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World Series Game 4

by god is my co pilot (U14646977) 01 November 2010
Giants v Rangers
31 October 2010
Arlington, Texas
Star of the show:
Bumgarmer / Huff
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Awesome pitching by the 21 year old, amazing defense, timely hitting by Huff, Posey , have a night Renteria.

The Texas crowd did not know what hit them, the Rangers team could not figure out young Maddison, the Rangers blanked in their own ballpark...not done all season i think i am right in saying?

where has Edgar been all season, i know injured, but, if he is to retire @ the end of this season, he is going out all guns blazing! Huff as DH, good decision by Bochy, the panda can not handle it i think? he is still young, and Huff has done it before.

8 shut out innings by Bumgarmer, and Brian "fear the beard" Wilson closed out the victory.

Bring on game 5, bring on 2 of the best pitchers either league has to offer, in Lee and Lincecum. Bring the World Series to San Francisco.....oh how the pesky Padres must be feeling right now???

Go Giants, i hope work is quiet so i can sit back and watch the game on, still i think 5live will have live look ins as i do not have 5live SX in the car.

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posted Nov 1, 2010

Whilst I've been happy with the results so far (because of my giants soft spot) I find myself hoping that Lee can extend this series, if only to have more baseball to watch.

The freak looked real shaky in his last start and with Lee back on regular rest I want to believe there is more life in this series.

Oh, and Oakland blanked the Rangers in August...dont take that away from us!...we need everything we can get...

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posted Nov 2, 2010

Don't get me wrong, I love sports and quite like baseball. But how can this seriously be considered a World Series? Football (or soccer as it is known in the USA), athletics and golf do actually have international appeal and therefore could justify being termed world sports. But not baseball though I do regard it as a good blue collar sport and one which I would attend if I lived stateside.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

Hello John,

It has been called the World Series since 1903. No one else in the world played baseball at the time so the title was certainly warranted.


"Although the "Fall Classic" as we know it didn't begin until 1903, Major League Baseball had several versions of a post-season championship series before that. In 1884, the Providence Grays of the National League outplayed the New York Metropolitan Club of the American Association in a three game series for what was originally called "The Championship of the United States." Several newspapers penned the Grays as "World Champions" and the new title stuck."

I think it's a great name for a championship right up there with the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup and The Open. I wouldn't read too much into it.

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