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financial fair play

Premier League Liverpool
by U14629810 11 January 2011
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Clubs could be banned from European competition from the 2014/15 season onwards if they do not comply with new financial rules.

The rules state clubs must break even over a three-year period.

Club owners will be allowed to put in up to €15million a year but only as equity, not a loan. This figure will then drop to €10million annually.

Clubs will be able to spend as much as they want on stadiums, training facilities and youth football.

UEFA will have a range of sanctions from warnings to a transfer ban to exclusion from European tournaments.

Across Europe, total club income in 2009 rose 4.8% to €11.7billion, but expenditure was a 9.3% increase to €12.9billion, making a €1.2billion deficit.

Most of the expenditure goes on player wages and one in three European clubs spent 70% or more of their income on salaries.

56% of European clubs ended 2009 in the red.

One in four clubs spent €6 for every €5 they earned.

A drop in transfer activity has reduced income by 5% to clubs in Scotland, France, Portugal and Holland.

English top-flight clubs are comfortably the richest in Europe with average revenue of €122million - five times higher than Holland and Russia.

Germany is second with average earnings of €86million.

Scottish top-flight clubs' average revenue in 2009 was €16m, the League of Ireland €1.3m, Northern Ireland 0.7m and Wales 0.3m .

Clubs will be monitored if there are warning signs such as: recording a loss in any year; spending more than 70% of revenue on wages; having overdue football-related payments or tax debts; high level of debts.

As with a tax declaration, the onus is on the clubs to provide the correct information to UEFA and they will be subject to spot-checks and face sanctions if they do not do so.

National associations will initially grant the licences but UEFA will have spot-checks to make sure that the rules are being applied correctly.

which clubs will be in trouble then ? imo chelsea , united, man city for definite

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posted Jan 17, 2011

I don't know, but I would hope the rules hold up to a challenge in court.

UEFA should be able to make the rules for its own competition. If they cannot, then what in the world do we do about Golf Invitationals?

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about UEFA trying to lock in a hierarchy. Change is permanent as they say, and I am sure any attempt to prevent change would fail.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

If UEFA were a little more honest they would call these the "Stop Man City" rules.

No one cared when Chelsea or Blackburn bought the Prem, who in UEFA cared when Leeds or Pompey went bust? or when Leicester went into administration ? no one.

So we hear UEFA are really concerned that City will go bust, yeah right.
If City went bust UEFA and the rest of the so called "football family" would hold a Europe wide party.

So again, it’s ok for the current gang of ten or whatever Man U, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc etc to rack of gazillions in debt because they have "revenue streams to service the debt" i.e. the Leeds reliant on CL model, but City must be stopped at all costs.

Football fair play? in the words of Jim Royle, my ....

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posted Jan 17, 2011

If anything, these rules are the "Stop Chelsea" rules. They were being discussed before anybody in Manchester knew or cared about Sheikh Mansour.

For how long will Manchester City supporters be able to afford tickets? Fans will certainly benefit from anything that slows down the growth in ticket prices.

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posted Jan 17, 2011

comment by Swarbs (U12288379)
posted 11 Minutes Ago

@jam, I think you need to add more sugar, you're becoming bitterer by the second


thanks ;-(

In a way i can understand why this has come about, the City bid for Kaka when we were in the bottom three was ridiculous, it raised high brows within UEFA and it makes me wonder if City had been stitched up by Milan and the establishment.

But as you allude to, City may sneak under the wire and have clever enough accountants to juggle the figures, but it bars entry to pretty much every club outside the current top 5 barring a minor miracle.


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posted Jan 17, 2011

oops eye brows!!!

not blinken high brows


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posted Jan 17, 2011

Although united might take this away from me, fergie and mourinho don't have an unbeaten season under their belt... Everytime I use this argument people seem to act like it's not a very big accomplishment, it takes the best managers and players to achieve that and Wenger has done it. As for arsenal being a selling club, I dare you to name me 5 players who were sold from Arsenal who went on to achieve great success, most of them have flopped (Wenger knows when it's time to sell)

As for the UEFA ban, and I'm completely neutral when it comes to this since I'm Canadian, I get the feeling that UEFA is being sneaky in the manner in which they are attempting of disposing of the British teams in the CL and the heavy hitting la liga clubs - Barca is in massive massive debt... Sounds like we may have a very different knockout stage in the next few years without the likes of united Chelsea Madrid and barca always being involved

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posted Jan 18, 2011



‘Financial Fair Play’; Another 'great' Football Slogan which amounts to ZERO!

Michel Platini is CRISIS MANAGING European Football from the National to the International level.

I have said a simple thing, change the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Criteria to :

‘All European Clubs coming within 6 Points of the Champion’
will qualify for the UEFA Champions League and change the Qualifying System to

'The Single League Table Format / played without Groups'

....... and European Football will be able to PLAY AND TRADE ITSELF out of chronic debt and into permanent profit!

To get into Europe now you have to CONSISTENTLY PERFORM and keep up with your League Leaders! Then Supporters 'buy into each Club' because they are getting QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY!

Once you have a proper League in place with 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 COMPETITIVE Clubs in place you have 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 profitable ventures!

In the current turmoil, I would never buy shares in any Football Club, FIFA, UEFA or CON-AFrica! Would you?

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posted Jan 18, 2011

Ferguson and Wenger have developed players.
Name on player in the last 6 years that Ferguson has developed apart from Darren Fletcher that he hasn't bought.Man Uniteds current reserve team contains £3 million Gabriel Obertan.He costs more than Liverpools entire reserve team.

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