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Button optimistic for Spa....

Formula One
by Arkimsa (U3871417) 20 August 2010
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Is there any substance in that optimism though..?

Everytime Lewis would say they're going to do well, I'd always try and see what Button has to say. I'd always find him a little more practical and cautious in his predictions.

On this occassion though I'm a bit doubtful. Relying on reduced performance from your competition seems hardly the the way to up your spirits. Besides, I honestly can't think of anything that can slowdown the Red Bulls.

I think I'll wait for Singapore before I rule them out completely!

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posted Aug 22, 2010

Why so much hate for a Hamilton from a Mcdouglas anyways, I thought both Scottish names, or is Hamilton the 'wrong' type of Scottish name?

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posted Aug 22, 2010

The record books will show that
1. Lewis Hamilton won the race.
2. Lewis Hamilton was handed a baseball cap with the slogan "1st" on it
3. Lewis Hamilton appeared on the podium on the winner's step
4. Lewis Hamilton received the winners trophy for winning the race

It is also what the television footage will show.

The record books will also indicate that Massa was classified in first place due to a 25 second time penalty added to the winning time of Lewis Hamilton, the race winner.

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posted Aug 22, 2010

History (if you choose it selectively) but not the record books, will record the following as winners

Ben Johnson
Marion Jones
Rashid Ramzi
Lewis Hamilton at Spa

But the record books will record that others were the winners. To be a winner you need to do so within the rules.

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posted Aug 22, 2010

history will show that he won the wdc, and a truckload of fanboys wet themselves.

But then that is changing the goalposts. The discussion was about his results at Spa, the most challenging circuit. History shows he has never won there.

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posted Aug 22, 2010

Goalposts? Do you even know what this article is about?

You could suddenly start talking about your wetwipes and how effective they are. That would not be the goalposts, would just be you talking out of your Southend.

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posted Aug 22, 2010


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comment by Sortit (U6820024)

posted Aug 25, 2010

Ignoring all the BS on here, and as a direct contribution to the topic, no one has mentioned the probability of some serious rain at Spa.
The McLarens will benefit more than most from a wet race and I'd put money on JB and LH praying for the wet stuff.

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