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Australia Bowling v England Bowling

The Ashes England
by Barca London (U13932667) 20 November 2010
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Do any England supporters think that England have the decisive edge in the bowling department.Australia dont have the quality it had 4 years ago.

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posted Nov 20, 2010

I think if we can get Tremlett fired up then he would pose a far greater threat on these Australian wickets than Finn, and to an extent Anderson when the ball stops swinging...

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posted Nov 20, 2010

I dont think we should change the Bowling attack.
Anderson, Broad, Finn and Swann should start Brisbane despite Tremlett and Bresnan pushing for places in the win over Australia A.
Australia of course will never be able to replace McGrath or Warne who helped them greatly but of course Johnson and co will be able to do that.
And with it on Aussie pitches...Johnson will lead the Aussie attacks with Jimmy leading England....tasty encounters for the next few months :)

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comment by GYMPIE (U4835331)

posted Nov 20, 2010

Bowlers ratings out of 10.
Hilfenhaus. 7/10. Swings it at decent pace, but goes for runs.
Bollinger. 8/10. Accurate but a little unfit and chubby round the middle.
Johnson. 5/10. About as unpredictable as Mike Tyson without medication. Sprays it one day, gets it right the next.
Doherty. 8/10. The fact that he's a left arm spinner will have Pieterson shaking like a leaf on a tree.
Australia 28/40
Broad: 2/10. Has height but bowls far too short, but a bit of an idiot on the field and his temper will affect his performaces in such a high profile series.
Anderson 1/10. He's a 10/10 in England but a 1 everywhere else. What has he actually done outside England apart from get slaughtered?
Finn. 0/10. He must have won his England cap on the back of a Rice Krispies packet. A joke.
Swann. 6/10. Englands best by a country mile, but can he perform in Australia and how will he cope without his cat?
England 9/40

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posted Nov 21, 2010

johnson could cause a threat, but hilfenhaus is the one that really worries me. looks like the type of bowler who could take an absoloute hatful against us and make a couple of our guys his bunnies. hope im wrong.

we should be able to deal with watson, bollinger looks like a right pie chucker to me, and it appears that theyll be including a spinner just to make up the numbers.

so it looks to me like they might struggle to maintain pressure form both ends which might give us the edge.

who knows though ? it's a funny old game.

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posted Nov 21, 2010

I think this will be a bowlers series. Both batting line ups are brittle, and with the amount of rain that has fallen righ across the continent, the wickets will be lively green tops.

A wicket to fall in first over regardless who bats first!

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comment by Matt H (U10920205)

posted Nov 21, 2010

@ Jenas Plays Best

In the 2009 series, Hilfenhaus was the most consistent bowling threat and probably wasn't given the credit he was due, though I don't completely agree with your statement.

He is very consistent, but he doesn't roll teams over. He is yet to earn a Test 5-for, and hasn't taken more than 5 wickets in a match (over the two innings).

He will average 30-ish and take a few wickets per innings, which will be enough to put him right up there on the wickets leaderboard, but won't take an "absolute hatful" in my opinion.

Johnson can be either brilliant or awful, with the potential to either roll us over or take 1-120. Not sure about Bollinger yet, as I haven't seen much of him.

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comment by rickyp (U14005969)

posted Nov 21, 2010

Jenas, Chris Gayle now knows whether Bollinger is a pie chucker. His Doug who? remark really came back to haunt him. You may be judging him on his performance in English conditions. That would be a mistake.

I think there will be some low first inning scores in this series.

It was raining at the 'Gabba tonight during the hit and giggle. Will be interesting to see what Strauss does should he win the toss. Bat on a greentop, or send the Aussies in? We all know what Ponting will do, regardless of the pitch.

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posted Nov 21, 2010

Here is a stats match up from cricinfo. Makes it look very close.

On stats, England and Australia are doing more or less the same since Jan 2009, batting and bowling.

Personally, I see Australia as having the edge in batting, and England (slightly) in bowling. I expect home advantage to be crucial.

But a key injury could determine the series either way. Say, Swann, or Ponting.

Key could be whether England get out of Brisbane with anything other than a defeat. The pressure would be turned up significantly should Australia fail to maximise that advantage.

Not sure that many draws are on the cards, which should ensure a fascinating series.

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posted Nov 23, 2010

I worked in the Kookaburra factory in Corby as a temp for a while.
Met the brothers who started the company in OZ and Alan Lamb was regularly in the offices. Great days.

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