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Who will be F1 World Champion?

Formula One
by manishwba (U10946536) 23 September 2010
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Its fair to say it has been a terrific 2010 season and with the weather looking set to play its part in this weekends Singapore Grand Prix, we could be in for another cracking Grand Prix.

It is too close to call as to who will be crowned World Champion but who would you put your money on? Click on the link below to vote.

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comment by Mryzyz (U14023573)

posted Sep 23, 2010

Schrödingers' cat.

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posted Sep 23, 2010

I voted without giving my email address, I think that's just if you want to leave a comment.>>

My mistake, apologies to all.

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posted Sep 23, 2010

Well the first time I tried to vote and not leave a comment it asked for my name and email address but now it doesnt when I try to vote thats strange.

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posted Sep 23, 2010

If Mclaren have improve their car adequately this is the order at the end of the season.

1.Lewis Hamilton
2.Mark Webber
3.Jenson Button
4.Sebastion Vettel
5.Fernado Alonso

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posted Sep 23, 2010

the weather is gonna play a great part in it,there are a lot of good wet weather drivers out there,not to mention loads of great drivers all round in one season,but i have to sway with hamilton,he is good on all tracks what ever the weather and has a very good knowledge of the singapore circuit winning with a car that was almost undriveble.he brakes late,gets out of corners really Mclaren have a good car for this he is gonna be the one doing all the running away or overtaking that is needed..and lets be fair to Hamilton he has made F1 very exciting this year with his great starts and overtaking moves,way more exciting than any other driver this season..hamilton hands down the winner this year if no problems with engine or drivers crashing in to him from behind

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comment by Thorno (U14557951)

posted Sep 23, 2010

This has now been linked to from the article on Mark Weeber's interview. It's odd how keen the BBC seem to be to raise attention to a thread breaking the "house rules".

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posted Sep 24, 2010

Anyone who knows Formula One, knows full well that if McClaren had played it the way Ferrari do, blatently favouring one driver over another, Alonso wouldn't have had a donkey's chance of the title and Hamilton would already be out of sight.

McLaren ARE what makes F1 out there on the track; good, honest, exiting and competitive racing between teammates, with no phoney team orders and fixing of results.

I don't know whose respect Alonso thinks he is going to win anyway by being 'assisted' in his bid to be F! Champion? No one's......apart from his own, the Ferrari team and the deluded red-spectacled Italian Tifosi, but certainly not the vast majority of F1 fans. You know isn't it somehow strange how frequently, that where there's Red and a lot of money in a sport, there commonly seems to be this whiff of questionable extra assistance needed from one source other in order to achieve the winning of titles.

I hope Lewis puts one in the face of those running this crooked sport by continuing the shut out of Ferrari; I will laugh myself hoarse at the misery and annoyance this will cause them, as yet again, those team that know what the spirit of true racing is about win the title.

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posted Sep 24, 2010

Hey, I really think it will be Alonso again. Reasons - he has no competition in terms of team mate, Ferrari have come on form at the right time.

The other, very worthy guys will simply take points off of each other, the Spaniard knows how to win a Driver`s World Championship, and Ferrari know how to "adapt" the rules.

My heart says Webber though.....

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posted Sep 24, 2010

Pre Friday.........

1 Jensen Button (McLaren Mercedes)

2 Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing Renault)

3 Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing Renault)

4 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes GP)

5 Robert Kubica ( Renault F1)

6 Micheal Schumacher (Mercedes GP)

Fernando, Lewis and a couple of others will crash out - hopefully not too serious - this should put the cat amongst the pidgens (sic) for the 2010 DWC!

No cheating from the French I hope (unlike a couple of years ago.......)

Prove me incorrect....

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