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2022 World Cup Scheduling

World Cup England
by wambam (U3423623) 08 January 2011
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Night Games!

FIFA have decided in their infinate wisdom that Qatar are to host the 2022 world cup.

The problem being that the world cup is traditionally played in the summer months of June and July. The daytime temperature in these months in Qatar though can often hit 50 degrees, which has been pointed out is a dangerous temperature for the intense physical nature of a football match.

The only alternative being offered currently is to upset the football calender of world football to move the month long tournement to the winter months of December or January. The problem with this is that national associations would also want a month long training camp prior to the tournement kick-off.

I propose a different solution though. Why not switch the matches from a daytime kickoff to a night game. With Kick-offs at midnight onwards.

The benefit of this would be that the night time temperature in Qatar drops to a much more reasonable 25degrees. This would be more comfortable for players and fans alike. Also, this kick off time, allowing for timezone change would mean that the matches are shown live at 8pm kick off in the UK. No need for time off work to watch the games, helping employers avoid lost working hours.

Also having witnessed the new Abu Dhabi gran prix which takes place at dusk, the arabic nations really know how to use light and colour to really add to the spectacle. It would also leave fans to do tourist activities in the daytimes and evenings.

I believe that night games is definately an idea worth exploring before destroying the global football calender.

What do you think?

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posted Jan 14, 2011

comment by Londoner in exile returns (U14404059)

posted 17 Minutes Ago

The pro Qatar posters are still missing the crucial point.

The country is too small to stage the biggest sporting event in the world.


For all these years I've heard size doesn't matter.laugh

If you're an oil billionaire it doesn't

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posted Jan 14, 2011

Londoner, you seem to be missing some things:

1) Yes, some footie fixtures have been cancelled in the UK in the past few weeks: it's called winter. We haven't bid for any major tournaments when our weather isn't suitable.

2) Yes, occasional FA Cup finals and other late season matches have been held in considerable heat (though not 100 degrees F, the UK has only experienced that temperature a couple of occasions, both in early August when no matches are played) but the key word is 'occasional' - not players having to play several matches in quick succession in such conditions.

There is also much lower humidity, which can cripple athletes. Air conditioning can't do much to mitigate it either.

3) The Asian Cup: no-one is watching it, no-one really cares about it. As you've repeatedly pointed out, it's being played *now* when the average maximum temperature is around 22 deg C which is quite a nice temperature.

Not Londoner, but still worth quoting:

" i suspect it would take something special (ie civil war/ other instability) to stop it now and i can't see that happening."

Yeah, because wars *never* break out in the Middle East, do they?

As a final point, didn't bin Hammam get his backside handed to him in a fight over succeeding/replacing Blatter? So yes, he's going to be contradicting what Blatter and Platini say, instructing them to butt out. Doesn't make the claims any more realistic.

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posted Jan 14, 2011


Actually Bin Hamman (of Qatar) agreed not to challenge Blatter this time, for some reason.

And as luck would have it Qatar then got the World Cup. Which was nice.

Unfortunately Sepp announced the corruption investigation without warning FIFA's members first and that is what has incensed Bin Hamman.

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posted Jan 14, 2011

Unfortunately Sepp announced the corruption investigation without warning FIFA's members first and that is what has incensed Bin Hamman.


Oh! i wonder why?

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posted Jan 14, 2011

European bullies and big mouths wanting their own way time after time. It is only once.
The European players will be less tired, for one.
Of course there's no guarantee England will be there anyway.
And are we all forgetting that the World Cup is a monumentally overhyped bore fest?

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comment by hooper (U2419527)

posted Jan 14, 2011

Pass it on. Just boycott Qatar 2022.

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posted Jan 14, 2011

I think it would be better for all parties concerned, if England just moved away from Fifa. That would mean, every alternate 4 years, we would be relieved from a whole lot of Garbage football ( algeria v england fr eg) in World Cup. And after disgraceful performances, English fans keep on complaining about. . . The quality of world cup. The fact is, a world cup without England isn't a big deal at all; coz the football they play is mediocre at best.

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posted Jan 15, 2011

comment by Londoner in exile returns (U14404059)
posted Yesterday

Yes, it is on now. Why do you think it is played now and not in June or july?


All the games will be in air conditioned stadia where it will be no more than 27 degrees, it can be even less than that if they want.

Not really true.

It has already been stated that only about half of them will be air conditioned.

What I find strange is all these comments from posters who have never experienced sporting events in warmer climates.

Well, i have experienced sporting events in hotter countries. But please tell me what sporting event is held in a country for one month where tempts rise over 45c - 50c

The same posters who are from a country that cannot maintain it's own fixture list in recent weeks because of weather conditions.

This one is really silly.

No country, England, Scotland, wales, France, Northern Spain, Gernamy, Netherlands, could have played a game in that same period.

Now, lets move back to the weather in Qatar in the summer.
Yes, some of the games will be played in air conditioned stadiums.

But what about the training grounds. Nothing has been stated about that.

Last thing, I take it you havent been in a country for at least 4 weeks that has tempts over 45c.

It is one thing to go on holiday and spend your time on the beach for a few weeks. but it's another to spend 4 weeks getting to stadia in those tempts. Try standing outside in those tempts or even queuing outside in those conditions

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posted Jan 18, 2011

I knew I'd seen something about Bin Hammam challenging Blatter. Looks like it's back on:

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