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Scotland, can we qualify?

Euro 2012 Scotland
by Magoo86 (U14582205) 12 October 2010
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Whats the opinion of the Scottish supporters- we can't qualify anymore or can we still edge out the czech republic?

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posted Oct 14, 2010


From what I have read, there has only been ONE comment to that effect from an Englishman!

Maybe on other pages there are more?

Anyway, just ignore them!

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comment by stuart (U14640907)

posted Oct 14, 2010

of course scotland can get to the play offs ..spian will thump the other sides in the group and as long as scotland win the next three games ,we will be in the play offs before we go to spian

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comment by Macca2 (U10139278)

posted Oct 14, 2010

PragueImp - there are 2 or 3, which is 2 or 3 too many.

Tomslaford has posted his usual anti-Scottish tripe. Not sure what his problem is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with his mother and a big man sporting a kilt. Left the wee ned with an inferiority complex it seems.

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comment by minty (U14648613)

posted Oct 14, 2010

some of houston's comments were a disgrace. why not comment on the tactics used in prague. if we had won the game with those tactics then they would ogladly accepted the praise. we have a right to know why they played like that. there is no point congratulating the players and saying they were magnificent, at the end of the day, we lost both games, and to be honest no other result in either looked like happening.

it's no good having abright future all the time, it's a bright present i'm looking for !

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posted Oct 14, 2010

I keep banging on the drum that if we play like we did against Spain we will take Czech, Lithuania and Lechitenstein to town. Thing is we probably won't but if we do second place will be secured.

With England struggling in there group and likely to drop points against Wales, we could finally get that England v Scotland play-off and abit of revenge.

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posted Oct 14, 2010

I came on here to write my view, but Whitenab has got there before me - almost word for word.

9 points from 12 would require the greatest run of consistency from a Scotland side since that glorious purple patch back in 2007 (pumped Lithuania, France and Ukraine in a row). It IS possible, but given our genius ability to shoot ourselves in the foot it really is unlikely.

Still, I'll be there screamin' like a numpty for every tie!

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posted Oct 14, 2010

No Scotland will not qualify nor will we ever qualify again for a major tournament until we get enough decent players.
Top development ,coaching and talent scouting are required. Too many non believers and backward thinkers in the Scottish system for that.

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posted Oct 15, 2010

We have a great chance of finishing second, the important thing scotland needs to do is win the next 2 home games and beat liechtenstein then hope hope spain beat the czechs twice and that would keep them off our backs and also for spain to beat lithuania and that will keep them away to. I have no doubts Spain will win those 3 games and they will no doubt win the group but its going to be a close battle for 2nd place thats one thing. Lets pray that 2nd place will come to us.

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posted Oct 18, 2010

My predictions .....

1 Spain
2 Czech Rep
3 Lithuania
3 Scotland
5 Lichensteain

Can see Lithuania and Lichenstein taking points from Scotland

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