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Lalit Modi kicked out

International Tests India
by topdawg (U14269699) 29 September 2010
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It's been a while coming....

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posted Sep 29, 2010


Not that it's to do with cricket but FIFA care about money, traditionally they have therefore cared more about EU countries, they then expanded their "care" to some african countries, like I mentioned they've had clashes with countries like Togo over government intervention, they've also had them with Iran i believe.

Sad as it may be they will probably start taking an interest once India starts generating them (not the EPL) money.

Like I mentioned they do have a rule regarding government interferance etc so if a politican is running the Indian game that is bang out of order and should be dealt with.

Unfortunatly FIFA seem to have a skewed set of priorites and care more about money and marketing than in doing things about the problems with the game, such as ref's and talent developent.

Anyway back to cricket, it would be nice if the ICC made a similar rule to FIFA, they could then enforce it and show FIFA up.

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posted Sep 29, 2010

My local football club's name is HAL or something like that.I don't even know where it is lol.I needed the wiki to tell me the name of my local football club.That's how much exposure domestic football gets in india.What is the name of your local club? smiley

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posted Sep 29, 2010

India too is becoming rich now.There is a very big potential market for football in india.Maybe even bigger than UK!!!!

WHEN DIEGO FORLAN CAME TO INDIA a couple of months ago a crowd of 130,000 came to JUST WATCH HIM.

Back to cricket..ICC won't do it lol! Sharad pawar the current ICC president is the "agriculture minister" of India! doh

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posted Sep 29, 2010

insomnia - Local team is bracknell FC, never watched them though. I guess it's swings and roundabouts, I'd love for Cricket to get the exposure in the UK it gets in india, only when we win is it normally in the news (or when we loose really badly or a massive controvesrsy) and the only time it made top billing was the 2005 ashes.

India is indeed a potentially massive market that the club I support (Man Utd) have been trying to tap into for years.

So far though it's been clubs tapping it, not FIFA, India really need to do somthing in the Asia trophy, and maybe put in a bid to host it in order to get noticed.

And Agriculture minister? Are the pitches good them smiley

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posted Sep 29, 2010

When the Nigerian President demanded the resignation of their football association recently, FIFA gave Nigeria just a few days for the President to back off, or face immediate suspension from international football.
The President did back down.

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posted Sep 29, 2010

laughing devil
India is indeed a potentially massive market that the club I support (Man Utd) have been trying to tap into for years

Yep i know,mate.Even Carlo Anceolotti visited India once too..Chelsea were nobodies before the abrahamovic era who has modified it into a european powerhouse!

And yea mate..Sharad pawar makes a bad ICC president and a even worse Agriculture minister.He is a greedy bas*ard.He has been letting them food grains rot instead of distributing it to the poor.Even rats are getting share of the stored rotting foodgrains and our poor hungry people aint seeing a grain of it.there's a big controversy of that issue here.

That man is a son of a gun..He has ruined indian cricket,He is starving our people,He is India's satan in disguise.

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posted Sep 29, 2010

insomnia - not sure I can comment on most of that due to the reduction in BBC world news over here meaning I have absoloutly no Idea what is going on over there.

In general though there is too much political involvment with sport in Asia, somthing that seems to be ignored even when not allowed in the rest of the world.

Unfortunaly the only way to sort it with cricket is for the ICC to clamp down, don't think they'll do it though because generally they don't stand up to national boards but also because they are led by people who are from countries where political interferance is rife. As national board presidents are also on the ICC board and a lot of them are political appointees I can't see them voting to out themselves.

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posted Sep 29, 2010

The mighty Mr Modi has finally fallen,great, could not have happened to a more deserving person.

There was a time when India was not interested in 20/20 cricket and others setup the ICL, those international cricketers in the ICL got the permission of their countries but Mr Modi and his policies ruiened their careers, some never represented their countries again.

Hope he ends up spending some time in a jail cell, good riddance.

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posted Sep 30, 2010

Hehe no, I didnt really expect any different.

Im quite sure that in Europe and the USA there can be no political influence at all in sport governing bodies, it is viewed - correctly - as just plain wrong to have state officials involved in privately ran organisations - the avenue for abuse in both directions is just, well, boundless.

It is also true that Fifa - rarely do I say this - has it right. Because of the power of football as a global commercial entity, Fifa can simply say to a national association, if the political inteference does not stop, you are out of world football.

As happened with Nigeria and Iran in the past, it works.

ICC should obviously do the same thing. There is one massive problem here, a farcical situation of opposing forces.

On the one hand, all the corruption in the sport of cricket comes from the sub continent, India and Pakistan in particular. Unfortunately, most of the BIG, serious money coming into cricket - and importantly the ICC - is ALSO coming from the sub continent.

The ICC is stuck in a "can we bite the hand that feeds us?" situation.

Countries like India can never be taken seriously - by me at least - on the sporting front, despite all the money they have, while still having top level politicians involved in the administration of their sports, it is just an offensive notion to me.

For all their economic advances this kind of thing keeps India squarely in the "3rd world" bracket.

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