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The 5-4-1 Formation

by ThatsWhyWeirChamps (U14628402) 30 September 2010
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Like most of us, on first thought, I believed that this tactic was too defensive and perhaps even negative. And on paper, it probably still reads like that.

But I think that it very much suits us, it protects Davie Weir's only real weakness (his lack of pace), and it utilises all his strengths (his leadership, his ability to read the game etc). Also it allows for 2 of our defenders (Boughy, Papac, Broadfoot or Whittaker) to get forward at any one time, without over exposing us.

It's a system which I can see, perhaps, being adopted by a host of other sides across Europe.

Obviously we would all have liked to have seen Weiss play a part last night, and I think he may have, had Naimsith not had such a cracking game.

What are everyone else's verdict on it?

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