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Pinch Me I must be Dreaming

Premier League Stoke City
by boothenbrother (U13716474) 13 November 2010
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I have watched us against Liverpool home and away, suffered when they beat us four nil, but to night Why Why Why Deliah, I am off to open some Champagne, see you all soon.

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posted Nov 14, 2010

Good ol' Stoke. They play a very efficient style of football which is great for the modern game. I'm an arsenal fan and quite frankly sick of going up an organised Stoke City team that will dig deep + defend, and then whining about how physical they are. Deal with it!
A typical response is one of "they don't play entertaining football" well with the budget that Tony Pulis has had, and they players they have they must play to their strengths, they don't have the money of some other clubs but the play how they should and it works well.
Good result against an iffy LFC, but stoke pressed well + were very organised
Keep it up guys, big up Tony Pulis and co.

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posted Nov 15, 2010

comment by 2010TOPS (U14637769)
posted 14 Hours Ago

Hodgson should stay simples
- - - - - - - - - - -- - -
He has not had 5 mins in the job and has to be fair a shocking team given to him.
I suppose now the owners have gone some one else needs to be the scape not rather than taking it on the chin and say
"We aint good enough and its going to take time to re build"
2010 if you look at it as a LFC supporters view, you would realise that the team are massivly underperforming and that is down to the manager.
From the first games which resulted in our worst run ever, roy had decided to play 5 new starters and a new formation(including players out of their usual position) against very well drilled teams such as Arsenal,Man City,Everton,ManU - this was footballing suicide, to expect with so many changes, and in most cases changes down from the previous player, to get points was ridiculous and if that is the methology of a manager with 35yrs experience, well it just shows he is not the man for LFC.
He then decided to blame the players (except for any of the ones he brought in of course)and cause unrest.
So when the media start to link the players with moves to our biggest rivals, he states that he is powerless to stop them (which J Henry had to step in and make a statement oposing this)
Even though the supporters have showed their unrest at both anfield and on web pages, he hasnt ackowledged their concerns and tried to deal with them, but stated in an interview that the web pages etc, were just silly with silly views - So he dismisses LFC supporters concerns as though they are not worth an iota but expects the same supporters to turn their confidence towards him....Not a word about him acknowledging their concerns and trying to sort it out, just dismissed them.
Even with the win against CFC, roy takes his oportunity to have a dig at those supporters and media who are concerned over LFC's plight, instead of just keeping his mouth shut.

For you to suggest that we have a shocking team and that is the reason why roy has the problems he has, well everyone to their own opinion, but its just not true, the team has a lot of top players throughout, at least 3 world class players, with many top international team players aswell, the manager just does not have the ability to get these players to play at their best (its funny how people will state that Tony Pulis gets the best out of his team and thats down to him, but roy doesnt get the best out of LFC and thats aparrently down to the players - No Chance)
5 mins is 5 mins to many when it comes to roy hodgson at LFC

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posted Nov 15, 2010

Why don't Liverpool get Rafa back. He's doing a great job in Italy! <doh>

No matter how bad some Liverpool fans think Roy is, he will never be as bad as Rafa...even when he's dead!

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posted Nov 15, 2010

Lol @ JeremyKyleNation

Anyways, just wanna correct this guy:

comment by BringBackFootie (U14562835)

posted 23 Hours Ago

comment by malachydoodle (U6602821)
posted 13 Hours Ago

excuse my bias, but i do believe we have the resources to get a result at the Potters. today was more about tactical naivety.

do you really? look at man u, beaten up daily by the press, supposedly a one man team, no one apart from fat-arse worth more than 20 million, and look at us - unbeaten and (admittedly) not as talented as we were, but with bucket loads of spirit, and the never-say-die attitude is still there after all these years...thats what you lot are lacking - spirit. last week you had chelsea on the run - outplayed them - torres was awesome, but what happens when you go a goal down to stoke? you end up with 9 sulkers whose heads go down... no spirit, end of...
Complete rubbish, Villa ripped MU apart 5 times in 15 minutes in hte few mins i watched in hte second half, it should have been 4 0 to Villa in 15 minutes, and maybe a 5th that went over with VDS and brown left wanting. SO dont talk about spirit, Villa young lads not the experience to keep the ball after goin 2 up, any other team in the league would have held htat league against MU.

How is it about lack of experience after going 2-0. Look, Villa took us apart not just from some fantastic play but we were giving the ball away everywhere. They didn't deserve to lose and they were overall and massively the better team. However, referring back to malachydoodle's comment - it WAS the never say die attitude that United have always had which got us back into it. This was what malachydoodle was referring to which Liverpool have completely lost. Once it was 2-0 you could just tell that Liverpool had no spirit and were not going to get back into it

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posted Nov 15, 2010

some utter garbage spouted in this thread, peach of the lot being some bonehead saying KD has no managerial experience ..

no roy shouldnt be given any longer. his negative hoofball is NOT the liverpool way. sick of seeing him on the tv actually, every time he opens his gob some rubbish spews out.

we did not leave him a team of shambles, there are world cup finalist players in our squad for crying out loud. anyone who is sucked into this media tripe that we have a poor squad need to wake up.

what are bad are the 2 aging rejects that roy brought to our team. both useless and not an improvement on what we had.

getting rid of insua and aquillani for me was the lid on the coffin nailed for roy. he has no idea.

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posted Nov 15, 2010

I think the first team of Liverpool is far better than 50% of premiership teams (no disrespect to other teams). So, what is happening? Is it RH or the players have suddenly lost their ability to play? I strongly believe that RH can't manage Liverpool. He can't manage the pressure.

We have played 13 games so far and not even one of them did we play good passing soccer. I still some believe that we have a good team that has lost confidence and needs a good manager to change their mentality but RH is not the right person to do that because he doesn't have what it takes. He is good for mid table teams. That leads me to the next question.

Was it the right decision to let Rafa go for RH? The stats can say it all. I can remember that we went so many games without playing well in one. At least, we lost sometimes after playing well under Rafa but with RH. It's so boring to watch our team play. However, will still continue to watch irrespective of who is the coach but strongly believe that RH should change his strategy or resign with some dignity.

It looks like Rafa will be back with the way things are going especially with the change of management!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted Nov 15, 2010

I think the first team of Liverpool is far better than 50% of premiership teams (no disrespect to other teams)
- - - - - - - - - - - - --
Wake up and smell the coffee <coffee>
You are living in a dream world.
The only half decent players you have is
gerrard,carragher,torres[who does nt want to be there]joe [sick note]Cole
Reyna.The rest ???
Oh i suppose Johnson is okay going forward shame he can't defend.
The only good bit of news guys is both Man utd and Chelseas squad is not as good as previous yrs.
But you are light years off the pace

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posted Nov 15, 2010

- - - - - - - - - -- - -
You made some valid points i must agree.I thinl that meirda or wot ever his name might do a gd job given time.
I agree that Roy has not helped himself but with players like lucas now a first team regular you will struggle.
Who would you replace him with ?

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posted Nov 16, 2010

2010 -
I dont agree with Lucas, I think he has the ability to become a very good player - you need to see such as what he has achieved and been awarded through his career to see the potential.
I think he is bordering as a first team choice, but to be picked for the right games, but with roy deciding to loan Aquilani out and the other choice being Poulson, you can see why he has been again pushed into this position.
Aquilani would free Gerrard,Meireles or Lucas to go into the same position.

The one thing a lot of Lucas haters seem to forget is that he has been key to LFC beating teams like Real Madrid, Manu, CFC etc especialy when we havent had players such as Gerrard fit at the time.

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posted Nov 24, 2010

poulsen is no good

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