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Where next....

Scottish Premier Aberdeen
by NO MAD TT AM (U1657287) 08 November 2010
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So the pain of a 9-0 humiliation isn't really going away. But what is even more painful is that I have no idea where we go next?

I don't know who I would want as manager. Well I do know who I want and he isn't a realistic target (Alex McLeish)

I really really hope that MM does the right thing and walks. We simply cannot afford to sack another manager.

The positives about our youth system have next to nothing to do with MM.

I would far rather have someone in charge who can get results in the SPL.

The prices need to come down and we need to start batteling again.

Who can we get next?

I am really sad :'-( I wanted MM to work out but it just isn't I will say it again because I can't quite belive it.

That was out WORST EVER DEFEAT :'-( :'-( :'-(

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posted Nov 8, 2010

"Calderwood overstayed his welcome"

To be honest I don't think he did. The fans called for better football, chalanging the old firm, cup finals and the board listened.

The problem is that they promised all this then the budgets got slashed and to be honest MM hasn't stood a chance.

I would rather have stuck with JC until our youth player were actually ready yes they show promise but pinning out hopes on them is just a disaster!

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comment by DonsCan (U1664984)

posted Nov 8, 2010

If you pose the question on google "who are members of the Board of Aberdeen FC?", one of the sites that comes up says...The Aberdeen & District Juvenile Football Association
Nuff said.

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posted Nov 8, 2010


Can you really see a future for McGHee at the club now?

I'm not one to usually go with the sacking of managers but sometimes it just doesn't work out for either party.

I honestly think this is one of those times we need to bite the bullet and change out the manager.

I just can't see any way forward with MM right now nor 2 games away never m ind another season.

I'm gutted, I wansn't 100% confident on his appointment but I always thought it would work out a lot more positively.

I just can't see MM getti9ng the players fired up for it from now on.

I think he's lost the dressing room, so it's either he goes or every single first team player goes essentially.

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posted Nov 8, 2010

We need a young dynamic intelligent manager with a good knowledge of youth development - I would go for Derek Adams and give him a wage based on performance.

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posted Nov 8, 2010


I dont know. I odnt hink sacking him on the back of saturday will sort the mess.

But harping on about JC just irritates me and others, and I cna understand why we as dons fans are ridiculed.

I was not 100% happy with MM at the start either, not my choice. But we have to back him and support him and give him time. Not kneejerk and make things even worse!!

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posted Nov 8, 2010

I don't think it is a kneejerk reaction though he has had time!

I am not saying he should have the team playing like Barca but 1 point from 27 COME ON!!!

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comment by RTYD (U14663435)

posted Nov 9, 2010

I wanted Calderwood out and MM not succeeding doesn't make JC going a bad decision, although it should have happened two years earlier.
Stewart Milne has hardly made one decent decision in his time in charge.

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comment by Staggie (U1097714)

posted Nov 9, 2010

McGhee needs time and resources, he's had neither. We can't go about changing out managers at the drop of a hat. Stability is needed at Pittodrie, and we've yet to see that. Hibs ditched Yogi, and look what thats done - nowt. So I say stick with it, and if you are looking to change anything, change the board. Aberdeen is supposedly a rich city - why on earth can't we find any money to spend on the squad then?

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posted Nov 10, 2010

Has Milne ever heard the expresssion "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"? How ANY manager of AFC, inc. McGhee (never my first choice, but i was willing to give him a chance) is going to succeed in building a successful, winning team when the (already limited) budget is slashed like a tory/aberdeen shitty cooncil budget is beyond me.
As a businessman does he not understand that you have to SPEND money to MAKE money.
The only way forward for us now is either a season in the 1st Div (God forbid, but that's the only record that SM hasn't presided over, yet) or SM, Willie Miller (how many of his previous businesses have failed?) and the rest resign their posts and get in people with AFC and not the love of money at the fore onboard (pun not intended!!)


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