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Formula One
by Sideshow Bob (U14435157) 28 September 2010
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who will get the most points this season?
i say button.

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comment by Bamz (U13990489)

posted Sep 30, 2010

Right now, the fastest 'team', is Mclaren.

So IF it gets to a situation where one requires assistance from the other, and I beleive JB will assist LH and vice versa, Ferrari with Massa, and RB with Vettel will be up against a far stronger and more together unit, in Mclaren.

You can want the title all you want, but if the guy in front it's being an arse and not letting you pass, even at the detriment of his own race, you aint gonna win anything.

McLaren driver to win WDC, I don't see another strong team out there.

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posted Sep 30, 2010

Have to say the Button fans have shown great loyalty but you can't avoid the obvious for everwinkeye Hamilton much the superior although Button is a fine driver. I see the same Alonso fans not being able to get over the fact that Hamilton was better than him in his rookie year (on 100k contract) despite Alonso being the clear number one driver (on 10 mill). Don't remember him being a prat either at least no more than the older and supposedly more mature Alonso.

Button was a prat in his first years because had he nurtured his talent more carefully in his early years he might have been a multiple WDC winner by now - he certainly would have had more titles.

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comment by Laroja (U14627597)

posted Sep 30, 2010

"How can you scoff at Lewis Hamilton only managing ONE WDC. He's only been in the sport 4 seasons so thats a ratio 4:1.
However Button has been in F1 for 10 seasons and only won 1 WDC. As for your precious Alonso has been in F1 for 9 years and has managed 2 WDC."

Hamilton went straight into McLaren and got a competitive car. Alonso and Button spent years in teams that didnīt stand a chance.

Besides, if neither Alonso nor Hamilton get this yearīs WDC, the ratio would be 1/5 for Hamilton and 2/10 for Alonso, i.e, the same. And Alonso is in a better position to break that potential tie at this moment. So you donīt have a point at all.

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comment by Tom (U14345932)

posted Sep 30, 2010

Some people say Hamilton is faster because he takes more out of the tyres quicker and that Jenson is a bit slower, but is easier on the tyres. This, according to a writter in the official F1 magazine, is not true. Jenson takes a slighy faster apex speed than Lewis which wears the tyres quicker. Very interesting stuff.

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posted Oct 2, 2010

as a button fan i would say if it was time 2 get behind lewis so be it . But in truth neither are carrying enough momentum for whitmarsh to feel that "the " moment for a decision is here .more than likely both need to pedal like mental just for a mc Lareen constructors title

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posted Oct 2, 2010

Lewis is the fastest driver and racer in f1 sadly he still thinks this is go kart track . the reason button,alonso, webber drive more strategically than lewis and vettel is they understand u cant bin it if u wanna win it

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posted Oct 2, 2010

even tho im a maclaren hamilton fan i think we just av to except maclaren car aint good enuf to be honest witmarsh keeps saying there goin to do this & that and it just dosent happen i think if he kept quite and tried to bend the rules like red bull ferrari he might get somewhere honesty not alawsys the best policy what ashame f1 dosent work that way i think with the car theyve had they done an excepepcianal job i just hope lewis dosent intend to stay there for the rest of his career no good having the talent if you havent got the car too go with it he needs to get a drive with red bull if he wants to be the best ever the frustrations telling in that car whens he going to say enougths enougths wat your thoughts cheers

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posted Oct 3, 2010

Watching this years F1 Championship has been truly fascinating viewing. Some drivers are clearly tactical, [Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, and Mark Webber]. Verses Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel who are out and out racers, Vettel being pretty quick but inconsistent and still learning and Lewis being very fast overall, with the best race craft and a fearlessly efficient overtaker, and definitely the most exciting driver on the grid.

There is no doubt in my mind that in a straight head to head Lewis would make short work of any efforts by Jenson.

However obviously with a full F1 grid with many other dynamics, team psychology coming into play and even FIA politics with Bernie Eccelstone shenanigans these elements combined determine the outcome of a race and ultimately the championship.

In my mind Redbull have used tactical means to maintain their championship position when they have been found lacking. Mark clearly took Lewis out in Singapore, Vettel attempted to intimidate Button into an error, that ended in Vettel taking Button out. These are unfortunate circumstances that conspire to shape the spectacle we watch on TV or Track-side.

Getting back to the question of Hamilton V Button. Jenson is quick but he does not take any risks, his driving style isn't of a natural racer and he waits for others to make errors to win his points. The majority of his points gained has been at the misfortunes of others and not from his racing prowess.

Lewis on the other hand is a natural racer, he views every car in his sights a target and therefore his instincts are to get ahead and his car control abilities enables him to do just that very efficiently, no matter who is in front. Very often his car isn't the most competitive but he is still able to extract the necessary performance from his car to make an exciting race.

We all watch F1 for the excitement generated by witnessing car control and the speed of competition between drivers, cars and teams.
IN THAT ORDER - And for the sake of the sport, I hope that Lewis the racer wins the championship this year - perhaps his attitude to F1 competion might rub off on the other protagonists to create a true spectacle and help to stimulate even better TV for F1 next year. . .

Just imagine . . .

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posted Oct 6, 2010

Yes i did have a point. Which was bringing to the attention on WOW that what he said was irrelevant. So get off your high horse.

I fully realised that they had joined lesser teams at the start of their career.

Alonso has been in a competetive team for more then 2 years. Granted Button only since 2009 has he been in a good enough car to compete for the WDC.

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