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Saturday predictions here

by Sam B (U14402308) 20 November 2010
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Short and snappy predictions here, not asking for lengthy debates and wind-ups. Save that for post-match!

Eng v Samoa- the Samoans, inspired by Fiji's performance last night, to push England hard but fade in the last quarter. England by 18. 4 tries to 2.

Scotland v SA. A hurt Scotland to put up a better fight than they did last week, particularly in defence. But Boks too dominant in all areas. SA by 15. 4 tries to 2.

Ireland v NZ- many doubting the Irish which will only fire them up. A close first half but the All Blacks to run in a couple of 2nd half tries to seal it. Tough contest up front with NZ backs the difference. NZ by 17. 3 tries to 1.

Similar margins all round. Yours please....

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posted Nov 20, 2010

But only just the most stupid post tonight!

There were lots of other candidates!

You can get better pies at Twickers too.

The point I was making was that we will only know where Ireland are against England in the 6 Nations.

Personally, I thought Ireland looked like a team that was trying hard to raise themselves one last time. They look on the way out, England on the way up.

Like a beleaguered boxer rousing himself for the final round. A valiant effort, but they gave it their all and came away with a 20 point defeat.

Right now - I think more neutrals would favour England's position.

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posted Nov 20, 2010

Oh Tino "Right now - I think more neutrals would favour England's position"

I really, really want to side with your viewpoint. I just can't do it mate.

Look, England outfoxed a good, tired Australian side, good on 'em - they deserved it.

They beat a team they should have beaten. And, looked barely above average in the process. They lost against the All Blacks quite decently. Had the All blacks decided to put on the afterburners, it would have been a more decisive score against England. However, England are on the rise, and they should be optimistic but not over-confident.

Also remember that Ireland were without POC - a talisman in their pack and sadly missed.

Wales, doh , ohhhhhhh, where do I start? <doh? I'll need to come back to them.

And Scotland. Thank You. A smile was brought to my face after your win today. I can see why Dan Parks plays his club rugby where he does. winkeye

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posted Nov 21, 2010

sir ivor why is it when england beat teams we should beat them better(somoa) or the other team was tired(oz)

when we only loose to NZ by ten its because they didnt put this afterburner on!!

when scotland win , there is no mention of what was going on n the SA camp at present..

scotland did well, but people need perspective.

yes next week when england beat SA by 20 plus, the whole SA are weak and understrength will come into the equation just watch this space..

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posted Nov 21, 2010

I cannot believe I did not back my prediction yesterday, had the Irish and Scottish match scores almost EXACTLY right.

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posted Nov 21, 2010

The autumn series has pretty much confirmed what everyone who knows a bit about rugby knew: namely that England are building impressively, that Ireland are good but have peaked, that Scotland have potential if the conditions are right and that wales recent mediocrity is developing into a return to the bad old days of losing against minnow teams in cardiff.

Yep, the results confirm all that!

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posted Nov 21, 2010

Pretty fair enough sumary that Baron Bogus.

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comment by Nathan (U9208515)

posted Nov 22, 2010

I honeslty think that if we'd faced another wimpy girlie rugby team like australia last saturday then we'd have got absolutley tonked by a very angry springbok team next weekend. Samoa played with real fire and could possibly saved england from disapearing up our own backside. (I've sent it up, you knock 'em down!)

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