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Northern Ireland
by millwallniall (U13932406) 12 October 2010
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Aaron Hughes.
Chris Brunt.
Steve Davis.

Hang your head in shame.

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

They had no interest in making any effort during that game. I was ready to pull my hair out with the lack of effort (especially with Davis).

They seemed to think that they would win out there easily enough.

Lafferty was the only player to have any credit from that match.

Pathetic. No excuses.

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comment by McBurke (U9947535)

posted Oct 12, 2010

time to have an all-ireland soccer team


None of the NI players would get in it, except maybe Evans and Brunt

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posted Oct 12, 2010


you talk jimmy white !!

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posted Oct 12, 2010

Typical Northern Ireland, It is always the small teams that cost us our chances to get the big finals. 2 years ago latvia and iceland beat us and yet we go unbeaten against denmark and sweden and we beat spain. I agree with the post Davis, Hughes, Brunt and Evans and Baird were all aawful today. Things have to change lesser teams cant stop costing us our chances.

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posted Oct 12, 2010

We have a team of bottlers, we get into a chance of qualifying or at the start of campaigns, don't perform.

I don't understand why we play 5 centre halfs away to the faroes, we needed at least one attacking full back, even Gavin McCann at left back as he wouldn't have had much defending to do.

Baird really shouldn't have played, i would have had McCann in the team, at least he has a shot and a good shot.

Our problem generally is we aren't good enough, especially against teams who sit in, we have no pace and don't have anyone who can beat a man and don't have anyone who can score goals.

Basically the Faroes did to us what we did to Italy.

Very disappointing, can we take any positives, not from the performance i don't think so, but we have 5 points from 9 and we would have took that at the start, but its very annoying, 7 would have put us right in the mix.

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posted Oct 13, 2010

Lafferty was, in my opinion, the best player on the pitch. He was able to get himself into positions in order to create some great chances. On another day, he would have easily had a hit-trick, but that little piece of luck which Northern Ireland always needs wasn't there in this match. Plus, he is not afraid to weave his way around and hold off defenders in order to get a shot away. If he keeps this up and continues to control his temper, I would continue to to give him the No. 9 shirt and let the other strikers battle it out as to who will partner him up-front.

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posted Oct 13, 2010

Totally inept performance by Northern Ireland, Lafferty was the only player who tried.

In my opinion we didnt have enough players in the squad for these two games that were capable to come in and add some quality to the midfield and attack.

Below is a list of players why for some reason our negative manager continues to leave out.

Ivan Sproule(Great pace what you need to get in behind defenses like the Faroes)

Jamie Ward (Skillful and trickey, with pace and an eye for goal)

Dean Shiels (good passer of the ball, creative and also an eye for goal)

Martin Paterson (hard working, can score goals and has pace)
Jeff Hughes (good left foot and also has pace)
Oliver Norwood(good passer, good vision and well coached at Man Utd)

I wish Mr Worthington would tell us why these players have been discarded or not picked.

ps Most of them playing week in week out for there clubs(unlike Healy Feeney Gorman and Little)

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posted Oct 13, 2010

In fairness to the Faroe Islands, they were very well organised under manager Brian Kerr, and actually played some decent football as well.

Kerr got a lot of unfair critism when he managed the Republic of Ireland team, but I think he showed tonight that he has a lot to offer at international level.

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posted Oct 13, 2010

Agreed. It looks like Worthy is trying to build a team based on players who are signed by teams at the highest level available, even though they are not necessarily getting games. Maybe its about time that Worthy took a reality check and picked his squad based on who is playing well at their team, week-in-week-out, nomatter what league they are from. Obviously start from players in Premiership/Championship to make up the squad, then work your way down the leagues until there is a full squad of regularly players who are performing well at club level.

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posted Oct 13, 2010

Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington hit out at the attitude of his players after being held to a 1-1 draw by the Faroe Islands in Toftir.

Quite a change! Isn't Worthington usually bubbling over with praise for his team, whether they win,lose or draw? Isn't he usally "proud" of his players?

Aren't the Faroe Islands a household word in world football/soccer? Lighten up Nigel!
laugh, laugh, laugh

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posted Oct 13, 2010

A very BIG Shock for northern ireland, nigel its the bloody FAROE ISLANDS and you cant even beat them?? Two good points droped.

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