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Burton Albion 2 - 1 Middlesbrough

by steve1210 (U14066680) 08 January 2011
8 January 2011
Pirelli Stadium
FA Cup
Player of the match:
Shaun Harrad
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The magic of the F A Cup.

Ten to play and I'm composing this post in my mind.

I'm running through the difference in quality - how the Boro lads were first to the ball all afternoon, how their passes found their target more often than ours and how they always seemed to have a free man to receive the ball.

I'm thinking of the one moment of Premier quality -Gary O'Neil's Premier League experience finding the perfect execution from the edge of the box.

Maybe I'm a little narked that the free kick from which he scored was, at best, soft - particularly when the Burton strikers found themselves penalised whenever the ball went near the Boro box.

I'm recalling the stupidity of the louts who lit flares in the away end. It's happened before, of course. Bury last year, not to mention the unruly Grimsby fiasco. The Burton police have proven to be efficient at identifying the perpetrators and ensuring that they get long banning orders. No sympathy when the same happens after today.

I would have cursed our misfortune with injuries. Losing Stanton at half time was bad enough but to see Macca go four minutes later and then to see Big Dave pulling off the captain's armband that he only just taken over, was more bad luck than any team or manager deserve in fifteen minutes.

I might have scratched my head at the replacements policy. Jamo for Stanton was straight forward but Greg for Macca, and then Jimmy for Darren?

Almost a complete reshuffle resulted with only the keeper, Scotty Malone, Bolders and Haz in thier starting positions.

And I might have wondered why it took until well after the hour before we started to play like it was a cup tie.

But then we get a little bit of fairy dust. A throw down in the corner, the balls in the box, Harrad's got his back to goal but he's going for the overhead. Game on!

Time is running out. How far is Middlesbrough? What time will we get back on a Tuesday night?

Free kick. Times up. Now or never.

Malone crosses, it's bobbling. Harrad shoots.

The magic of the F A Cup.

Well done guys. Skin of the teeth perhaps, but the record books will show for all time that on this day in history, Burton Albion finally reached the fourth round of the F A Cup.

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comment by daderb (U11708177)

posted Jan 8, 2011

OTEP, your comments have changed dramatically since yesterday when you wrote:
"Cup fever? No, not really. I liked the FA Cup as a lad but it has been devalued too much. Even Championship clubs got in on the act last season and played weakened teams.

If we had got Arsenal we would have been playing their youth team tomorrow. Great - how exciting. Yawn." What a joke!!

BUT, what a result! The better team on the day lost but thats footy!! Before the match we watched Arsenal-Leeds with about 50-60 Boro fans in The Whistle and the atmosphere was brilliant! They sang and taunted us in a freindly way and seemed to enjoy every minute of their time in Burton (prior to the 82nd minute). Great bunch of football fans.

As the game progressed I wasn't feeling too confident and when we had made our 3 subs in the first 11 minutes of the 2nd half even less so. Then when they scored a beauty 2 minutes later it seemed like oh well!

But when that lazy bugger (sic) Shaun Harrad scored a cracking bicycle-kick beauty in the 82nd everything changed and thoughts of going to the Riverside crept in. What happened 12 minutes later just left me giddy!

It was great to see Pesch on the pitch after the game with his arm around Shaun, sign of good things to come? (Who was it who said he doesn't want to play for the club?)

Fantastic result Brewers!! Thank You, Thank You!!

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posted Jan 8, 2011

Congrats to just about deserved the win.

I say "just about" since we dominated for most of the game in our usual style - i.e. without actually producing too much of a goal threat.

O'Neil's amazing free kick aside, all we managed were a couple of efforts just wide of the mark and Boyd's freekick which was on target but well saved.

I was watching on TV and couldn't understand why Mowbray waited until Burton were back in the game, to make his substitutions. We clearly needed some fresh legs to push for the second goal in the last 15 minutes, but instead he waited until it was too late.

The equaliser was fantastic and there was nothing much our defence or keeper could have done about it, but the point is we should have been up the other end of the pitch attacking, instead of sitting back as we so often do.

Even more so in the case of the winner. We basically stopped playing and looked like we were holding on for the draw, which is pretty pathetic, not to mention intensely annoying, considering how we'd played the first 70-odd minutes.

Still, well done Burton for highlighting possibly our biggest flaw, as so many other teams have done before and taking your opportunities where we failed to. Good luck for the next round.

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posted Jan 8, 2011

Just one other thing - I hope you don't get that much help from the ref too often!

Replays showed Wheater's disallowed goal was very much onside, so the result ought to have been a draw at least. winkeye

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posted Jan 8, 2011

Well done lads! DCFC next round!

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comment by Otep (U10104494)

posted Jan 9, 2011

Daderb - no contradiction from myself. As I stated in my other thread I have a difficult relationship with the FA Cup. I thought that I had articulated that clearly. Obviously not. Just referring to one or two sentences takes it out of context and misrepresents me.

I look forward to every Brewers game. I go to every Brewers game. I am ecstatic when the Brewers win any game - whatever the competition.

Basically I want the Brewers to make as much money as possible from the FA Cup. I look forward to the draw with pound signs in my eyes.

Is it the competition it once was? In my opinion - no. That is just my opinion. Attendances at Sunderland (17,000), Bolton (13,000), Blackburn (10,000), Coventry (8,000) is a flavour of what those above us think.

For the likes of us it is great though. Some time in the media spotlight and a healthy bank balance when it all ends. With that we can strengthen and push ourselves higher in the league pyramid.

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comment by pez (U13905943)

posted Jan 9, 2011

Spent many years supporting and following both Man Utd & the Brewers.
Had some highs and lows with both but for the Brewers this has to be on par with Utd's win against Bayern Munich in 98.
Not quite sure how we won this.
Haven't stopped smiling yet.
Thought Boro were the better side but very dissapointed with the contribution of Lita and Boyd.
Expected a lot more from them.
The Brewers were below par but i thought after losing both centre backs we showed a lot of character.
At the end of the day if you don't take your chances like Boro didn't it will sometimes comes back to haunt you.
PS Still smiling.

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posted Jan 9, 2011

Pez - that would be 99.

Great result yesterday.

I too was very worried at the subs but fair play to pesch, he got it spot on.

Thought Bolder as well Austin was fantastic yesterday.

Winner of united v liverpool away please.

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posted Jan 9, 2011

Wheaters goal? did he not play.
Must agree best team lost but you have to put your chances away plenty of possesion but you did not create much .
Great supporters before during and after the game.
The dream lives on for us brewers.

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comment by Pharce (U13100887)

posted Jan 9, 2011

Well done Burton - you kept going right until the end and despite us not putting you away with one of the many chances we created, I feel you deserved the victory if only because you didn't give up.

It seems that something was put in the north east water yesterday - Boro, Toon, Mackems and Monkey Hangers all losing - could have got some cracking odds on that happening.

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comment by daderb (U11708177)

posted Jan 10, 2011

it was Boyd who scored the goal that was called offside. But I do think Leggy saved our butt in the first half, if we had gone by down 2 or 3 it would have been lights out. he could have been MOTM but i think Shaun deserved it more.

Burnley away? Oh well!!

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