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Naivety i can forgive but we were gutless!.

Premier League Aston Villa
by Haito (U14335178) 06 December 2010
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I haven't agreed with all the negativity thus far as i think a lot of it has been uncalled for. However our last two league performances have been gutless and poor and that's something that shouldn't be glossed over injury's or no injury's.

We were second to every ball tonight. Second to every 50-50 and totally clueless in the final third. We lacked just about everything tonight against a Liverpool side without Gerrard, Torres and Carragher. They made us look like a pub team.

Now most regulars on here will know im not one of the doom mongers who love to moan but i am also a realist and our injury problems shouldn't be used as a ready made excuse everytime we lose. Yes they are a hinderence but our league position should be better than it is Injury's or not.

Houllier needs to sort out our huge defensive problems quickly. Our marking is appalling. Our defending from set plays is embarrassing and our defenders are making far too many errors. Our confidence is low and we need to start getting points on the board ASAP. We need to grind out wins and were not going to do that conceding sloppy goals every game.

Sorry for the negative post fella's but im passionate about the club i love and im reasonable with it some losses are understandable i expect them. I dont boo or get on the players backs. What i dont like though is to see gutless and totally inadequate performances from our experiences players which i have seen too many times this season. Its unnaceptable.

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posted Dec 7, 2010

Incredibly disappointing performance overall. Actually thought the Fonz played well, and i cant understand the criticism of Agbonlahor, yes his first touch isnt great but he ran his socks off all game with no support from midfield.

At the moment collins and dunne need to be rested and i would be inclined to play Cuellar, but is there anyone else?

If we dont buy in january then i fear for the worst.

my team would be:


Clark (suspended but in future games)

Ireland (yes not the best start and can be lazy but showed glimpses last night when he had space)


When fit i would bring in Bannan who i think has a fantastic carrer ahead of him and Petrov.

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posted Dec 8, 2010

Five times this season villa have had a lead or been level with 10 mins to go and houllier as left is best defender cuellar on the bench. It's bad enough not picking your best defender,let alone not bringing him on
Like at liverpool he as his favorites and Cuellar is on his way and barring Chelsea i can not see a team in the league were he would not play at the moment even United could use him WHY ARE VILLA NOT USING HIM

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posted Dec 8, 2010

I think the most disapointing aspect from a Villa viewpoint is the lack of fight. I think the change of managers is a big factor here.

Under MON (who I seem to remember some villa fans were delighted to see the back of) Villa looked hungry and up for a fight.

Under Houllier they look tired, unorganised and gutless.

Yes Villa have injuries, but again I think you have to look at the manager. Maybe his training regime is too hard?

There was a great article recently on the beebs website about periodisation ( which basically states less is more.

Houlliers injuries are stacking up and the players look tired.

This might explain both a lack of fight and why villa seem to throw leads away.

I hope the Villa fans that were so happy to see the back of MON realise what a job he was doing with Villa.

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comment by John (U14397748)

posted Dec 8, 2010

An awful lot of Villa fans weren't impressed when GH was appointed especially after losing our best Manager for some years and we still don't know for sure why MON left!

GH's love of Liverpool has gnawed away at us for three months so what does he do on Monday? The sooner he's gone the better.

Mr Lerner - either go down on bended knee and get Martin O'Neil back or find Chris Hughtons telephone number, quick!

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posted Dec 8, 2010

John I hope if Lerner does the first one, he does none of the second two yikes

MoN back... Hoof doh

Owen Coyle ok

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posted Dec 8, 2010

So "World Class" by that rational you wouldnt take MON back or a manager that has steered a FL team to mid table on a shoestring budget? This is like when MON left and Villa fans were shouting out for a manager to take them "forward". I said it then and I say it again.


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comment by John (U14397748)

posted Dec 10, 2010

Houllier isn't anywhere near good enough to be Aston Villa's manager. Injuries aside he hasn't played players to their strengths, in the right positions, hasn't made the right tactical substitutions, hasn't made changes quickly enough, leaves the likes of Cuellar and Delfounseo on the bench and his behaviour at Liverpool was outrageous!

It's not a case of 'will' he go it's when! He's possibly the weakest manager Mr Lerner could have appointed and that was a knee jerk reaction to losing our most succesful manager in decades, Mertin O'Neil! Why did O'Neil go? Because of a lack of ambition and now it shows!

Houllier Out!

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posted Dec 10, 2010

Roberto di Matteo should be Villa's next manager.

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posted Dec 10, 2010

Sign of the times that a new manager isn't even given until January to prove himself (and bring some of his own actual players into the club) before being subject to a witch hunt.

As for MON, he's a part of the reason we are in this mess, and GH has had to try and put together something from what that arrogant and malicious man left him with.

I find it truely amazing that the MON sycophants come on here and slate GH for playing players 'in wrong positions' when their beloved MON spent THREE SEASONS not only playing players out of their actual positions, but leaving us without a right back for two seasons for starters. We are left without a proper striker until at least January now, why?, because MON refused to sign one the whole time he was at Villa despite it being glaringly obvious to everyone (except maybe the posters on here lol) that we were crying out for a proper goalscorer.

The man played eye wateringly bad football, never beat the hated DOL's best finish of six, won nothin, had amazing luck with injuries, and left us in the lurch at the worst time posible because he wasn't given another bunch of money to waste (don't even get me started about the players he paid big money for and left on the bench).

Finally let me say, to flag GH up for having favourites just shows how little attention some people were paying to what was going on under MON. Here is a guy who would play the same 11 week in week out when they were injured, and consequently fell apart the last third of every season. He also didn't give youth a chance, when we have two or three potential top class players being given a chance now (and watch Gary Gardener go when he's fully fit, he wouldn't probably have got any minutes under MON).

Once the injuries are cleared up, and he gets a chance to bring a couple of guys in in January, then judge him, that's surely only fair, regardless of whether you still pine for MON or not.

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posted Dec 10, 2010

I think Houllier is over-rated, however he is breeding a lot of kids (Bannan looks very accomplished with possession) and the future looks bright for Villa even if the short-term does not.

Houllier should stick to invisble roles like 'Director of Football' in the Ligue 1. Whats wrong with a young British manager over a French has-been. Randy Lerner needs to wake up!

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