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Tottenham Hotspur
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Evening All,

Well not happy with that all.

We are told time and time again by Redknapp its the best squad in years.......well time to start showing it.

Our PL form is nothing short of a joke.

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posted Nov 10, 2010

Actually Harry should moan more

He should have apopletic about Steinsson's reducer on Bale, the crude tactics of Everton, especially Neville

instead, he praised 'fouling Phil'


we are too soft a touch, and time and again get bullied out of games

tho i don't think sunderland were like that last night

however, of course cattermole should have got a red, we need to get these tackles out of our game

however I'm not blaming Webb (for once :-) for costing us the game, that was our own incompetence that did that

i do blame the bolton and everton refs/officials for costing us vital points

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posted Nov 10, 2010

Fickle fans the booing lot are! Tottenham have a good squad this season, and the fact that they are having bad run at the moment does not make the squad inadequate. The set of players the Spurs have now can mix it with the big boys at any level. The spurs team (in my opinion) is one of the most determined teams in the top half of the league (second only to Chelsea). The fans who booed the spurs last night should be ashamed of themselves for betraying a team that has worked its socks off since the start of the season to be where they are now. If anything, the team deserves praise. A game against Sunderland is no walk in the park. I am an Arsenal fan, by the way.

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comment by Mathew (U14010464)

posted Nov 10, 2010

I think Spurs fans are wanting too much, too soon. You are performing admirably in the Champions League, much like a Championship club coming into the Premiership and making the most of it... ala Blackpool.

You've got to give Harry some time, he will build you a fantastic squad, like he did at Bournemouth, Pompey, etc. If you're expecting Champions League and Premiership Top 4 form, then i think your aspirations are too high.

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posted Nov 10, 2010

with comments like this it's a wonder that you arent the driving force behind claims such as "england will win the world cup" and "england's world cup hopes all ride on Wayne Rooney" cos you're all full of it!!!

this is undoubtedly the best squad of players you've seen since the klinsmann/sheringham would even say earlier than that, the lineker and gazza era!

so stop whinging and accept that from time to time football teams screw up at home, i mean chelsea have made some serious faults this year, and last! but i don't lose faith in the boss, because i know he's the best we have for Harry, EASILY the best english manager in the premier league without question, forget Hodgson!

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posted Nov 10, 2010

The spurs fans weren't disappointed with the display at all until the first goal, we we're fantastic and the only thing stopping us from running away with the game was Craig Gordon. The major parts of our disappointment included a massive lack of desire to win after the equalizer was conceded, what looked like a blatant penalty from our end of the stadium, and a terrible decision from Harry not to use his two remaining subs! Particularly with his decision to keep David Bentley (a player who I my view is barely of Championship standard at the moment) on for a full 90 mins! With Bale easily marked out of the game in the Premier League, and Lennon injured, we need the best we can get out on that right hand side at the moment, and Niko Kranjar Is our man! He may not be able to get into the first team yet this season, but he has to be given more of a chance! He has still only made one start this season! Can anyone confirm for me if this tale of Redknapp being upset with Niko for gaining weight on holiday?

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posted Nov 10, 2010

"They've seen some of the best football in recent times here, I don't think anyone can be disappointed with us."

Not even Martin Jol OR Glen Hoddle lost 4 home league games on the trot in the seasons they were sacked!

I'm definatly not suggesting Redknapp should be sacked, but how on earth can we be watching the best football from Spurs in "recent times" when we aren't winning any more games?

To me it sounds like of all people Harry is getting carried away with our performances in the Champions League. To me, the best football I could possibly see, is constantly a very good, strong side, not an incredible-giant-killing side one game, and Champoinship standard the next....

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posted Nov 10, 2010

442 would be the answer to this. 451 is good in Europe and against the top sides, but come on, against Bolton, Sunderland and Everton, especially at home, we should be playing two strikers.

I like Harry but he does annoy me with these kind of outbursts. It's not as good as it's ever been, don't get carried away with yourself. If we are to rejoice in losing at home to Wigan, away to West Ham and Bolton and only drawing at home with City, Everton and Sunderland, then I must have been enjoying the 90's and early 00's a lot more than I remember!! We are so far down on points from these games compared to last season and City and Arsenal have improved. I don't think we stand much chance of getting top four again now, yet he keeps saying that's the aim. And Spurs fans get frustrated because we have been here before Harry, we've had really good players and when we fail to get into the top european competition and compete for trophies they leave! And we don't want Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart going the way of Campbell, Berbatov et al...

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posted Nov 10, 2010

too much negativity on these posts for my liking...sure we have dropped points over the last few games, and I am sure the other sides hoping for top 4 spot will drop points as well over the season....we were behind last season and still made top 4 and I belive that with the squad we have, maybe with a couple of additions and the likes of Dawson and defoe coming back we will fight all the way for that top the same time i am really enjoying the champs league and feel that we are odds on to qualify for next round and then who knows....knock out football any thing can happen..I for one am disappointed with the run of league results but still have every faith in the players, the club abd good ole harry

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posted Nov 11, 2010

How many of you watched Man City v Man United last night - a boring O - O draw, neither side looked worthy of the title. Football is a frustrating game and Tottenham like any other club can be inconsistent. Martin Jol was their best manager and was treated disgracefully. HR is not the panacea for all Spurs's ills. Against Inter they were very good but since have not produced similar form. None of the clubs right now look inspired and that includes Chelsea,Man United and Arsenal. There is a lot of mediocrity about. Spurs will be fine and I am just happy they are doing well in Europe.

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