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To be fair

Tottenham Hotspur
by SuperPav9 (U13929802) 21 September 2010
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In all honesty we were outplayed in our own backyard, and although it pains me to say it, the Gooners deserved to win

Positives - Bassong had a good game i thought, apart from giving away the penalty
- Pletikosa didn't discrase himself
- Our young prospects weren't too shabby either

Negatives - need I start?

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posted Sep 22, 2010

comment by GunnarShumba (U10119468)
posted 6 Minutes Ago

So much for Spurs gloating that they are now better than the gunners. Getting walloped 4-1 in your own backyard by a b-side doesn't do justice to some of the crowing thats been coming out of White hart lane.

Aside, Arsenal dominated the game from start to finish, no doubt and were clearly deserved winners. I just couldn't help noticing officials being 'harsh' on us again: Gibbs was clearly onside and was about to tap the ball into an empty net only for the lazy linesman to belatedly flag offside, Keane was a yard off and no falg raised, Lansbury ahd a decent shout for a penalty just before his goal, and both penalties that spurs conceded were from tackles by the last defender and from behind, and we all know what the rules say, but again, like at Sunderland last week, not even a card. Disgraceful


as I said you really should look a bit closer at the team Spurs put out then you wouldn't make such a fool of yourself by saying your B team beat us. Your team was vastly more experienced than ours and it showed. I will forgive your silly statement as, like us you love to beat your bitterest of rivals.

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posted Sep 22, 2010

The bottom line is that this match and cup means very little to both clubs and it is a blessing that Spurs are out of it. Both clubs played their second teams so I'm not sure why Arsenal fans on here are claiming such a victory. We will have to wait for the Premiership match before you can truly comment on who is the better team.

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posted Sep 22, 2010

Harry Redknapp has been making excuses from the word ''go'' as to why we have had such a bad start to the season. Can''t keep a 2-0 lead against Werder Bremmen (an extremely overrated team), abysmal display at WBA and against Wolves, saved by Bale''s individual brilliance against stoke and now this. We were 1st this time last year having played much trickier fixtures. Redknapp needs to address the lack of motivation and tactical awareness a lot of players are displaying and stay off the excuses otherwise we will see more of this throughout the season. As for Bassong. Anyone could tell Spurs that Newcastle''s starting defender during their relegation season cannot be good enough to play for West Ham let alone Spurs.

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comment by Dave I (U5861320)

posted Sep 22, 2010

Spurs found out last night how costly it can be playing in Europe, and how difficult it is to rotate players. This is a quality lacking in all English managers.
I witnessed what I consider to be a microcosm of English football, in as much as Wilshere was systematically gunned (pun?) down. I have argued for years that this is the reason we do not produce skillful young players. I know that the way he plays encourages rash tackles, but it is still the reason (the tackles) why so many foreigners have difficulty adapting to English football, and why it takes English clubs about 5 years to get used to playing in Europe.

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posted Sep 22, 2010

Oh the joys of reading the articles on here. Suddenly the CC is of little importance to Spurs when a couple of years ago when you won it it was the best thing and everyone was lording it big time. At the end of the day a cup is a cup and since Harry has only won the FA Cup once I bet he would have loved to get to may have been your best chance of silverware!!!

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posted Sep 22, 2010

I think from the Spurs camp the mood could be better today but rather than dwell they need to pick themselves up and improve their season. To be fair to HR and the coaching staff, I do not think the Carling Cup was top priority this year as it was an encumbance. Nevertheless he could have wished for a decent run and not lose out to their bitter rivals.

Derbies can go either way but what is concerning is that Spurs are porous at home with an indifferent record. That needs addressing quickly.

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comment by NelsonP (U9692840)

posted Sep 22, 2010

Canonlygetbetter (U13706083)

So Arsenal players are able to handle the weight of League and champions league games better - because they have a stadium?

how do work that one out?

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posted Sep 22, 2010

Nasri Special

Shut up! They beat our kids and made meal of it.

Any chance you are a spud?

Thank God Arsene surprised them.

What a immature, stupid and definitely uncalled for, comment.

I was being ironic when I said ''it's just the league cup'' and which time are you referring to when they beat our kids? Was it last season at White Hart Lane? Because if that match is what you're referring to, then once again, you're incorrect.

If we had our kids playing, a majority of the players we played yesterday would've played against them last season in April.

We needed to find players that we had fully fit and we had to get some ''second rate'' players to be fielded against Spurs due to injuries but we lost 2-1. [14th April]

As for me being A ''Spud'', well, you may want to check my posting history mate.

You're thoughtless and you don't have the inteliigence to write a decent comment.

Yes, I am very happy we beat them, but I think the scoreline rubs it in their faces enough as it is,

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posted Sep 22, 2010

Stronger team than usual for this competition put out by Wenger last night, that to me sounds like an acknowledgement of the improvement seen in Tottenham over the last couple of years. It also sounds like he might be taking it a bit more seriously than in previous years- trophies taking priority over developing the kids this time? Wenger didn't dare put out a complete second or third string last night because there's a good chance they'd have lost- cue the criticism for another trophy down the kermit.

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posted Sep 22, 2010

comment by Canonlygetbetter (U13706083)
posted 23 Hours Ago


You are not a Gooner.

We are where we are because we built a stadium. Now go and research.

I can assure you I am, and thanks, I know of the stadium very well, quite often find me there infact.

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