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Im just glad i didnt....

West Ham United
by markiehammer85 (U8913032) 13 November 2010
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Im so glad i didnt fork out any of my hard earnt money on this garbage football club this season.
Club membership, tickets, whutv etc etc - stuff it!!
They are not worthy to wear the shirt i have had enough...
i thought supporting your football team was supposed to be enjoyable - ok not all the time im a realist, i appreciate we will always be somewhere between bottom and mid table but what i cant stand anymore is watching a bunch of guys who (bar noble and parker) couldnt give 2 ----- about the club and cant produce any football skill whatsoever...

Im sick of it, every weekend, every time i watch a west ham game it puts me in a foul mood and i can honestly say that i have NO FAITH at all in the team right now .. unless a miracle happens we will get related and we are in the brown stuff.

What is happening to west ham???
something has got to change.
did u notice how silent the ground was??...i say get real and save for your cash it aint worth the money.

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posted Nov 14, 2010


Whilst I agree with most of your comments I do think Grant should be given longer. In any business that has been in turmoil for years it takes time to turn things around, and what I watched of yesterdays game I thought we played well, it was entertaining end to end stuff and I am surprised nobody scored.
I also think Grant has had a bad run of the cards and as every gambler knows these things tend to even themselves out but you must be patient.
Everbody who wants Grant out has a replacement,most are not realistic as they are out of our price range, and I firmly believe you can never go back, so thats Curbs and Pardew out of it.
When the January window comes I would like to see us try to get a proven goalscore even if it`s from a lower division, say Hoolihan of Norwich, if he can score goals he will adapt to the pace ok

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posted Nov 14, 2010

Grey -

I dont appreciate your comments.

I am not a whinger, from whingerville..etc etc.

It isnt often when i come on here and rant or put the team down - but yesterday i just really had enough of the whole thing.

This is a chatboard for fans to discuss matters regarding the club team whatever - i was merely venting my frustrations at the current lack of ambition at the football club which i adore.

Course I wont walk away from them! In reality i could NEVER do that - im a west ham fan and always will be... i am just fed up with our sorry state at the momment and have like i mentioned in the post lost a lot (if not almost all) faith right now.

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posted Nov 14, 2010

Good,fair comments.I have been a WHU fan for more than 30 years and watching the games.There is no doubt in my way that this team is the worst I have experienced ever.!

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posted Nov 14, 2010

markie - sorry if you don't like my comments, but as you say, this is a message board for fans to give their opinions.

You gave yours, I gave mine.

I don't appreciate seeing West Ham described a s 'garbage football club'.

My comments weren't solely, or particularly aimed at you, but were a summation of the frustration I've felt seeing so much negativity posted on the board (much, I suspect, from serial WUMs.)

If this season is the worst you have seen us play then

a) you didn't see many games last year

b) you can count yourself lucky to be so young

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posted Nov 14, 2010

It dossn't matter how well Avram Grant says the team is playing its all about results and ours quite plainly are not good enough.
Yes, yesterday they did move the ball around well at times but if you can't stick the ball in the back of the net you're not going to win football matches.
You can whinge on about penalties we may or may not have got at Birmingham and yesterday but we also got really lucky because tv replys proved that Marlon scored a good goal
Our next win needs to come soon or its going to be an almighty uphill struggle.

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posted Nov 15, 2010

l can match the 45 years as a supporter.It really is upsetting watching the standard of football played by the West Ham team , these sub standard performances, haS been on going for 3 seasons now, half this team are only turning out for the money.Who the hell is Benny McCarthy,he's 3 years passed his sell by, plus Boa Morte ,l remember him playing for Fulham years ago these are cast off's. Is this what people who can ill afford to support the team are served up week after week,IM SORRY ITS A TAKE ON.Where are the academy players ?I will tell you they are playing for other top class clubs.Did you see Collins play for the Villa ?he played his heart out ,why did we sell him?he didnt want to go.How long can this Charade go on ??????

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posted Nov 15, 2010

Martin O'Neill would not get on with the owners. He tends to demand a lot of cash to spend on players and does not tolerate ANY kind of interference or "advice" from above.

Are we turning into West Brom? A yo yo club,waiting for that quality manager who can get the team working together with spirit and a fire in their heart.

We could do with a windfall and replace most of the team!

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posted Nov 15, 2010


You may be right on the Curbs point. I tend to agree on the 'not going back' mostly. But despite the criticism Curbs got (mostly unfair I thought)his approach was always realistic and designed to keep the club in the division.

Fact is, I don't WANT Grant to get the shove. He should be the right guy for us. S&G thought so too. He is THEIR choice. I don't think even they would want to change. But he can't buy us a win just now and as 'allthingshammers' points out we were fortunate to get the draw on Saturday.
I am prepared for the club to drop down, which looks a realistic prospect right now, and for Grant to stay, but I don't think thats going to happen. So, if it is inevitable, then better to get on with it I suppose.
I've heard Warnocks name mentioned just now. But why would he give up on QPR just now? Anyone coming in now is a hired gun 'til the end of the year. Keep 'em up and get what you want, see them drop down - paid up and move on. Whats Venables doing at the moment?

What a pain in the wotsit we should even have to discuss this. I soooo hoping for mid-table mediocrity this year!

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posted Nov 15, 2010

Whilst I agree that we are in dire straits at the moment I can not see what good it does to boo the players during the game..etc LBM who was appaling on this will only have a negative effect on the team. Also if they sack Grant who would they bring in? Someone mentioned that some sort of joke? Imagine the reception that toad would get if he turned up as manager after the Tevez affair? I for one would certainly not want him within a million miles of the club. I was waiting with my son after the game as he wanted to get autographs from the players and when Dyer came out someone had a go at him and told him to sign autographs..which he was going to do anyway. they said that as he only lasted 15 minutes he was a disgrace and yes he hasn't played that much due to injuries but if they had spoken to him they would have found out that he came off for precautionary measures as he felt his hamstring tighten and wanted to rest it up ready for the Liverpool game. To throw abuse at a player and swear in front of a lot of kids is bang out of order. Sorry small rant over!!!

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comment by Aziz (U14697804)

posted Nov 22, 2010

It's hard not to criticise or feel frustrated on the lack of improvements from last campaign, a squad with genuine quality but no industry or loyalty to the shirt England World-Cup winners embraced, West Ham are a massive club in that sense...aside from the emergence of Mark Noble once more and Scott Parker, West Ham lack anything, and it's not quality but it's belief to not concede first and cling onto leads because we do produce goof stuff...everyone's entitled to their own opinions but if anyone think's it's pointless and disloyal to criticise and put down the players then they're wrong, no way am I spending money every weekend for a team that disappoints and gets lucky to come away with draws against Blackpool (no offence to them)
we need Alan Curbishley, the Croatia boss Lesic or something, and we need to offload Boa Morte, Dyer (sorry man, too many injuries) and we need to cut some wages to respectable totals...overpaid players!

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