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Want to see a regular home internationals?

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The Football Association have revealed they are in talks with other home nations to play a one-off home international tournament in 2013.

But would you like to see these tournaments played between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (and maybe the Republic of Ireland) on a regular basis?

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Why all the worry about whether the Home Internationals will prepare England for winning a major tournament? We are not going to anyway. As long as so few English players play for top teams here or abroad then we are going nowhere fast anyway. Give me the home internationals over the diet of meaningless, seven-substitutions-at-half-time friendlies any day. What have we really got left to lose?

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posted Jan 12, 2011

I personally would love to see the Home Nations come back. Blood younger players, some passion in games, create some excitement. Sounds better than watching England vs Poland where two late Terry headers saves the day....

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Tell you what, we could tell FIFA where to stick their World Cup and go play the Home Nations in the summer of 2018.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

The 1977 pitch invasion was an act of celebration, not vandalism and it should not be described as 'hooliganism.'

That particular incident played no part in the disbanding of the tournament, a minority of English fans in Glasgow in the early 80s were one of the contributory factors to the tournament being disbanded.

It is, however, the oldest international tournament in world history with games between England and Scotland dating back to 1874. It is a proud footballing institution and, prior to the World Cup, pitted the leading footballing nations against each other. It should have a place in modern football, it is a big part of footballing history.

And of course England will expect to win, and rightly so, they are far larger than all the other competitors put together, but over the history of the tournament the smaller nations have an incredibly high number of victories.

And most of the games would be guaranteed sell outs.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

The Home Championship should absolutely be brought back. It should be used as a training platform for the next crop of potential national team players as practice in a match that will mean something but not potentially ruin the country's chances of qualification for major tournaments. If it does return, I'd like to see England fielding players from the top end of the Championship and the stand-out players from the bottom of the Premiership, not the Gerrards and Defoes and Ferdinands. They have nothing left to prove.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

I can't see this happening more than once, and that's only because of Vauxhall stumping up the cash. Whatever the relative merits of each team, and however much of an edge there might be to games, there is one much more over-riding concern - No England manager can afford to lose no any of the other home nations.

No matter if the other teams were higher up the rankings, the press in England are so sniffy about the other home nations (although, I suppose you could extend that to every other nation in the world as well....) that they would absolutely crucify the England manager if he lost to any of the games - in fact they'd demand 'justice' if England drew any of their games.

It's a shame, because I'd rather watch Scotland - England, however poor the actual football might be, than watch Scotland play out a subdued, pointless friendly with some middle ranking european side, and I'm sure a lot of England fans would feel the same.

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posted Jan 13, 2011

Even Clive Woodward has said that he used the 6 nations, as preparation for the World Cup in 2003, I put 2002, cause i got my date wrong I should have said 2003 so I appologise for that i was in a rush to write my post.

if you think that the six nations is the cream of European Rugby, then your wrong only England Ireland and France are that, Wales are too inconsistent, and Scotland are facing Italy every year for the wooden spoon. And further to the point of Italy there team is made up of New Zealander's and Argentines.

Maybe this Home Championship should involve a special guest European team e.g. Spain or Italy, to add weight to the contest. That would be great preparation for England. But to write it off as unworthy is just naive. Are you seriously telling me that even some qualifiers have the same edge that a match against Scotland or Wales has?

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posted Jan 15, 2011

Not read all the 200 plus comments but it is interesting (perhaps) to note that Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and the Republic have already organised a series of games. England, it appears, want to liven up the 150th anniversary of the FA by joining in for one season. What, I would like to know, is in it for the 4 nations who have already done all the groundwork? I hope the 4 "home" FAs tell England that they may join the tournament as it exists but only on condition that they are part of the series for a minimum of 5 years. No one-off "we're England, we can join in when we want". Without that condition, I think the FA ought to look further afield - perhaps organise their own regular series of games against, say, France, Spain, Holland and Germany. In all honesty, that would probably raise the standard of England's game more than playing the "Home Nations", which will only serve to have them meet 4 countries who would all love to beat them (not that the French, Spanish etc wouldn't)...

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posted Jan 30, 2011

Personally I'd love to see the return of the Home Internationals. It's incredible that Scotland haven't played England in over a decade. Quite extraordinary.

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posted Jan 31, 2011

Keep the Home Ints in the past it'll be like watching the premier league against division 2 throughout. Again Iask why any sane englishman would part with his money to watch Scotland?

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