men at Spurs, can't really complain about that! Just really hope we click soon! I worry that Blackpool in the next game may well punish us more than Spurs did yesterday!

As for Spurs themselves, you have a pretty good team all round but I think to challenge that step further, you need a more consistent and regular strike force. At least your defence did well today, including Assou-Ekkotu (spelling?)

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posted Jan 17, 2011

where TF is manchestermwhich?

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posted Jan 17, 2011

thought modric deserved his motm.

flat game with no energy or excitement.

thought harry could have been a bit more bolder in his attacking moves and brought pav and defoe on for crouch and vdv.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

As a neutral I would say that Rafael was lucky not to get sent-off in the 1st half when he was let off after a bad tackle, having already been booked, so he could not expect to escape a red after tripping up a Spurs player. Vidic was VERY lucky. He grabbed a big hunk of Van der Vaarts shirt in the penalty area and pulled him over and did not even get booked, when Spurs should have had a penalty and then low and behold he has an almighty tug on the shirt of another Spurs player and gets away with it both time. It should have been a yellow each time followed by the red.
Man U. were totally outplayed and Spurs can think themselves unlucky not to have won the game. However crouch was dismal and for a guy of 6' 6" his jumping ability is abysmal and Vidic out-headed him time after time. Why Defoe was not brought on at the start of the 2nd half is only something that 'Arry can answer for. He would have been far too nippy for Vidoc.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

Another poor display by Man U.
Just as well that the other teams are playing rubbish too.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

comment by James Autar (U9540103)
posted 1 Hour Ago
LOL, very neutral! winkeye

Firstly, Rafael won the ball with that first challenge - he didnt go over the top of the ball, he didnt lunge 2 footed. The only reason it was a free-kick is because he lifted his foot, so therefore showed his studs a bit, but it was not a bad tackle by any stretch, and he was genuinely going for the ball. If thats a yellow card tackle, then we may as well outlaw tackling when the ball isnt on the ground, coz you have to show your studs a little when your stretcgin and lifting your foot! Also, as someone said, Crouch made a worse tackle not 5 minutes later and DIDN'T get booked. The second yellow was the most ridiculous booking I've seen in many years. Apparently it's abookable offence to completely accidentally tangle with a player while you are just running! Shocking reffing. BTW, I wouldnt complain about the first booking had the ref booked Crouch, beacuse he would be showing consistency, and you could agree there was sound reasoning behind the card!

Vidic once had Crouch's shirt, he didnt pull VDV's shirt in the area, I dont know which dream that was you are having. However, Crouch consistently had his arms all over Vidic, as did Galls on Rooney/Berba every time we played the ball up to them, and nothing was given then either. I also found it funny in the last few mins, when Defoe had a large chink of Vidic's shirt, but as soon as Vidic grabbed Defoe's arm, the linesmane flagged for a Spurs free-kick!!
As for Spurs outplaying United:
59 v 41% possession, despite having an extra man for 15/20 mins. and only 2 more shots on target than United. Bette rthan that, Spurs best 2 and only 2 chnaces from inside the area, didnt bring a save out of VDS. Gomes made 2 very good saves from Rooney, and Rooney missed a great chance also. I think a draw was a more than fair result!

I do agree on Crouch though - he is useless! ok

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posted Jan 20, 2011

Too many bitter people against Utd, no one here can call them selves proper football fans, utd had to defend to whole match, backs to the wall, is that not what all other fans want to see ffs, how about this, utd were the last team to stop spurs scoring when they played at old trafford, then we done it again last weekend, someone needs to stand up and admit united are a great team wheather they are attacking or defending, im an honest united fan and totally expevcted to be beat at WHL, but after the first 10mins i knew we would get some sort of result, its a refreshing game to watch when utd have their backs to the wall, and still come away with something, shows character and ability to deal with a better team. i have read a few comments about how bad united are, these guys must be 10 years old or something, unbeaten, top of the league, conceded 1 goal in ECL qualifing...... yeah absolutly rubbish!!!!! i cant swear on this site so i'l make a word up, anyone who cant admit that united are playing real well this season to still be undefeated without hitting top gear are a bunch of flabwads.

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