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Rafa Returns

Champions League
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Rafael Benitez returns to England on Tuesday night as his Inter Milan side take on Spurs at White Hart Lane.

The Spaniard is gradually rebuilding a reputation that took a bit of a hammering in his final year at Liverpool.

He's taken on the impossible job in succeeding Jose Mourinho but seems to have made a decent start.

The jury's still out though...

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posted Nov 3, 2010

I thought you lot prided yourselves on not calling for a manager to go etc...

This time last year you had a large portion of fans calling for Rafa to go, and now not even 10 league games into a job you are all shouting for the next manager to go.

Give the bloke time, a few results and the confidence will build and you may string a decent run together, you may just escape relegation yet! (had to throw the last bit in being a rival, but the main point was serious)

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posted Nov 3, 2010

comment by fowlerisgod101 (U14539634)
posted 3 Hours Ago


Ok, all the bad signings by Rafa. Not in any particular order....but here goes:

fowler is god - I cant even be bothered attempting to answer your post after breifly reading it, its a load of--- and you know it!

The point I was mostly expressing has already been answered by Hodgson by a public appology to Rafa..

So Roy did start the war on words.
and yet again made LFC look like a laughing stock by starting it and then having to appologies.

and just when you thought 1 media disater has finished, you read him quoting that it looks a difficult task on paper for us to beat teams like Utrecht..

He just doesnt seem to know when to put a pipe in it....

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posted Nov 3, 2010

Mind in the windows Timo, I'm not sure who you think I'm doing a discredit to, I haven't commented on my thoughts on Hodgson. Just that I think it is fair to reserve judgement until he has been in the job a bit longer. Why do so many people seem to think that someone with a differing opinion is anti this or anti that. Personally I think everyone's opinion is valid. The fact that you don't seem to think mine is valid says more about you than me.

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posted Nov 3, 2010

Portlandbill, Mr I'm not even going to bother responding to someone's thread as it's rubbish but hasn't even read it. Happy to lambast someone but with now answers of your own. Happy to spout your own opinion but not happy to hear anyone else's.
I asked you some questions in my response to your inaccurate ramblings. So give me some answers? No you chose to ignore me because I disproved your points too easily. If you can't have a sensible discussion without resorting to playground language leave the boards.

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posted Nov 3, 2010

D Holmes - You are completly wrong and you know it.

I read your two points above and one of them you agree with me
the other you are stating its will be the same as the worse RUN in 2 matches, this means quite simply its not.

Im not summising about what may happen like you are, just pointing out what has happened.

Just as others have stated about you,
Dont you let a little thing like facts get in the way of your

And If you think that its acceptable for a manager to play 5 new signings AND a different formation to what anyone in the team was used to, against such teams as Arsenal, City, United & Everton - then expect a good result to come from it - put it this way, you dont have to be a manager for 35yrs to realise that its a mighty old risk - I find that very strange for you not to think it weakens any teams chances in any team sport.

ps - you approached me in the first place, so if your not happy with my comments, its very easy what you can do!

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posted Nov 4, 2010


If you cannot be bothered to read something, then how do you know its a load of old??? Then you have no reason to respond.

You make some points, which I do reply to and you ignore it, continuing to go on about how rubbish Roy is after 10 games. Its called a discussion. If you want to have a sensible one, please do reply in a sensible manner.

Of course, Rafa never said anything to the media that made him look stupid, like you say Roy has???

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posted Nov 4, 2010

are you a sock?

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posted Nov 4, 2010

To be honest Fowlerisgod, I think we're wasting our breath. The Portlandbill was picking up soundbites and trying to build arguments out of them. He'll quote your opinion as you saying it's a fact and dismiss anything you say as rubbish if it doesn't fit his agenda. As you say, it's a discussion, he just wanted to argue.

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posted Nov 4, 2010


I do appologise i you think i didnt read your post, I read it and the point i was trying to make was that you have listed about 70 players as bad signings and only 4 as good - you know that most of the players you mentioned are actualy youth players and the like.

So my immediate arguement back is, if they were bad signings, then they were good sales!

But more so, to put forward an arguement that the only decent signings by Rafa amounts to 4, well no one apart from DHolmes (who seems to either follow you or have it in for mesmiley) will agree with that as a fair arguement.

so yet again, i didnt mean to show dissrespect to you, but still stand that, that arguement was very poor, sorry.

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posted Nov 4, 2010

@ D Holmes

I dont want to argue with you......

I dont agree with you, and at the time im typing this, its the 2nd half of the Napoli game, if your watching.

Please give me some positive out of it, cause there are hundreds of supporters on other pages at this moment who are not very happy with the managment, formation, team selection and tactical approach of hodgson, but 35mins left, who knows

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