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Live - Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

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After one of the most fraught build-ups to an international sporting competition in recent memory, the day has arrived for the city of Delhi.

After security fears, worries that nothing would be ready in time and a host of world-class athletes pulling out, the 2010 Commonwealth Games gets officially under way with the opening ceremony, which begins at 1430 BST (1900 local time).

Word is, it's going to be "spectacular". Wouldn't it be brilliant if Delhi could put on a Games that would live long in the memory for all the right reasons?

The challenge begins in earnest once again today. I think there's probably enough for you to get talking about.

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posted Oct 4, 2010

Congratulations India - a spectacular opening ceremony that celebrates a multi cultural, multi ethnic, vibrant and diverse land that is reaching out to the World, setting an example of booming economic growth with democratic pluralism. Reader Hizento seems to be a pathetic and jealous "sour grape" from one of our notorious neigbours from the west or the north. What he does not realize is that the "smart" Indians had planned the games so carefully with all the planted horror stories that the top athletes will be absent, provide the athletes with mouth-watering Indian food , so that all of them will be drowsy during competitions, and those who are still fit & alert will get the Delhi-Belly. India will then romp home with the biggest medal tally ;-) Enjoy!!

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posted Oct 4, 2010

A great opening ceremony only marred buy the unseemly frolicks of the 'other woman' Parker-Bowels during the Indian leader's speech.

Her yelly gnashers fair pit me aff ma denner!

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comment by SCV (U14635051)

posted Oct 4, 2010

Every nation have their on problems,some hide some not.India have its problems,Why others bother?.If you don't want to participate,watch then keep silent as a Gentleman/women.But, on the other hand everyone have his right to point out the problems- "in a polite way".

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posted Oct 4, 2010

India is a developing nation for west , but to be honest India is well developed and an emerging super power once again!

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posted Oct 4, 2010

Without meaning any disrespect to India, I feel as though this entire spectacle is like polishing the exterior of a bruised and battered shoe. I fear India is heading the way of many other developing nations where outer image is more important than paying attention to more immediate issues and especially for India with a huge defense spending which of course is unavoidable due to the geo-politics of South Asia, this unnecessary spending could have been curbed.

Richer countries can take up such projects because they can afford to and I think Indians, instead of feeling insulted by the negativity in western media should feel equally, if not more, insulted by their leaders for bringing these games home without actually consulting the Indian public. By public I mean the 70% destitute Indians. Delhi has enough already compared with the rest of the country so wouldn't it have been better developing the infrastructure of villages and towns with this money?

These games were brought to India by the leaders with the intention of filling their pockets all the while feeding the masses with phony patriotic sentiments.

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posted Oct 4, 2010

I look at this has a very good start for the Commonwealth Games.
@ Ruchikas: thanks for the way you have commented which is easily understood. India has a Democracy is vibrant even if corruption is rampant.
@ Hizento: Buddy wake up. just one example is enough to shut your mouth. even after 60 years we are single country united. Dont compare India with China. You should know the difference between communism and democracy, Every one can talk but only few can act in a democracy and in Communism No one can talk but only few can act. The way ur putting comments and others are responding shows democracy / freedom is better than communism. Ur talking like this because China's mind is on the left but their pockets are on the right - Not principled. at last are u a Chinese ambassador.
@ Sibi, This country has a long history not because of our rulers or any other things but just the common mans spirit in leading a struggling life with a SMILE on his face. ITS BETTER TO BE FREE AND LIVE IN POVERTY THEN BEING SLAVE WHO ARE RICH.
@ others: this is a common man's country. I was really delighted for the show we offered. and thanking any one who have being constructively critical of India, Indians & Delhi. For Indians Delhi is Not just Our Capital its Our Heart has 'Dill' in Hindi we call it DILLI. You would surely like our country where people struggle with their Daily life but still SMILE. The Show was truly a tribute to the People of India.
END NOTE: Only 1 Ocean is named after a country 'INDIAN OCEAN' and !ncredible !ndia is stilling going on strong.....

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posted Oct 4, 2010

It’s so great to read all the positive comments by many over here and especially the ones made by a few Brits! Cheers to you guys! :-D At least some cared to appreciate the good side instead of pondering over why India got the games in the first place and whatnot! It was pretty disheartening to read some of the negative views. Seems like these guys still haven’t opened their hearts to us. I guess it’s going to take a lot more Indian sweets to sweeten their pompous hearts! ;-)

It’s not that huge sporting events of this magnitude have never come under criticism before. Remember the Athens Olympics and the Melbourne CW games? And it’s not like India can’t deliver. Indian govt. agencies working on the games were fraught with red tape and that’s one big reason why most Indians wanted the games related work to be handed over to private Indian firms. Thankfully, the govt. finally woke up and got its act together. Better late than never! ^_^

Someone here mentioned that India shouldn’t have held these games despite the fact that millions in India live in poverty. It’s a good point, but there are different ways to look at it. One of which would be- investments in such events would not only boost tourism, but also help to attract global investors by projecting a developing nation in a new face. As a result of which the economy would grow, thus creating more jobs. Giving handouts to the poor won’t help because poverty is like a black hole! One keeps pumping money into it with negligible results. The govt. has to provide them with jobs! Like the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!” :-D
Indians could ask the Brits exactly the same thing! Why hold the 2012 Olympics in London and then the CW games at Glasgow despite the fact that more than 3 million British kids live below the bread line as reported by the Telegraph and also, what about improving the lives of the people of East London, the large number of poor living in Glasgow and also, the poor living in various other parts of the UK?

And by the way, there are more rich than poor in India. Google it!

Every country has its flaws and problems, but that doesn’t mean we go around country bashing! :-)

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posted Oct 4, 2010

@ Sibi Joseph (U14214989)
celebrate and remember the brutal colonialism of Britain in these commonwealth countries??!?! o.O haha what are you talking about?! <laugh> Why would anyone want to celebrate that?!

@ Kentucker (U10761312)
Very true! It’s time to move on and stop blaming the British Raj for our government’s inefficiency.
Hindus and Muslims were at it? Yes, they do have their differences just like the English and the Scots, but my generation(1990s) Muslims and Hindus in India have put the past behind them even though the English created a greater divide amongst them through their “Divide and Rule” policy. But, like you said, it’s time to move on! :-D
Haha.. you think the Indians should be grateful to the English for the railways? The very same railways which had coaches that read “Indians not allowed” and used to ship all the gold from various gold rich Indian mines and also the gold that many British officers chipped off from the walls of almost every Indian fort? The list of plunders made by the British Raj are endless.
No, Sir! Indians weren’t better off under the Raj. Independence was the best thing that happened to India. It gave them their self respect! At least they don’t have to read signs at various restaurants, hotels, theatres, etc. that say- “Dogs and Indians not allowed”.

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posted Oct 4, 2010

@ian cheese (U13670880)
Curry invented by the Brits? Are you kidding?! Haha.. India has hundreds of different curries which were invented long before the Brits arrived. So, which curry are you talking about? <laugh> Wait.. did you mean the Brits invented the anglicized word “curry” derived from the Tamil word “kari”? lol <laugh>

Oh yeh, buddy! Thanks a lot for the “civilized” toilets! But you failed to mention how the old Indian toilets are not civilized! Nobody ever did their “business” on the streets unless their homes were set on fire by the English troops. And the English had the audacity to call the Indians “uncivilized”.
Back in the old days Indians with all their yoga and stuff were more than comfortable with their squatting toilets. They hated the idea of everyone’s naked butt touching the same seat! Good thing these days we have those disposable seat covers! ^_^

So, You ask where would the Indians be today were it not for the Raj? Did you know that during WW1, more than a million Indian troops had been shipped off to assist the Allies and most of them were volunteers! They fought at the First Battle of Ypres and many others under harsh conditions and sustained extraordinarily heavy losses, but they continued… all in the name of preserving the “Empire” despite being subject to racism by many British Officers. All that bravery for nothing! And during WW2, 2.5 million Indians fought against the Axis forces becoming one of the largest Allied forces. And not to mention the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel Indian firms were producing so that the Brits could build their war machines! And the man-made famine of Bengal where millions of Indians died from starvation thanks to Churchill’s insistence on declining food grains to the Indians in Bengal and forcibly shipping off millions of tons to Britain.
You don’t believe all of this? Check Britannica!

Oh, and by the end of December 1941, British debts totalled £3,355 million, of which around one-third was owed to India. Which was very good news for the UK, since she was extracting an enormous forced loan which she was unlikely to have to repay.

"While we hold onto India, we are a first rate power. If we lose India, we will decline to a third rate power. This is the value of India." -Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India (1898-1905).

So, my friend, the real question is: Where would the Brits be today were it not for the Indians? :-D
Sorry..folks.. just had to put that there. Didn’t mean any disrespect to the Brits :-(

Cheers! :-D

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