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Martin Kaymer- Something special..

by KingsholmLad4Eva (U13743902) 10 October 2010
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Hiya all. After watching Martin Kaymer now win three consecutive tournaments ( 4 including the Ryder Cup) , I begin to wonder just how long it will be before he gets to the top of the rankings. He played unbelievably well again today and just makes things look so easy. He also has the great mental strength to cope under pressure hence the nickname ' ice man ' . The commentary team today also believe that he will win many, many majors and will stay at world number 1 for a very long time.
I just wanted to create this post to see what all you huge golf fans think of Martin and what he will achieve and his potential. Because many people today seem to be talking of Westwood and only him. Perhaps rightly so as he deserves to be no1, but Martin Kaymer for me is a very special player. One that others are going to have a very hard time stopping.

Thanks for reading chaps and looking forward to reading all your thoughts!

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posted Oct 12, 2010

for the record im not tiger fan-im not saying that westwood isnt a very skillful player..he just cant win when it matters ever..only tournment he won in usa in years was after he was gifted it by garrigos dropping 3 shots in last hole..great in ryder cup until last day, lost his head last year in open when he could have 2 putted for playoff..donald as someone mentioned earlier is another classic examlpe of player with no not saying there not very good consistant players but world no 1 standard is stretch..they should hang out with fowler for while if they want to know how to play under pressure..poulter is only english player with nerve to win major..maybe rose after year hes had if he can keep it going

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posted Oct 12, 2010

Amateur, you don't understand bookmaking do you?
The only reason that Woods is favourite in competitions in 2010 (incidently he wasn't in the last major) is because there are so many people who are Woods fans and know nothing about golf. Therefore if they all lump on him to win and he loses then the bookmakers clear up. If he wins and they have him at a long price they would get taken to the cleaners. It's the same with the England football team, luldicrous short odds on a team that never wins anything but because in the unlikely event they were ever to win they would face a lower payout. It's self preservation.

Koppite, thanks for the overly patronising post, i didn't really need a lesson in your sporting history, I think you'll find most of us have a pretty good understanding of sport, pressure etc. The point I'm making is that so many of the johnny come lately golf fans are only there for Woods, they know nothing about the game and can't seem to understand that Woods is not the worlds current best player. They disregard every other player, calling them bottlers and lacking a winning mentality when it simply isn't true. Woods has lost more tournaments than he's won, and often from winning positions, but because he's Woods no one dares challenge his bottle. There is a difference to being world number one and the best player, especially when he has won nothing all year. Yes, he might return to form, but there is plenty of other players to challenge him this time far more in form than during Woods last great dominant phase. He's hanging onto the rankings by the skin of his teeth, if his form doesn't recover he'll be outside the top 10 for sure, but you can be certain that these same Woods fans will still be saying he's the best.
You might not believe Westwood is not in the same county as a competitor but who has been the better player in the last year? It hasn't been Woods so on current form you could say that Woods is not in the same county as Westwood when it comes to that.

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comment by Shahin (U1667001)

posted Oct 12, 2010

Why does everyone feel the needs to take pot shots at Woods. Hes had a bad year so what, Westwood had a few bad years, Sticker nearly quit golf the list goes on.

Hes got a new coach, rebuilding his swing, and even thou he had not been able to put 4 Rounds together in a weekend yet, the signs are their that anyone that plans on writing him off will be idiotic at best.

Can he win a major next year? of course he can.

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comment by Diggers (U2300584)

posted Oct 12, 2010

Ive no idea why Poulter is suddenly the English favourite with some to win a major. Take away his matchplay win and the RC and he's had an average year.
As has been mentioned Kaymer didn't look amazing at the RC but is way ahead of Poulter where it matters, winning majors and multiple events.
Showing bottle when part of a team means zilch when compared to closing out a strokeplay event. I sadly think Poulter will, like Monty, come to be remembered more for the RC than his individual achievements.

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comment by bbinc (U14634325)

posted Oct 12, 2010

Weldone and congrats for what martin Kaymer as achieved so far this season, however becoming a great player is not done by playing well in one season, you should be able to replicate that time and time again, we see it in all other sports, you're deemed a step above others when you can repeat it and win many more times, finishing in the top 10 or top 5 does not make you a great player it just means you do not have what it takes to go the extra step.
Tiger as been on top of his game consistently for more than a decade and a great ambassador for the game.

Martin , Lee and everyone else need to raise there game and keep playing consistently not just for a season.

Lee as played well in part this year all be it his injury, it's not about becoming world no 1 that makes you a great player, it's you leaving your mark on your sport that people will find it difficult to forget you.

You're only remembered for the honours you have not your position as we all know it calculated based on how many games you play and the points you collect.

I wish all the players all the best however we want to see consistency and not one hit wonders.

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posted Oct 13, 2010

At the moment the best player in the world on recent form is Tiger Woods and the Second best player in the World is Lee Westwood, Third Big Phil and Fourth is Kaymer.... I say recent because to determine these positions you must take at least a 2 year weighted average, which is what the OWGR does.

Can I just say how good these guys are though... all four and right now... each of them has had very lengthy injury (or otherwise) layoffs and have each taken a bit of time to come back to form after those layoffs. That is how good they are. Once they come back to some sort of form they dominate whoever they play against.

As a side note, the issues Tiger has had may prove to be the best thing to happen to his game in the long run. There is no doubt that he was going down the wrong route with Haney and the layoff highlighted it which brought about the change. I have to say he is getting better and quickly, so he could well return to his best by the new year. As for Phil, lets hope his arthritis is under control and that it wont deprive us of his challenge.

The game of golf is blessed at the moment that we have 4 guys (plus about 5 just outside of this group) that will dominate 2011.It's going to be awesome viewing. Then we will know who the best is, who currently has something just a little special and incredibly it's 2 of our best against 2 of their best, European Tour against PGA Tour.

I cant help but feel that with all of the various differences in fortune over the last 12 months 2010 has been the set up year for what has to be an incredible battle in 2011... 4 guys on top of their game but crucially with the all important confidence factor.

Martin Kaymer - Something special? ABSOLUTELY but lets stop all this nonsense about Woods not being the best player in the world, at the moment he is, at the end of the month he wont be and then we are poised for the mother of all battles... I for one can't wait!

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posted Oct 13, 2010

SR..I'm sorry you thought my post patronising. I mention my sporting past not to show you my trophies but to show you I have some experience of competing in sport and that I'm not a sporting Luddite and to answer your patronising comment which I quote.

"Stick to being a football fan because you don't understand golf.
Your closing fictitious match between Woods at his best and anyone else is a moot point, because Woods hasn't been at his best for over a year now. He might well get back to his best but until he does you cannot claim he's the best golfer in the world"

I would suggest the golf he played to beat Francesco was near his best and if he repeats that consistantly he will be a contender.

You ask how much Woods has won in 2010 and tell us he's won nothing. You failed to mention he's missed most of the year as he missed most of last year. That he has come back from an injury that has ended a lot of careers and seemingly come back with as much enthusiasm and desire to win as he ever had bodes well for his future success.

I don't claim Woods is the best in the World because like you I don't know but I do feel that his pedigree and the reasons for his absence earns him the right to the time it takes to show that he's not coming back before anyone usurps his throne.

Woods earned the right to be regarded as No1 by dominating most of the the current pretenders so I feel it only fair and equitable that he should be back to physical and mental fitness before anyone can claim his crown.

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comment by lesmow (U14628439)

posted Oct 14, 2010

I am a golf fan. You may want me to label me as a TW fan after this post. But the undeniable fact is that as of today TW is the number 1 golfer based on his performancee over whatever period. Until another golfer exceeds TW's points based on the same criteria that will be the case. I'm sorry if this offends some of you out there who sound really vitriolic and fantical in your hatred of TW and anyone who happens to show any positive interest in him.

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posted Oct 21, 2010

It will all be irrelevant soon. The Chinese will dominate golf within 10-15 years. I predict that after 2025 there will never be a non Chinese winner of a major again. They are ploughing millions and millions into the sport and are determined to knock the US and Europe off their peak.

Mark my words it won't be a Ryder Cup between Europe and America in 2025 it will be between China and the Rest of the World with China winning 28-0.

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posted Oct 21, 2010

Not if we get invaded by Martians!

The Chinese have half the population of the planet within their birders so the odds are they'll have some good golfers.

You're logic would see them World Champs at everything they do but we Brits have less than 20% of the population of the septics yet look at the World rankings.

Compared with the opposition Holland have a minute population yet compete with the best at soccer.

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