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Italian Grand Prix

Formula One
by Mark Orlovac (U1647666) 11 September 2010
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Here we go then - the 14th GP of the year is now upon us.

For the first time this season, and for the first time since Monza last year, a Red Bull is missing from the front row with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso delighting the tifosi with a stunning lap in qualifying.

McLaren's Jenson Button qualified in second after using a high-downforce set-up with the F-duct aero device while team-mate Lewis Hamilton is down in fifth after taking the opposite strategy. Afterwards, Hamilton said it was the "wrong decision".

So then, what will happen in the race? Who will win and will the fascinating battle for the drivers' title become a little clearer after tomorrow?

Let me know your thoughts on here or via Twitter on and I'll try to use as many messages as I can in the commentary which will go on air at around 1130 BST. Lovely.

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posted Sep 12, 2010

If the last race was one that had the pundits claiming "the five horse race has become a two horse race", then this result makes it back to five horses again.

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posted Sep 12, 2010

It is more than luck!! LH shows again he need to mature that some time to be back is better than out, specially when starting the race.

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posted Sep 12, 2010

LH again needs to learn that sometimes to be back on the 1st turn is better than out....more patience or maturity is needed. getting anxious in the first lap has caused him enough loses that supposely would teach him some lessons...but not!!!

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comment by Jude (U14611567)

posted Sep 12, 2010

I agree Telloth! So much rubbish gets written about Lewis, I really don't understand where people get their so called 'information' from!!! It drives me to distraction.
Lewis also knows he 'screwed up' today and doesn't really need to be told this fact by anyone (including Martin Brundle suggesting he should 'look in his mirrors'). Lewis clearly would have been in with a good chance of a podium finish rather than the resulting nil points and as Lewis admits potentially loosing the Championship as a result of 'his mistake'.
Positive vibes for Singapore and that Lewis 'bounces back'!
For those that did do well today at Monza - congratulations!!

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posted Sep 12, 2010

I greed. Nico Hulkenberg should has been given penalty at least drive through for cutting chicane 3 times just front of Mark. What stewards are doing? He score 6 points. It must be joke.

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posted Sep 12, 2010

I was hoping Jenson would accidently on purpose damage Alonso's rear diffuser same as Alonso did to him with his amateurish driving.

However, by comparison Jenson is a gentleman of the sport, unlike cry baby Fernando Alonso.

In fact I doubt there is any more UNDESERVING champion in Formula One than Alonso.

Te dport would be far better off without him.

Abnoxious individual.

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posted Sep 12, 2010

The speed of the pit crews won it for Ferarri today. Alonso's was 0.8 seconds faster than Buttons. At the average speed of the circuit this equates to 50m - enough to have given Button the lead.

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comment by mws257 (U14222233)

posted Sep 12, 2010

Yeah a great win by Alonso! And AND!!!! He didn't have to cheat or be helped by Massa once.....

Now, if only Alonso can overtake Button earlier than 30 laps then we can all share your views about 'great driver' (????)

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posted Sep 12, 2010

Does anyone else absolutely love the Italian national anthem?

Italian women, food and weather? Yes. Anthem? So annoying. Anyway thought that Jenson did really well beating Alonso off the line and then not getting intimidated. Perhaps went a little to drastic with the downforce. Alonso drove well. Hamilton messed up and said so although it got blown out of proportion not a huge mistake. Glad to see a tight championship than in last years points we would have 5 drivers seperated by 9 or 10 points!! I can't wait for the next race. Although worried about the two brits and whether they have a car capable of challenging the Red Bulls.

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posted Sep 13, 2010


That and the fact Button was running with a bigger rear wing, which made his car around 10mph slower on the straights.

Even with the slower pit stop, if he'd had just that bit more pace, he might've stayed ahead.

Still good work from the Ferrari pit crew and credit to Alonso for sticking on Button's tail and doing enough on his in and out laps.

@Real Estate: I dunno about that. I think Nando won his titles fairly and squarely...though to be hones I can't remember much about those seasons now, except there was a bit of a fuss over Renault using the mass damper system, which apparently gave them an advantage in slow corners or something. Anyhow, I don't recall there ever being any controvery or dissent within the team at the time and he seemed a decent enough guy.

Its only since he joined McLaren and had to compete with a rookie who didn't give him the respect he felt he was due, that the unpleasant side of his character has come out.

He obviously holds a grudge too, given the way he complained about Lewis' drive-through penalty, when it had no bearing on his own race.

He's also guilty of some pretty shoddy treatment of his teammate too, overtaking Massa while they were driving into the pit lane and almost causing a crash.

Maybe he's only nice when everything's going well for him and has a team mate who knows his place. ;)

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