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In an England Victory Really to be Expected

International England
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It seems unfair that some are expecting a victory. This team is in a development and rebuilding phase, well at least for past 7 years. So is an England victory, really to be expected?

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comment by Kalomo (U14507313)

posted Nov 7, 2010

Lots of comments on this blog dissing positive comments about the England performance. I reckon they will look pretty silly when it comes round to the World Cup. We again have a fearsome pack which pretty much stuffed the All Blacks in the tight. We have a formidable front row, hugely talented locks (I wager that Lawes and Attowood will both be in the starting XV by the time the WC starts), and a very well balanced back row. In the backs, Youngs, Foden and Ashton are beginning to look world class, Flood is underrated and we still have Wilko and Cipriani waiting in the wings. Centres are a more of a worry though Hape is beginning to look decent and Flutey's a class act when fit. I'd also like to see Cueto tried at outside centre so we can bring some out and out speed in on his wing. Either way, we're beginning to look a really good side again. It speaks volumes that we're disappointed to have lost to the All Blacks - if we'd taken our chances we could have won that game. We can beat the Aussies and the Saffers this series. I can also see us having a great World Cup, we always do better than people expect, we're like the Germans at football. Keep the faith !

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posted Nov 7, 2010

Flood was still in pristine kit by half time - he drifts around the edges of play contributing very little and he's only a very average kicker at best. I would certainly prefer Berkely but we are woefuly short of a high quality unijured 10 Cueto, I'm afraid, no longer offers much of a threat. Very pleased with Sheridans efforst after injury, amazed in fact

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comment by Zaid (U14676909)

posted Nov 7, 2010

Same old myths being voiced by NH supporters:

Not sure what manipulation of the rules has been going on but my recollection is that NH objections resulted in the binning of the experimental laws. Those laws would have allowed for a far greater number of scrums at the expense of penalties (teams free to choose tap&go or scrum). I remember thinking that it allowed for a much more forward focussed game when I watched the now defunct Australian Rugby Championship. Could it be because NH prefer to get their points from penalties rather than tries? Furthermore, both the Eng v NZ and Wales v Aus games were refereed by NH refs so what's the problem Isengard. Not sure what rugby league influence are you referring to? The game (League) has virtually no following in SA and only a very limited following in NZ (mainly around Auckland). Further, I thought the IRB Council had a NH majority given that the 6N + Italy have 13 seats whilst the 3N + Canada, Japan (assuming these two side with SH) and Argentina only have 9.

Usual falsehoods (MfC) about average age also (someone must have said it once, it may have been true for a fleeting moment and it's repeated ad nauseam). Let's look at the figures

Run on sides:
England - av. age 27.46
NZ - av. age 27.53

England - av. age 26.14
NZ - av. age 25.86

Don't see much difference there lads.

Sorry Kalomo, you're more like England's football team than Germany's. You should watch a bit more rugby before calling the back line world class.

2011 World Cup - my guess is a repeat of the '87 final with NZ beating France and SA thumping Aus in the 3rd place playoff.

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comment by Oliver (U4607573)

posted Nov 7, 2010

<<Sorry Kalomo, you're more like England's football team than Germany's.>>

What? Good between tournaments, but then bottle it under the expectation when the tournament itself comes round?

No, that's not us. Sounds a little bit like someone else, though, now you mention it...

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posted Nov 7, 2010

True...whereas we are just carp all the time

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comment by AH63 (U14677896)

posted Nov 7, 2010

Was at Twickenham yesterday and enjoyed the game. What were people's thoughts on the singing of Sweet Chariot to drown out the Hakka? Personally I thought it was a great shame, especially for those in the crowd who have never seen it live before, as it does send tingles down the spine... Also, is it disrespectful? To my mind it is, but would like to hear other people's views?

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posted Nov 7, 2010

AH1963 Iwas at HQ yesterday and yes it was a pity that England fans sang to drown out the Hakka,
but for me the biggest shame was the sight of nz fans throwing drinks holders and a plastic glass ove the top of the first tier, after being asked by a steward to take theie drinks off of the ledge in front of them.

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posted Nov 7, 2010

If were suppose to be building for the future, then why are the likes of Tindall and Fourie in the team!? Palmer was in for his 'line-out abilities'(Kennedy would have had a field day) but didnt trouble the AB's 1 bit(. wasn't impressed with Hape but he played ok. Still think England need an openside in the mould of Pocock or Brussow but it just seems we dont have 1. Easter did a few good things but still would like him out of the team as our backrow was nowhere near as dynamic as the AB's. Perhaps a back row of Robshaw, Saull/S.Armitage, DWS next game? best english outside centre over the past year or so has been Matt Smith.

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posted Nov 9, 2010

I've never known there be such bitterness and snide comments on this blog before.

I watched the game on Saturday and enjoyed every minute. I'm a very proud englishman and true supporter of not only England rugby but rugby in general. AB's have looked very good for some time now, forbidable in 3N's and won well at the weekend, on for a Grand Slam.

England gave a bloody good performance and though they were far from the same standard, did well against the best in the world, i didn't realistically expect them to win, but i was glad to see the created chances and if those get finished, we will cause anyone problems.

World cup is round the corner and dare anyone to try and predict it, it's just too hard... England made it to last final on sheer determination and experience (and France beating AB's) AB's always favourites at any RWC but people raise their game to play the best and as history shows, magic can happen (France 1999, Aus 2003 & France 1999)

So put the swords away people, it's a great game and from the rugby i've watched so far can't wait for next week.

Bring on the Aussies!!

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