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Manchester City

Premier League
by citeh4me (U13662201) 30 October 2010
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Congrats to Wolves,they played well and deserved the result.Not trying to wind up,but frustrated with the team today,I think today is the first time for me I am worried about Mancini,he looked clueless,from his team line up to his substitutions.
Mancini publicly stated this week we will not win the league!We won't on this form and his selections!

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posted Oct 31, 2010

History repeating itself. Adebeyour had one good season at Arsenal and then missed so many chances it looked like he was doing it on purpose.

Good season at MC last year, now he's missing sitters again.

How you miss Tevez. Worth at least two men to any team. Scores goals, works harder than anyone.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

comment by Yurilly -_- I am a wumaniser (U14322011)
posted 37 Minutes Ago
Money will never buy you success. It will greatly help to bring success, but it is what happens on the pitch that truly matters. City should aim as high as they can this season, but should be happy with a top four finish. Then you can bring in a top manager and top players. It was the position we were in before Abramovich came in and invested all the money.


<laugh> From a Chelsea fan?

You were never a regular top 4 team before Abramovich but now you compete for the league every year and reach the latter stages of the CL.

Bring in top players and a top manager?

City already have a top manager who is in all honesty too good for the club. He used to manage Inter, now he manages Man City, that is a step down no matter how you look at it.

What top manager did you have in mind? And more top players?

Who are these top players who are going to magically make City champions?

I wouldn't mind seeing you lot in the CL, but if you don't make 4th this season the wheels are really going to come off the bandwagon.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

Mancini isn't a top manager so CL looks unlikely.

If we were happy with EL then we should have kept Hughes.

The problem is that Gary Cooke brought in Hughes then Mancini, he is the link back to the owners and if he admits he has got it wrong again he goes so he will pan it out for as long as possible.

We need a top manager, simple as that.


How can you demand that you need a top manager?

Mancini IS a top manager, who managed the biggest club in Italy and won 3 scudetto titles.

Are you forgetting who you are? You are Man City, you seem to think because you have the richest owners you now have an entitlement to demand the best of everything.

In truth, despite the Sheikh's money, Man City haven't actually achieved anything they haven't already, you failed in the race for 4th and you've been in the UEFA Cup before anyway.

It's the same old City, except you have the most expenively assembled squad of all time and a wage bill higher than United and City.

What makes you think Mancini isn't good enough for City? In truth Mancini is too good for City and he knows it.

You often criticise other fans for wanting instant success and here you are now, claiming scudetto winner Mancini isn't good enough for the mighty Man City.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

comment by FootballManagementConsultant MUFC OK (U14170688)


donít concern yourself with us mate, we are the richest club in the world and our owners want success now and that means getting the best manager MONEY can buy.

You look at what has happened to MGM and look at the striking familiarities between them and you lot, James Bond last movie made $360m profit but they still had to stop production on the latest movie Bond23 as the MGM debt had spiralled out of control.

Your one saving grace is Ferguson, he is the finger in the dyke as so to speak.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

comment by bluedefence (U12668109)


You're not the richest club in the world, your a club with the richest owners. The two things are completely different.

And if your greatest claim to fame is bragging bout how much money you have then that is rather sad, and hypocritical considering how you baulked at United for having so much.

All this Sheikh money is meaningless, nothing has been achieved yet and your football is worse to watch than Chelsea under Mourinho.

You couldn't buy anyone or even pay your players' wages without the Sheikh, Man City itself is not rich at all.

You could of at least engaged in discussion, instead of going of on a tangent as usual with your wishful rant about United's apparent looming demise.

Comparing MGM and Man United is about as pointless comparison as you can make.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

So if a player is denied a "scoring opportunity" why not just award a penalty irrespective of where the offence is committed? thatís proportionate isnít it?

These sending off's for professional fouls ruin games and football is an entertainment business.

Well in theory anyway.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

Well done Mick. He's not wrong, Wolves are playing some good stuff this term. Mick has been adopting a little of the Jose technique, creating a siege mentality at Wolves, an 'Us against them' scenario. It's working. It certainly keeps the Premiership more interesting.

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posted Oct 31, 2010

FootballManagementConsultant MUFC OK (U14170688)

"From a Chelsea fan?"

Yes this is coming from a Chelsea fan. Better from a fan of a club who knows what it's like to have a sudden and huge cash injection into a club rather than a bitter rival who probably has never even been to his home ground before.

"You were never a regular top 4 team before Abramovich but now you compete for the league every year and reach the latter stages of the CL."

Doesn't matter. We finished in the top 4 in the Champoions League so we were a top 4 team before he bought us and hence Champions League quality.

"Bring in top players and a top manager?"

A manager will never suceed with an English club if he struggles to speak the language. Yes he is a good manager, but not in the same league as Ancelotti, Ferguson, Hiddink, Mourinho, Wenger etc. He benefitted in Italy due to Juventus being relegated and losing quite a few of their top players, including Inter taking a few themselves.

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comment by Peekay (U2643396)

posted Nov 1, 2010

what made me laugh was in the BBC report, that "the result dealt a blow to their title aspirations". City are way off the pace of Chelsea and United, just as much as we (Spurs) are.

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posted Nov 2, 2010

I'll follow Ronaldo, Kaka & Xabi Alonso wherever they play!

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