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can we still have points deducted???

Premier League Liverpool
by elbobo1st (U13742200) 14 October 2010
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im really confused with this matter, however, hopefully these selfish greedy people will be gone by tommorow

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posted Oct 14, 2010

Like to know where you read that. From everything that I have read, NESV have only stated that they will clear the clubs debt with RBS. That still leaves 40M debt. I have not read anywhere that they will inject capital. Unlike Mr Lim.

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posted Oct 14, 2010


The problem with a single investor is he could go down in a notoriously dodgy aerophlot flight tomorrow...

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posted Oct 14, 2010

I guess this an updated reality tv version of the soap opera "Dallas".

So how will this end? Is it all a dream and we wake up in the shower...or will it be another cliffhanger posing the question "who shot H&G?"

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comment by staygold (U535152)

posted Oct 14, 2010

"NO TO MODERN FOOTBALL" reads the banner on the Kop.

Yet when there's the possibility that an owner won't buy players in the 20 million plus bracket, or pay Gerrard and Torres 130K a week, the toys come out the pram.

City and Chelsea buy their success, but Liverpool allowing Rafa to spend a quarter of a BILLION pounds in his time there apparently leaves them as the plucky underdogs.

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posted Oct 14, 2010

I have heard a number of Liverpool fans over the last week say that they would be happy to see their club default on the loan and go into administration, as it is a surefire way of getting a rid of Gillett and Hicks. As RBS would gain power of attorney and be free to sell the club to whomever they saw fit.

Whilst there are no doubt a lot of fans who would say there is no need now that new owners have been found, it is clear that Gillett and Hicks could keep the deal tied up in knots in the courts for months if they so chose with appeals bouncing back and forth. The administration would be a quick solution and a nine point deduction would not make a huge difference to Liverpools season since they are not 'realistically' going to be challenging for a Champions league place this season (Anyone who thinks new owners would wave a magic wand and the team would suddenly change over night and win every game is as deluded as the Yankee's!)

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posted Oct 15, 2010

Am a bit tired of this story now, so hope the sale now goes through today.
Then we can get on with FOOTBALL, instead of all the associated excuses from the Liverpool faithful when they lose to Everton laugh

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comment by Malc (U1678304)

posted Oct 15, 2010

"What people are missing with this latest action by H +G is that the action they have taken in the states is not to prevent Kop Holdings from selling, it is to prevent J W Henry from buying."

Actually not. The judgement (see link on page one) specifically states the Defendents as being the board members.

They are trying to stop them and RBS from selling the club by threatening them with a future possibility of Breach of Order.

Do consider that RBS have a lot of dealings in the US and the last thing that need is to have anything any everything in the future blocked by the US Courts because they have breached a court order.

This is how the Dallas court has power over this situation. They don't have juristiction over the Club, Kop Holdings or anyone else. But they can promise to make life hell for RBS.

This is a very astute move by G&H (one one that I appreciate as a football fan, I hasten to add) but it effectively stops RBS getting involved for the time being.

And, of course, RBS have this threat of a $1.6bn claim against them now, so they have to tread very carefully. And I do mean very carefully.

NESV, to clarify matters, weren't mentioned as Defendents in this case. And, anyway, this would only cause legal difficulties for H&G if they tried to stop a particular named person(s) from buying the club without good legal reason.

They can try, and have, to stop their own (current) possession from being sold.

Hope that this helps.

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posted Oct 15, 2010

A few years ago I was on the top deck of a bus in Liverpool on my way to a champions league game surrounded by Liverpool supporters smugly telling me that Chelsea had flogged its behind to a Russian sugar daddy and that would never ever happen to great untouchable team.Seems to me that now your lot would flog their behind and any thing else going to stay in the premiership. Not so smug now are you.

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