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Lewis and Button will probably miss out but

Formula One
by LongChop (U13666088) 01 November 2010
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To start with I am a Lewis, Button and Mclaren fan as I am English and blinded by my loyalty for my fellow country men. If they were all A-holes that wouldn't be the case though as I'm not that blind, but they seem nice fellows and a nice company.

I don't think they can win either the WDC or WCC baring a mechanical falure or accident from either Alonso or Webber.

Do you think they could play a major part in who takes the crown this year. If Hamilton or Button manage to get on the podium in the next couple of races and take points off the top players could they have a major say in who takes the title.

What do you think? Am I being over optimistic? I don't think they can match the Red Bulls but what about the Red Devils.

I'd rather Webber take the title as he is getting old and comes across as a nice guy, but I don't think he is as good a driver as Alonso.

Alonso I feel is the better driver to take the title but i'd rather he didn't as he moans when he isn't getting his way and Ferrari are a one driver team and dont allow racing giveing their favoured driver wins when they haven't earnt the win when they can.

Mclaren seemed quite quick in practice in Korea but slow when the rain fell. It's usually the other way round slower dry than wet. Has the upgrades changed the way the car responds to wet/dry situations?

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posted Nov 2, 2010

All this talk of breaking down and taking each other out is nonsense. Lets have good, clean racing which will sort the men from boys.As abrit I would like to see Lewis or Jenson win WDC,if not then it must be Mark. I look forward to next 2 races.Good luck.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

aforeigner "As for second, personally I'd rather have a 21 points lead with only 50 points more available." Spot on.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

I'm a Lewis fan so really want him to win, but as the OP says, I can't see him doing it.

Problem is Button is even further behind so his chances are basically, 0%!

The hard part for me is I do not like both Webber and Alonso. Alonso is a big cry baby who HAS to be No.1 driver or he spits his dummy out. He is not a sportsman.

As for Webber, well he had nothing but insults and jibes to give to Hamilton in Lewis's debut season, which was basically bullying.

I'd like Vettel to do it if not Lewis.

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comment by Sortit (U6820024)

posted Nov 2, 2010

Anyone but Alonso would be a more worthy winner of the F1 Drivers WC.
One driver teams have their own championship, it's called the Constructors.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

It's been a great season, but with the new points system it's hard to tell who really has been the best.

RB has been the quickest car for sure, but the realiabilty has been it's pitfall. Plus the reluctance (understandable) to back one driver might just cost them the drivers title.

For me Alonso is the best pound-for-found driver, then LH then Vettel. Hats off to Webber who has matured as a driver this year, and in my opinion is the most improved on the grid..

I've done the maths and it really is too close to call, if Webber wins in Brazil and Nando comes 3rd, the gap will be a mere 4 points going to Abu Dabi.

I want Alonso to take the crown, but I think (knowing F1) that the balance will swing back in RB's favour.

One thing I'm sure off it that it'll be ANOTHER great season ending!

p.s. Anyone else getting anoyed @ Button and all the excuses? "The tyres were cold", "The balance isn't right" or "I was blocked" bla bla bla. IT'S NEVER HIS FAULT.

They say that he's a quick driver, but everything needs to be hooked up for him to deliver. I'm sure Adrian Sutil could win a title, if it was all hooked up for him!

He doesn't race anyone, he just goes round and round steadily and relies on breakdowns to get good points. Jenson, DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!!

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posted Nov 2, 2010

Hamilton's best hope of giving him a shout of the title is for him to win in Brazil, and hope that both Alonso and Webber fail to finish. The weather looks like it will be wet, which should favour both Mclaren (who should have the faster car in the wet) and Lewis, who loves to drive in the wet. Either way, Brazil looks to be serving up another cracking grand prix. Has there ever been a dull Grand Prix at Interlagos? Seriously, has there?

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posted Nov 2, 2010

Driver championship will go to Alonso but I do not know which team will win construction championship. For Hamilton, he can win Driver Championship if Kamikaze Vettel takes Alonso car and Webber’ car with him to the hell and Hamilton win the Brazil GP.
As being Aussie I want Mark to win 2010 Championship but on the other hand I want Red Bull to lose both Championships because Red Bull team is arrogant and discriminated Mark Webber. The Red Bull boss said if Mark Webber was leading the point and then they will give Bumper to Mark when they took front Bumper from Mark and given to Vettel. Now Mark was leading the point and only two races left. Vettel has no hope to win the Driver Championship but Red Bull is refusing to back Mark. Is Red Bull is racist? May be because Mark is Aussie and do not speak German. 2010 is big damage for Red Bull reputation.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

Anyone but Vettel pls....smiley

I,d like Hamilton to do it if not Alonso.

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comment by Laroja (U14627597)

posted Nov 3, 2010

I would love to see Jenson take out Alonso, then maybe a good out fashioned scrap like truilli and sutil last year!!!!!! :D

For Button to take Alonso out he has to manage to be in his vicinity and considering the way things are... I think Button will have to do with watching him fly ahead.
I had my doubts, but after the last few races I am fully convinced that the most deserving driver to get the DWC is Fernando Alonso. And hope he will.

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