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Ballon D'Or Awards

by POEB (U14563375) 08 January 2011
England Scotland Wales v Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland
10 January 2011
European Football
All Europe
Star of the show:
Matty Burrows
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With today's Irish League games wiped out with the weather, I'd just like to extend by best wishes to Glentoran's Matty Burrows as he heads to Zurich with the elite of European football on Monday for FIFA's Ballon D'Or awards. As many of you will know by now Matty is is contention for the Puskas Award for the best goal of 2010. His audacious 92nd minute back heel volley to win the game was unique, and it would be a glorious moment for him, Glentoran Football Club, our supporters, the wider East Belfast community, the Irish League and British Football in general if he can pull it off. If you would love to see the look on Sepp Blatter's, face tune into Eurosport at 6.00pm on Monday for live coverage for the ceremony !!

This is a moment we've all dreamt off in our lives. It must be wonderful for a lad from the obscurity of the Irish League to go head to head with the likes of Messi for a big European award, not to mention meeting all the others up for for the Player of the Year award itself. A day he'll never forget !

Good luck Matty Burrows, you deserve it.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

The 'mod runners' strike again.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Roberto are you the alter ego of Spangles?

Constantly in denial re Best threat. In your old sand box again. Why don't you research the threat. Stop trying to rewrite the facts to suit your agenda. As the game was subsquently postponed due to the ongoing violence, we will never know if these sick individuals within this illegal organisation would have carried out their repulsive threat.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Nonsense. A 40 year old supposed threat gets trotted out so you can involve yourself in a bit of what-aboutery. Niall and Paddy must be proud to turn out for people like you who try and qualify their real life threats with this. I hope they are reading this. Well done.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Again Roberto, you try and twist the post. You posted that there were no Repblican threats to NI footballers. I highlighted the Best threat. Can you not follow this?

Niall and Paddy know how NI fans and the IFA feel. Thats why they chose to play for the country of their birth.

Boyce next for a NI football cap, You read it here first old flower!

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posted Jan 12, 2011

I agree. Niall and Paddy now know how the NI fans and IFA feel. Not a peep from either on their threats. Why?

Let's work on the supposition that Best was really threatened. Why in gods name are you linking something that happened in the darkest year of the troubles 40 years ago to two current and one ex NI players getting threats this week? Honestly never seen such desperation. You should knock that on the head and try to work towards getting the bigots away from the game in NI.

Show some solidarity with these guys and cut the whataboutary. If they where to read the comments of you, Shen and Yerman they would wonder if it is all worth it. Even talk of 'the country of their birth' is cringworthy. I know that Niall and Lennon (probably Paddy) see themselves as Irish. They are playing for their friends in the team and the fans. Show these guys some courtesy and stop beating the Loyalist drum with your anthems, flags, songs and banners.

As long as these Loyalist trappings remain at WP the bigots will continue seeing the team as their team and threats and attitudes like theirs will flourish.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Not linking threats, simply correcting you. And believe me it was a real threat with codeword given. Again do they research. No answers at the bottom of your sand box!

Why don't you ask Paddy and Niall why they answered the call from the IFA to play for the country of their birth. Simple factimundo Roberto. If they were born in ROI they would have represented that country.

Your pain in their choice is hilarious!!!

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Pain? I could not care less. You saying that is a deflection. Everything in my post above is true. It does not matter to me what politics someone is though it seems to matter to you. I stand by what I say. The flag, anthem, other songs and banners at WP give the bigots a licence to do what they do. If things stay the way they are then we will have more of the same. It is up to NI fans to change attitudes. I dont think you want to. A loyalist team with all the trappings for Loyalist supporters seems to be what is wanted. After recent events your wish is a step closer.You reep what you sow.

I'm away to win a game of snooker.

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posted Jan 12, 2011

Have a good game Roberto, make sure you take your sandbox with you. Never know when someone might talk to you. Is there sucha game as Solitare Snooker.

Mind how you go!

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posted Jan 26, 2011

Just to let you know we have now upgraded the server to a lightening quick dedicated server. If you log on today you will hopefully see a huge improvement on yesterday.

With the inevitable demise of the BBC 606 forum we are going to be putting a lot of effort into the coding and moderation of the forum to make a valid replacement.

I understand it may not be to everyones liking at the moment but please check back every now and again to check on it's progress - and if you do like it then please spread the word. We need more people to move to make it work properly.


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