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Premier League Manchester United
by Michaeel (U14421146) 24 October 2010
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Our first away win of the season!

Hard fought win against a tough team, but i must say that was one of the worst midfield/passing performances i have seen from utd in a while. May be im being glass half empty but kind of ironic that our best passer gave a pass away for their goal. Vidic and ferdinand where solid, neville and o'shae were rubbish, midfield was awful, lack of movement and passing was, well lets just say it was not the best.

Berbatov did ok, some nice touches but feeding of scraps. Hernandez with two quality goal poachers goals.

All in all, poor performance but a good win!

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posted Oct 24, 2010

Stoke away is almost an entirely different proposition than Stoke at home.

They have a terrific record there.


Stoke record at home 2 1 2.
Stoke record away 1 0 3.

You can't really say that Stoke are "terrific" at home.

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posted Oct 24, 2010

Man u may have logged up their first away win of the season a bit late, but they are the only yet unbeaten side in the PL. Significant!



For one thing, it is possible to go undefeated for an entire season and get relegated with 38 points.

Besides, United have yet to face any quality sides. The best teams you've faced have been WBA, Sunderland, and Bolton.

If you're still undefeated once you start playing the better teams in the league (Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, etc) then you can start bragging about how "undefeated" you are.

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posted Oct 24, 2010

Good result today.

Really hostile environment and Stoke were really up for it.

They closed us down well and worked hard all over the pitch.

Our midfield weren't that great but I think credit should go to Stoke for that as much as our own failings.

They didn't let us settle on the ball and we had to really work for a well deserved win.

Aside from the Tuncay effort they didn't offer enough going forward for me and we always looked likely on the break to get something.

Really impressed with Hernandez today. I wasn't sure how he'd fare against a big physical side like Stoke but he stood up to it really well.

A brace away to Stoke is hardly something to turn your nose up at.

Great performance from him.

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posted Oct 24, 2010

Undefeated, second and a bucket load of goals behind Chelsea...significant? I think so.

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comment by DAVE (U14587144)

posted Oct 24, 2010

midfield has been rubbish even when ronaldo was there. people didn't recognise co he bailed us out.




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posted Oct 24, 2010

What! United want a whole new team, so are you saying that Ferguson has got it wrong and Rooney is now picking the team or perhaps you should let a rich Arab buy your team, are United living in envy of their neighbours and spending to keep up appearances. Chelsea have built up a reserve of good young players, where are United's? It seems United are reverting back to the tactic that was used by them season in season out especially when teams like City and Chelsea had no money to spend. Only problem is..both the blues can now pay more for that telling purchase...Essien, Mikel much is that doggy in the window...

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posted Oct 24, 2010

comment by LondonsFinestClub (U11217560)
posted 36 Minutes Ago
I think United are delighted to have won this and all complaining aside they are happy to be just five points behind the champions and double winners Chelsea. I believe Arsenal, City and Chelsea are better sides than United at present and Spurs are under huge pressure not to become also rans if they lose next week. I think that United really missed out on an opportunity to sign a quality midfielder to Spurs and it could come back to haunt them. However, Harry has a habit of rolling over for Alex doesn't he? I'm not being biased but I believe Chelsea are head and Shoulders above United although that Mexican lesbian is a decent instinctive striker and capable of a few rescues but United will no longer dominate games and merely hope to steal results. That may change and you may buy one or two players but unless you get Torres, Essien and Ashley Cole, Forget it...Chelsea are going to stamp their mark over this season again. When's the retirement party for Scoles, Van Der Sar,Neville and Giggs. I think Chelsea's new batch of youngsters should be invited to wish them well, sorry what was that Ferguson was saying about Chelsea last season?


I'm not even sure why you bother posting on here.

Every comment you make reads like an ill-thought out monologue with no paragraphing or common thread. Just a series of rambling statements that are in general complete and utter ****.

But then again why would anyone take you seriously when a Chelsea fan has a username entitled 'LondonsFinestClub', everyone knows Arsenal are.

13 titles to 4 says it all.

As well as the bigger fanbase, bigger stadium, significantly higher club value and larger revenues, better football and not being bankrolled by a sugar daddy.

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posted Oct 24, 2010

LondonsFinestClub (U11217560)

I believe one of our promising youngsters just scored two goals today?

If you missed it i believe Match Of The Day 2 will be showing them ok

Besides, i'd take;


Over the stellar (laugh) youngsters you guys are producing.

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posted Oct 25, 2010

Neville should have gone...the ref was United's 12 man. Shameful!

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