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This could be real quick

Premier League West Ham United
by happyhammer (U1861416) 15 January 2011
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Sad for Grant, a decent and honourable man but to entrenched in the bottom 3 for to long. O'Neill, well that would be a coup, but like some coup d'etats could be very short lived.

Sullivan and Gold must have promised someone as strong willed and stubborn as O'Neill a) immediate funds b) a promise the spine won't be sold c) carte blanche in players choice and d) Gold and Brady to not brief against him in their columns/spoutings.

In all honesty can you see any of that happening?

O'Neill will walk if the terms of employment aren't met, he's done it before.

If however he gets the money, left alone and peace and quiet from the gobsh--e we could have the stability and class WHUFC crave.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

Grant is something of a mystery as a manager first he took over a Chelsea team that in reality was not his second at Portsmouth his hands were tied and its doubtfull any manager would have kept them up, taking them the F.A cup final was a fine achievment and West ham? At the start of the season the owners had every confidence in him which has now evaporated so its difficult to know if he is a good manager or not. I dont really see how the West Ham owners have changed there mind so quickly quick fixes do not happen in football.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

What was Grant supposed to do? West Ham are barely a mid table Championship side, their inevitable relegation is as expected as it is deserved.

The biggest worry for their supporters is, will relegation to the Championship be as low as they will go?

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posted Jan 15, 2011


No Statement Tonight.

For the BBC to apologise, they will have to be proven wrong, Grant will have to remain in his post as West Ham manager.

Must be a tricky one for the 3 amigos especially Brady. Thats what happens when people like G&S using the lap dog deliberately leak info without thinking about fans or public opinion.

I can still think of clubs like Arsenal, Everton and Utd who still try to carry out their business without resorting to using the press. Just shows how low a once respected and well loved club has become.

Don't blame the press or the BBC for reporting the rumour mill, blame the creator if it's just rumour.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

Not posted for ages but I got to say - the way the media have been speculating has been beyond disgraceful, unsettling the entire club.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

Well, your 'super sports reporters have already been proved half wrong BBC.
it was on sky before it was on bbc. and both the websites still have the story. i don't think they both made it up.

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comment by Gooner (U6253078)

posted Jan 15, 2011

BBC, Sky, papers - all a bunch of shysters.

Press speculation is one thing but this is way beyond that. Totally disgraceful.

Avram Grant does not deserve such treatment. How come Mick Mc or Houllier aren't getting such pressure? Their records are no better but the media is off their cases.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

All absolute <football><football> in my opinion. Sky sports started this, the BBC followed. Canchaz is spot on (not often I say that).

The owners have said NOTHING since before Xmas when they did the right thing in face of media rumour digging and announced they WOULD NOT SPECULATE ON THE MANAGERS POSITION DURING THAT CRITICAL PERIOD.

Where is the proof of the win 1 out of 3 or the other 2 game ultimatium? Nowhere to be seen, why? because it never existed!!

If AG goes and that's still an "IF" at the moment, it's because of his results so far this season not living up to expectation, which according to Sully after the summer signings and spending of money we haven't really got would be mid table at best.

The fact is, the owners have SAID NOTHING. The media have SAID EVERYTHING.

Their continual hounding of the club is what hasn't helped all this, the owners have kept stum. If someone leaked it from the board, intentially or not then that is poor, but it is not different to the Hughes situation and lets face it look how "woy" was treated by his OWN fans.


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posted Jan 16, 2011

The media have not helped this situation, althought I suspect there is "No smoke without fire", trouble is media like to pour petrol on the fire.

If all this speculation was untrue how hard would it be for the board to come out and say so, the fact they say nothing says to me somtings going on. Not having a pop at any club here but the way many sackings have been handled in recent years has been disgusting with decent managers have speculation about their jobs clearly having an effect on how they work, the team and ultimatley the fans pay the price by paying to see a distracted team underperform. I can tell you I would not give 100% in my job if I knew I was going to be sacked, id be spending half my time looking for something new.

I hope West Ham sort this out quickly for all concerned so they can get on with the fight to remain a PL club.

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comment by johnm (U14754969)

posted Jan 16, 2011

As a West Ham supporter for over 40 years the fact that we are struggling is nothing of a surprise. However the way the the current board and previous boards have treated their managers is discusting. If I remember correctly when they signed Grant he was for the long term, even if we (god forbid) were relegated. Obviously the 'long term' was not as long as everyone thought. And why can they not tell everyone what is going on either sack him which would cost WHU money or say that he is here for the duration of his contract. They obviously thought he was worth is having signed him up for 4 years? Its discusting, I want to support a team where the board are loyal to their manager and coaching staff, why sack Clark, wasnt he the best???? Happy New Year to all hammer fans. :-)

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posted Jan 17, 2011

MON maybe a quick answer to you staying in the prem...... But he will not bring you attractive football and he will not bring you great players.... look at what he left at villa, over payed mid table players who we cannot get rid of! He will not work with the poisoned dwarf as he clearly has more understanding of finances as did our Lerner at the start of there relationship!!!

Good luck you will need it!!! You would be better off with BIG SAM!

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