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Ryder Cup - day three

Ryder Cup
by Mark Orlovac (U1647666) 03 October 2010
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Hi all, hope you're well.

Just to let you know that Mark Ashenden & I are starting the live text commentary for today's play at Celtic Manor at 1230 BST.

There's plenty to talk about, the European revival on Saturday evening, prospects for the singles, possible singles pairings, the historic Monday finish, Ryder Cup scheduling and of course the weather.

Leave your comments here and we'll use as many as we can. Lovely.

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posted Oct 3, 2010

comment by Mystiroakey (U13052418)
posted 1 Minute Ago
length of the hole is completly immaterial mate-i have no idea why you are trying to bring that into the equation its all and only about putting.


Sorry... I'm not making myself clear.

When I said 'distance from hole', I didn't mean the full distance from the hole.

What I meant was distance of the ball from the hole from the approach shot.

So if I'm landing the ball 2ft from the hole every time from my approach, I can only average 2ft. If I'm landing it all over the green, then I could average greater than that, so it's not a fair argument.

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posted Oct 3, 2010

what should be taken into account is putts made inside 10ft-good putters dont miss those-thats what made Woods so hard to beat at his best-he just never missed-and Overton has been outstanding all the way through so far-loved his reaction too when that eagle dropped from 90 yards...brilliant

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posted Oct 3, 2010

I dont know that much about golf but dont players have hot and cold streaks with regard to putting? somedays everything falls other days they horseshoe and lipout, as long as players have a solid technique and read the greens they should hole there fair share. Imo every singles match could go either way if the players from both teams were not capable of winning a point surely they wouldn't be playing. Its nice and a advantage leading going into the singles but far from over.

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comment by kevin (U14281495)

posted Oct 3, 2010

This is a farce dredful location

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posted Oct 3, 2010

nice idea bluenose

unfortunately the stats over the full year show otherwise

some players are awesomely accurate from tee to green and the stats show that

others are supreme on the green (consistently) and the stats show that too.

Francisco Molinari is one of the worst putters on tour but is a great shot maker for example

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posted Oct 3, 2010

the location is fine Kevin

it's the time of year that is all wrong and that is down to the Yanks

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posted Oct 3, 2010

I think this course is good for matchplay golf, driveable par fours, par five which if you want to take the risk can be reached in two and the long green on the par three plus lots of water, made for exciting duals aint it?

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posted Oct 3, 2010

Someone made a point here earlier saying the US team were "disinterested". I think thats not right, the US are trying their guts out, the Euros are just better, simple a that

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posted Oct 3, 2010

"who is the best putter for that year.."

More important is who will be the best putter tomorrow, all variables accounted for.

comment by RightJudgeIam (U5081327)

"you would need to divide the average length of putts holed by the average number of putts per round"
Hmmm, I think the figure should be Aggregate putt length divided by total no. of putts.

But there are always other variables to consider, cos this will give you an AVERAGE distance per putt. In Misti'z example above, 18x 3ft putts all holed, you get 3ft. The 18 x 20ft putts with all but 2 2-putted will give you 10.5 ft (18 greens x 20ft / 34 putts).

Looks ok, but that said, if you're a great putter but only ever hit to 12ft from the pin, your 18 putts will give an average of 12 ft. A year-long figure may well level out though.

Yes to Bluenose - we've just got to be on a good "streak" - which is why the crowd will play its part too. And it'll be interesting to see how many matches end up being "predictable".

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posted Oct 4, 2010

So good to see the European team have so much passion. Well done Monty,Ian Poulter and the boys.British reserve is not what is needed to win the cup. Glad to see golf is no longer the boring old man's game it once was. Spectators loving it. What an atmosphere. I am a now a converted golfers wife. Go boys :)

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